San Diego Mayor Issues Darwin Day Proclamation

Somehow, this escaped my radar, but San Diego Mayor Bob Filner signed a Darwin Day proclamation earlier this week:

WHEREAS, Darwin’s Theory of Evolution is the foundation of modern biology, an essential tool in understanding the development of life on earth…

BE IT RESOLVED, THAT I, BOB FILNER… do hereby proclaim February 12, 2013, to be “Charles Darwin Day” in the city of San Diego for all of his achievements in the field of science.


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  • Bruce

    Maybe the mayor of San Diego knows that the American Humanist Association is having their annual conference there this May 30 – June 2. They’ve got the info at and the honoree speakers include Dan Savage, Greta Christina, Kathy Pollitt, and scientist Richard Leakey. I’m looking forward to attending, myself. I guess I’d better go register now.

  • Greisha

    My beloved San Diego is getting better and better.