Amazing Response to Teacher Who Wants a No-Gays-Allowed Alternative Prom

This video wins the Internet for today.

I am sure by now you’ve heard of the “No Gays Allowed Alternative Prom” being organized by a Christian group in Indiana, spearheaded by Special Education teacher Diana Medley. (COME ON INDIANA, GET YOUR ACT TOGETHER!  You’re killing me, guys.)

The Internet has responded, and I just discovered this video, and it’s the best:

Couldn’t have said it better myself.

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  • Indiana Amy

    Hey, don’t forget! The SCHOOL in Indiana said everyone is welcome in the grand march and at the prom. Also, this is happening in Indiana:

    Some of us have our act together in the Hoosier state.

  • Bob Terrace

    That was just lame. He might have just as well stuck out his tongue and given a raspberry. It was nearly as childish.

  • Adviser Moppet

    Is it going to be before or after the “No negroes allowed alternative prom”?

  • chicago dyke

    well, that’s the intertubes. lots of childish stuff out there. like this ;-)

  • Pustulio

    There’s no point in being grown up if you can’t act a little childish sometimes.

  • baal

    Mr. Terrace, the guy was from a movie. The piece is a mashup and this isn’t the first time that bit has been used to suggest someone is making remarkably bad statements on a recording.

  • RobertoTheChi

    You do realize this is from a movie, right?

  • The Captain

    As I keep having to sadly say every time this story comes up, there are places in GA that do have separate segregated whites only proms. The schools do not hold proms themselves so that they can be held “privately” and you end up with a whites only prom, and one for everyone else.

  • m6wg4bxw

    Hyperbole! Of course she presented a rational argument.

  • Haha USA

    You fucking with us, right?

  • Darren

    They could move to Iran; I here there are no homosexuals there…

  • Artor

    Never been to the Deep South, huh?

  • Carmelita Spats

    Oh. My. Science. Medley is meddling…Medley is a special ed teacher…She has taken courses in educational psychology and human development…This is where her insufferable superstition is overriding her PROFESSIONAL ETHICS…Medley is highly unethical…She discusses students’ sexual orientation with them even though she’s NOT a mental health professional…She has NO business informing students whether or not she agrees with their sexual orientation…If a student comes to her with a problem, she needs to go through the APPROPRIATE channels and alert the school counselor instead of risking that one of her students ends up distressed or suicidal because of her creepy Jesus talk. Her untreated Christoholism renders her a danger to minors…It’s NOT about HER, no matter what her narcissistic religion teaches…This story is yet another example of irresponsible, Jesus-addled, Christian privilege: “My Christian beliefs come first so damn professional ethics.” Sick.

  • The Captain

    I wish. You can find a few stories about them in the Atlanta Journal Constitution, but here’s one from the NYT.

  • Baby_Raptor

    Childish idiots deserve childish responses. There’s nothing adult about this woman’s actions.

  • Trish

    If God creates everyone equal, why do special needs teachers have jobs?

  • Trish

    If God creates everyone equal, why do special needs teachers have jobs?

  • fsm

    My school was about 30 percent no-running-water poor, 50 percent middle class and 20 percent ultra-ultra rich. Our proms were very exclusionary because the rich kids decided what to do for them and only the rich kids could afford the proms. Therefore, my proms were segregated too, after all the Hispanic kids could not go.

  • modernmoron

    Did… a SPECIAL ED teacher just say we are all born the same?…….

  • Haha USA

    you have succeeded in flabbergasting me…

    Haha USA is more fucked up than I even thought it was.

  • Jan Kafka

    ‘Special Needs’ is a ‘Lifestyle Choice’ apparently…

  • Jan Kafka

    Which was?

  • Barefoot Bree

    OK, I confess. I’ve no idea what movie that was from. Somebody help?

  • Barefoot Bree

    Never mind, I found it myself in the last thread on this subject: Billy Madison.

  • unclemike
  • JimmyJohn

    Questions to chew on…..coming from a open minded independent.

    If a gay person owns a rental property and Daina Medley comes to rent a apartment. Can they deny her rental for her views?

    X chromosome Xq28 may have a link to homosexuality. (look it up) If it is scientifically proven to be the link in a persons DNA genetics…..would it be wrong for a couple to abort a fetus knowing that it has that genetic marker? Should it be illegal?

  • jose

    1. No, that’s discrimination. In Spain at least.
    2. No, only to male homosexuality. No correlation with lesbianism was found. Anyway, in the hypothetical, imaginary scenario that we were able to predict sexual orientation with total accuracy: yes it would be wrong; no it shouldn’t be illegal.