Adam vs. Eve: The Rap Battle

I don’t remember reading this in Genesis, but it’s on YouTube, so it must be true: Adam and Eve dueled in an Epic Rap Battle! (Warning: NSFW language)

It’s still more believable than anything you’ll find at the Creation Museum.

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  • Joel

    Hilarious. Absolutely hilarious. Please do more… Cain vs. Abel, Jesus vs. Judas, Mary vs. the angel who knocked her up.

    • Fractal Heretic

      God versus Hitchens

    • HA2

      They’ve done many of them. Honestly I thought this wasn’t one of their better ones; check out Bill Gates vs Steve Jobs, or Barack Obama vs Mitt Romney, or of course Hitler vs Darth Vader (and the sequel).

  • Graham Martin-Royle

    It ends asking the question, who won? Based on that battle, the woman, the man’s arguments were pathetic. Hmmm, have we men improved since then? Somehow, I think I know the answer to that. :-)

  • Randay

    A threesome with the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost.

  • MegaZeusThor

    This was more modern male / female arguments than bible, “who ate the fruit” Eden stuff. Still, they have solid production values.

  • snoozn

    My favorite epic rap battle is Moses vs. Santa Claus: (new commandment: Thou shalt not let children sit on a grown man’s lap at the mall!)

  • Rich Wilson
  • Jennifer

    Jenna Marbles rules!!!

  • Mario Strada

    I am addicted to Epic Rap battles of History. Lincoln Vs. Chuck Norris, Beethoven Vs Justin Bieber and the 2 with Hitler Vs Darth Vader . Burt almost every single one of them is a mini masterpiece

  • Rain

    Hmm, something about bawdiness merely for the sake of bawdiness somehow does not equate to hilarious. It’s the humor equivalent of Moe poking Curly in the eyeballs for 5 minutes straight merely for the sake of Moe poking Curly in the eyeballs somehow not equating to hilarious. Call me old fashioned I guess.

  • Julie Lada

    Beethoven vs. JB and Mr. Rogers vs. Mr. T are my two favorites.

    “Ask Bach, I’ve got more cock than Smith & Wesson!”

    “Get back in your van, son, and get the fuck out of my neighborhood.”