Cardinal Roger Mahony: I Forgive Those Who Are Angry at Me for Covering Up Child Rape

Cardinal Roger Mahony, the man who appears to have shielded child-molesting priests for the sake of Catholicism, wrote about humiliation on his personal website.

Cardinal Roger Mahony

But instead of talking about the things he’s done wrong, he flipped it around and threw it back on the victims of his purported crimes and those who rally behind them:

In the past several days, I have experienced many examples of being humiliated. In recent days, I have been confronted in various places by very unhappy people. I could understand the depth of their anger and outrage — at me, at the Church, at about injustices that swirl around us.

Thanks to God’s special grace, I simply stood there, asking God to bless and forgive them.

As if they’re the ones who need to be forgiven.

As if he’s the good guy for being so humble as to think of them.

As if he’s the one humiliated but not the victims of the scandal he helped cover up.

As if he had nothing to do with their frustrations and rage against the Catholic Church.

There’s a lot of talk lately about how out of touch the Catholic Church and its leaders are… but rarely are the examples so clear-cut.

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  • jdm8

    He’s a real piece of work. It’s like he doesn’t really understand why anyone would be unhappy with his past actions.

  • Gregory Lynn

    That’s jaw-droppign chutzpah.

  • Rain

    There’s a lot of talk lately about how out of touch the Catholic Church and its leaders are… but rarely are the examples so clear-cut.

    It’s his inflated ego talking. He’s used to people groveling before his holy self. He has magic powers that can “bless” inanimate objects, chase evil boogey-people away, turn bread into flesh. etc. Of coarse there’s always the possibility that he’s a flat out liar and con artist that got an easy gig in life. Never rule out con artists. Especially with religion, lol.

  • Mack Lundy

    I see the “good” cardinal doesn’t allow comments on his blog. Wonder why?

  • baruchzed

    What a disgusting POS sociopath.

  • Kevin_Of_Bangor

    I almost lost my water when I read “chase evil boogey-people away”.

  • Madeleine Bisshop

    You want to know what humiliation is cardinal?
    Try being a child and having a penis violently repeatedly shoved up your arsehole, by an adult who is supposed to be taking care of you, and not being allowed justice.

  • Greg Scott

    Catholics should want Cardinal Mahoney’s help in choosing a
    Pope about as much as I want Hannibal Lecter’s help in choosing what to serve
    for dinner. Ick.

  • Greisha

    Why everybody is so surprised? It is typical human attitude of shifting blame aided by church’s megalomania.

  • Big_Ol_Al

    This is why they need to go after the Catholic Church under RICO statutes. They are an organized crime racket that shielded and moved criminal priests to avoid damaging their government protected, misogynist organization. No politician has the cojones to do it!

  • Baby_Raptor

    If ever someone deserved a good couple years of torture…

  • ortcutt

    Garry Wills, who is Catholic, has written a new book, “Why Priests: A Failed Tradition”, arguing against the priesthood and their pretensions to magical powers.

  • Brett Zink

    Simple denial? Or just a totally selfish, spoiled asshole? Believing the collar he wears should make people show him and his religion some kind of special deference…

  • Claude

    Wills went on Colbert to do a little PR for his book. It was classic!

  • LesterBallard

    Another reason I am not and never will be a friendly atheist. Anything else I write would contain much violent imagery.

  • Octoberfurst

    How “noble” of him to “forgive” his accusers. Seriously, if there was a Hell he should go to it. Miserable little sociopath that he is.

  • Miss_Beara


  • Robster

    All’s OK then! Why didn’t the cleric really do something positive, open his zip and pee on the victims? That action would explain his attitude better than praying, or was that preying?

  • C Peterson

    Well, I doubt his victims forgive him. And the foul fiction he worships can’t. So he’ll die as what he is- a piece of human crap, a footnote in the history of corruption of a nasty institution that was powerful for too long, but is dying out.

  • WallofSleep

    Heh, right. That’s what folks want, to be forgiven for confronting pedo-protectors.

    Your days of criminal privilege are numbered, Mahony. Just keep doing what you do, saying what you say, and stand dumbfounded, wondering why your cult is hemorrhaging followers.

  • chicago dyke

    well, i prefer Chianti and fava beans to bread-turned-human meat any day. ;-)

  • chicago dyke

    i like the term “militant atheist.” sort of like “the church militant, vs the church triumphant.” ;-)

  • Frank LaFerriere

    As a survivor of priest rape and torture I honestly would say if I saw this scumbag and he offered me his hand in apology, I would slap it away and spit in his face. I would also piss on his leg.

    Just who the hell does this low life scumbag of the Unholy Roman Catholic Church of Pedophile Pimps, Priests and Parishioners think he is?

    He wants to show me humility? Turn your sorry ass in Mahoney to the authorities and submit yourself for prosecution. You damn well know you are guilty and what you should do is plead guilty and take your punishment.

  • Frank LaFerriere

    Because he knows people like me, a survivor of a degenerate, sick and twisted scumbag priest would tear him a new asshole completely. This is why none of these scumbag Cardinals, Dolan, Mahoney, Rigali, et al all have blogs but you cannot post comments on them. They know damn well we survivors would tear them all apart.

  • Frank LaFerriere

    As a survivor of priest rape and torture, I will NEVER forgive any of these scumbags until they are all dead, cold and rotting in their graves, so I can go and visit them and leave a nice freaking loaf on their headstone. I will also give their graves a special watering to boot.

  • WallofSleep

    No sin more holy than one committed in the name of god, and none more heinous than one committed in the interest of your fellow man.

    This criminal organization would have ceased to be long ago if humanity had the collective balls to call it out for what it is. Still, those balls are collecting…

  • Lord Incaros

    Survivors AND people who have a common sense of decency. And people who out and out hate arrogant self righteous jack [censored] who “forgive” people who have a right to be angry at them.

  • Frank LaFerriere

    Catechism of the Catholic Church, Second Edition

    2356 Rape is the forcible violation of the sexual intimacy of another person. It does injury to justice and charity. Rape deeply wounds the respect, freedom, and physical and moral integrity to which every person has a right. It causes grave damage that can mark the victim for life. It is always an intrinsically evil act. Graver still is the rape of children committed by parents (incest) or those responsible for the education of the children entrusted to them.

  • Frank LaFerriere

    Cardinal Dolan I will say this. I am just waiting for your fat clown butt to die so I can find out where you are buried. Then I will go to your grave and leave a nice loaf on your head of your grave and use the Cathecism to wipe my ass with. I will also water your grave really, really well, trust me. I hope you die soon Cardinal Timothy Dolan so you can go to the hell you so richly deserve, being gang raped by the demons of hell for all eternity.

  • JohnnieCanuck

    Fight the monsters long enough and beware, for you too may become one.

  • viaten

    “I am not being called to serve Jesus in humility. Rather, I am being
    called to something deeper–to be humiliated, disgraced, and rebuffed by
    many.” Called to be unjustly humiliated, disgraced and rebuffed by many, just like Jesus, right?

    “I could understand the depth of their anger and outrage–at me, at the Church, at about injustices that swirl around us.” Us? Really?

    “Thanks to God’s special grace, I simply stood there, asking God to bless and forgive them.” You need special grace just to ask God for something? What would you have done without God’s special grace?

    “To be honest with you, I have not reached the point where I can actually
    pray for more humiliation. I’m only at the stage of asking for the
    grace to endure the level of humiliation at the moment.” You want to but can’t pray for more humiliation? Pray for the strength to tell everything you know legal authorities.

    “Strangely, the more I allow all of this to unfold without protest and objection, the greater the inner peace I feel.” I think it’s only a semblance of inner peace. Come clean about everything you know and you might be on a road to a little bit of inner peace.

  • viaten

    It’s probably a complex mix, considering how the human mind works.

  • Baby_Raptor

    What about wanting someone to suffer the same pain and damage they’ve forced on others makes one a monster? Especially a man like this one, who thinks the victims are the bad people who owe HIM something?

  • Fokker

    Hene wat ‘n stuk kak!

  • Friendly_Autist

    How accommodating of him.

  • DavidMHart

    I’m afraid it does, a little. The compassionate position is to wish to prevent abusers from being able to commit abuse (which we can generally do so by sending them to jail), and to deter potential abusers from doing so by providing a credible threat that they will be caught and sent to jail. What is not so compassionate is the desire for retribution for its own sake. Even if it’s an understandable sentiment – we seem to be hard-wired to want to seek revenge – it’s still a position that does not do the victims any good, and just increases the total amount of violence in the world.

    Now you can argue, if you like, that the threat of jail is not strong enough to deter some abusers – that you have to threaten them with violence as well in order to persuade them to stop victimising others – but you would need to present your case for why you think that. But threatening them with abuse just because you think they deserve it is not a compassionate stance for a criminal justice system to take.

    The criminal justice system should present a threat that is just unpleasant enough to make people think twice about whatever victimising action they were contemplating, and which involves some degree of incapacitation that makes it impossible to continue their victimising behaviour, at least for a time (and which is also effective enough that there’s a good chance that they will be caught, otherwise no amount of unpleasantness will be a credible deterrent), but once we get into wishing torture into our criminal justice system, then the system becomes monstrous.

  • newavocation

    He can keep saying and believing this stuff because people still keep coming to their churches and give them their cash.

  • MythInformed

    Pretty fucking ballsy, you gown
    wearing shit stick

  • Carole Hawkins Aguirre

    Guess what, Cardinal. I don’t forgive YOU and I doubt God will either.

  • RobertoTheChi

    Fuck you, Mahony! You are nothing but a sick, twisted fuck.

  • PsiCop

    Mahony needs to rethink the definition of “humility.” For him to go on the Internet and very publicly declare how he’s been humbled, is kind of the opposite of humility.

    The man’s “poor me” act is getting really, really old and tired. But it’s not unexpected or unusual. Most of the Catholic hierarchs view themselves as victims, not as perpetrators, of this scandal. For instance, retired Cardinal Egan declared the scandal had been fabricated by the media, and in a fit of anger at having been supposedly victimized by them, decided he’d done nothing wrong, and took back the apology he’d made back when he was still bishop of Bridgeport.

  • DisThoughts

    Thank you for that, DavidMHart. I’m glad people like you exist.

  • Kyle Alec Cold

    … people like this disgust me.

    Yes I can accept people doing horrible things, that is human nature. To do horrible things and hopefully learn from them to prevent horrible things to happen in the future.

    Which sadly people don’t learn and its nothing more than a vicious cycle of horrible things.

    This is why for true world peace religion needs to be abolished. For it just promotes evil acts and creates a vicious cycle for things to be repeated. Using the excuse… “well, God forgave me, so its alright.”

  • devilears

    If he has DEFENDED it, he has most probably DONE IT himself as well…righteous asshole!

  • Catholics suck

    What a crock of crap,spoken from a crock of crap.

  • Patricia Törngren

    This kind of “spiritual” sickness has to be done away with asap. Women and children are being abused in a criminal way, and it is totally inexcusable.

  • Stev84

    He is pretending to be Jesus there. The “I forgive those who sinned against me” thing

  • Michael Koch

    You cork-sucking, mother-porker, no one is asking for your forgiveness, and you have no right to offer it. It is you who should be on your kness begging forgiveness. You and all of your cronnies in the church, all the way up to the Pope, who raped innocent children, and then used your crimminal church to hide in & protect yourselves, should be forced to spend the rest of your disgusting lives with a 3” dowel jammed up your butts!!! Chained in place to prevent removal….. And, with your hands chained behind your backs

  • Michael Koch

    I’d like to see him dragged through the streets, tied to the back of the ”Dope-Mobile”

  • Houndentenor

    Don’t underestimate the ability of people to start believing their own bullshit. Even con-artists often start believing they have real psychic powers even if they were taught the standard “cold reading” techniques. I am aware that there are outright charlatans in religion but even among those I think most of them have convinced themselves that they are the real deal.

  • Houndentenor

    No they don’t. Religions, and Catholics in particular, are good at claiming victimhood if anyone so much as criticizes them in public much less holds them accountable for outright criminal activity.

  • CelticWhisper

    Yeah, but we still have 7 years to go until the next time census takers come a-callin’. I just keep telling myself the wait makes it taste all the sweeter. *thfthfthfthfthf*

  • Reginald Selkirk

    Maybe he’s running for pope.

  • Phill Marshalsea

    There we have it. Jesus is a Cunt.

  • CelticWhisper

    Some of us, however, are okay with that. If it takes a monster to fight a monster, there are those who would willingly become monsters to win the fight. Doesn’t mean we actually will, or that everybody should consider it, but I know that in a select few contexts I would have no moral reservations about paying evil unto evil in ways that would make a lot of people cringe and be glad that revenge isn’t their thing.

    It’s illegal, so I won’t do it, but that is the only reason I won’t do it.

  • Laurent Blanchet

    I’m so sorry to learn this – I hope your healing can continue so that you no longer even think of these bastards instead of feeling that rage inside you. they aren’t worth the energy they suck out of you – regard them as insignificant vermin and move forward on your path to recovery. :)

  • Springheel

    OMG. I read his blog and it gets worse.

    “Rather, I am being called to something deeper–to be humiliated, disgraced, and rebuffed by many.
    I was not ready for this challenge. Ash Wednesday changed all of that,
    and I see Lent 2013 as a special time to reflect deeply upon this
    special call by Jesus.”

    So he sees protecting child rapists as a “SPECIAL CALL BY JESUS”?? WTF???

  • Witchgawd

    no need for violence or jail. A simple hanging or lethal injection is all that is required for justice to be served. Why lock him up with a roof over his head, 3 square meals a day, internet access(for child porn), books to read, etc.? Locking him up makes everyone else pay to keep this POS alive. Compassion would be giving this monster a quick death.

  • C Peterson

    Surprised? Not at all. Just disgusted.

  • C Peterson

    Well, you have to put yourself into his distorted world view. He’s been forgiven by an all-powerful figment of his imagination, so why wouldn’t mere humans forgive him as well?

  • Ahab

    Out of touch is an understatement! Mahony is demonstrating a clear lack of empathy that is very disturbing.

  • Baby_Raptor

    1) I never said I didn’t want to prevent/deter crimes. Anywhere.

    2) You’re assuming a lot when you say that retribution never helps anyone. Seeing justice done is a huge part of what helps a lot of victims heal; whether that justice is rotting in jail for the rest of their lives or getting done to the criminal what the criminal did is inconsequential and really up to the victim. And, frankly, some crimes become so monstrous that sitting in a jail with their needs met thanks to the tax payers for the rest of their lives isn’t enough.

    3) Here’s my argument: Crime still happens. People are still raped. Kids are still abused. People are still murdered. The thought of going to jail obviously isn’t that great a deterrent. Do I think that violence is the answer to everything? No. Are there times when I could condone it? Yes.

    4) When I said “torture,” I was referring to the hell that Catholics and some Christian sects preach that most of humanity will spend eternity in, not something like waterboarding. I figured that would be obvious, since we were commenting on an article about a Catholic. Next time, I’ll make it clearer.

    5) Can you honestly claim that this man deserves compassion? When you give compassion to assholes like this, you’re slapping their victims in the face. This man isn’t mentally ill, nor was he being forced to do what he did by gunpoint. He, of sound mind, chose to do what he did. And now he’s choosing to gloat about it. People who give compassion get it. People who , for whatever reason, can’t help what they do get it. Assholes like this who willfully choose to make millions suffer immensely, and the claim that he’s the victim? No. There’s nothing here to be compassionate about.

  • coyotenose

    Considering how many instances we know of when someone was executed, or in line to be executed, or given a life sentence, and turned out to not be guilty, or was otherwise abused by the legal system, there will never be reasonable justification for punishments that can’t be overturned or commuted.

    Why do you think that inmates get child porn online?

  • Baby_Raptor

    And you can go Fuck yourself. Judging me like that based off a couple sentences when you know nothing about me makes you a really great person, huh?

  • Baby_Raptor

    And he wonders why any sane person wants nothing to do with his God.

  • Pattrsn

    I think BR has a point though in her original post, in an ironic way, if she’s referring to the Catholic concept of afterlife punishment for sins. I can’t imagine there are too many people more deserving of damnation than this man if anyone is.

    Besides did BR really wish torture into the criminal justice system?

  • DisThoughts

    I’m sorry, Mr. Baby Raptor, but if you’re unable to be civil, we can’t have a discussion. However, I will say that if you’re going to tell someone to fuck themselves, you ought to at least make sure you’re not responding to the wrong person. Have a good day.

  • obbop

    I thought that Catholic Cult was into tying blasphemers onto a stake and piling up the wood and setting it alight so that the purifying flames would cleanse the soul, possibly allowing the heathen’s soul to enter so paradise the thoroughly indoctrinated cult members believed awaited them after death.

  • joolzxo

    I’m fairly certain he was referring to God forgiving random members of the public who took it in their hands to “shame and humiliate” him with their remarks, and not “forgiving the victims” of the crimes. Let’s not take his words out of context (i.e. lie/distort) just to make a point that what he did was wrong. It was.
    That doesn’t mean all of society should hiss/throw stones/seek revenge nor lie and distort with the sole intention of villainizing him further.

    Sadly, I feel as if expressing sentiments such as these, for us to take a step back and not go a hypocritical route, are usually met with backlash. Presumably, because people are already in a war-like irrational mindset that anything goes. Let’s not become the very thing we so hate, people.

  • Pattrsn

    “Let’s not become the very thing we so hate, people.” Well I for one will never enable pedophiles to rape children and to escape the law, so I can quite comfortably say that I will never become Cardinal Mahoney. Also, in his blog, he compares himself to Jesus as though being shamed for his criminal and reprehensible behaviour is equivalent to a crucifiction.

  • Christopher Mark V Lowe

    What the hell? “He forgives those angry at him”? Just who exactly do these bastards in the Catholic church think that they are? Princes of the Church? More like paedophiles. Pfffttt!!!

  • Sue Blue

    I’d like to see him in prison with “Bubba” – a six-foot-five, three-hundred-pound, mean-as-shit Bubba who has been deprived of a “girlfriend” for at least 6 months. Maybe Bubba could dress up as a priest to give the cardinal the full experience.

  • joolzxo

    There’s a difference between “enabling” pedophiles, and taking another person’s mistake as incentive to justify you’re own ill-behaviour. I don’t think anyone is arguing to defend his words or actions, or pardon his behaviour… but I simply do not think that someone else
    (excuse my language) fucking up bad is an excuse for everyone else to be an evil asshole.

  • pagansister

    So he is the “victim” of criticism and he is tossing out forgiveness? Gee!

    What a guy! Now I feel better for thinking he is a totally useless, slimy, non-human being! :-( The SOB is full of IT!

  • pagansister

    At least 1 priest was ‘taken care of” by fellow inmates, when he was found stabbed, not sure where–shower? but anyhow very dead. Even the other criminals don’t like child molesters.

  • Thegoodman

    Christians are always the martyrs, never the persecutors.

  • Lori Lowe See

    Compassion is as much for the person exhibiting compassion as it is for the object of one’s compassion, if not more. Compassion doesn’t preclude removing anti-social people from society and the cost of that is one of the prices of having a safe, compassionate society while still having maximum individual liberties. The perpetrators of this heinous child abuse and those that conspired to cover up for them all need to be removed from society, but inhumane treatment of them only hurts the rest of us — it makes us as inhumane as they are. I don’t want that for any of us, no matter how much it may help the victims heal. I’m not talking about forgiveness, this is about understanding that their priorities are terribly skewed, preventing them from doing further harm and maybe even helping them to see their errors, repair the damage that has been done to them and repair the damage they’ve to others.

  • Witchgawd

    I hear this “argument” a lot but have never seen any facts or statistics to back it up. Exactly how many instances and what percentage of innocent people have been put to death? Or are you saying this POS is innocent? Or are you just some bleeding heart liberal that thinks every criminal, regardless of his/her crime, should be rehabilitated/not executed?

    Regardless of whether or not inmates can get access to child porn online, they are still able to access the web and have access to most things your typical homeless/poverty dwelling person can not, including food, clothing and shelter. Apparently you have more sympathy for hardened criminals and child molesters than you do for homeless people and those living in poverty.

  • Carl Miller

    What a despicable excuse of a human being. Why is this creep not in jail??

  • Ellen

    What would have impressed me more would have been an actual link to the site where he makes these statements. I’m sure I could have formed my own opinion from that, and gotten to read everything totally in context. I would surely be equally as outraged as the author of this, but this is the fox news style, telling me more how I should feel than what was actually said.

  • Blacksheep

    This guy sounds evil – Jesus asked God to forgive Roman soldiers as they were actually crucifying him – and he was innocent. How dare he use that same idea to direct blame away from himself.

    He should be taking a cue from Job: “Therefore I despise myself and repent in dust and ashes.”

  • Mario Strada

    I clicked on the link to the Cardinal’s website almost immediately. The title of this piece may be paraphrasing a bit, but the quote is genuine.

  • KaRo Navarro

    It seems perpetrators always lie about what they do and always show how big they are by saying how much they forgive their acusers!

  • The Other Weirdo

    And we should rely on people who are already in prison for sometimes very violent crimes to be the bedrock on which our morals rest?

  • fentwin

    “You first say;

    “If ever someone deserved a good couple years of torture…”

    then you back pedal;

    When I said “torture,” I was referring to the hell that Catholics and some Christian sects preach that most of humanity will spend eternity in, not something like waterboarding. I figured that would be obvious, since we were commenting on an article about a Catholic. Next time, I’ll make it clearer.

    So whcich is it, a couple of years of torture or and an eternity? I say you’re juts playing CYA.
    Oh, and the poster you told to “FO” had not one judgemental word about you in their post. i.e. calm down skippy.

  • Pattrsn

    “There’s a difference between “enabling” pedophiles, and taking another
    person’s mistake as incentive to justify you’re own ill-behaviour.”

    Let me see if I have this straight enabling pedophilia is “fucking up bad” and calling him out on it is being an “evil asshole”. You actually think that disparaging a persons character for engaging in evil heinous criminal activity is worse than raping children.

    “I don’t think anyone is arguing to defend his words or actions, or pardon his behaviour” Well apparently someone is.

  • The Other Weirdo

    2356.1 Unless it’s committed by one of our clergy, notwithstanding 2356, then the freedom and physical integrity of the Catholic Church is paramount above all else. Amen.

  • The Other Weirdo

    Job was an idiot, and I suspect he is held up as some paragon of holy virtue because it allows churches to get away with almost anything. Sex scandal in your church? That’s just god testing your faith. Be strong and he will reward you.

  • Blacksheep

    hmmm – nothing to do with what I said.

    And whether Job was an idiot or not, I still believe that Mahony should be groveling for forgiveness – you disagree?

  • Pattrsn

    “Exactly how many instances and what percentage of innocent people have been put to death?” How many would it take? For me one would be more than enough. And since there’s absolutely no evidence that capital punishment deters crime more than life imprisonment just what exactly is the point, apart from the fact that some people seem to get their nuts off at the idea of people being killed?

  • The Other Weirdo

    They don’t do that anymore. Those evil, blasphemous secularists say it’s bad to do that to people. Can you imagine? The nerve of some people.

  • Blacksheep

    He has a sick, twisted take on things. I’m fully aware that many atheists feel that Christianity is sick and twisted all on its own – but for someone who says he believes in Christ – from that perspective – he is a psychopath who is so out of touch with the idea of right and wrong that it’s hard to know even where to begin. He should absolutely be locked up for obstruction of justice.

  • enuma

    I love how he talked about the “injustices that swirl around us” as if he weren’t the direct freaking cause of it. Oh no, injustice is just something that’s innately in the air, like pollen or swine flu.

  • TiltedHorizon

    I once commented that morality is predicated on empathy and compassion. Several Christians declared my assertion, and I, to be bunk. They replied with numerous metaphysical arguments, disregarding the assertion by trying to drown it under the weight of their collective wordplay. When I pointed out that “empathy” is the basis of the “Golden Rule”, I was accused of not understanding scripture. I wonder how they would explain Mahony’s actions, who is clearly without empathy, without which he will never understand how name-calling and ‘embarrassment’ will never be equal to having one’s innocence murdered, covered up, and subsequently dismissed.

    If hell exists, I imagine this is what is was created for.

  • Ned Carter

    Send him to a real prison so he can atone on his knees.

  • Rynne McCoy Cowham

    People pull this kind of shit in ALL walks of life, routinely. And while this example is particularly shiny for its egregious vileness, when someone does it to you personally no matter how petty the context it is really no less wrong and no less outrageous. I personally have had to endure more than my “fair” share of f*cktards pulling this sort of crap on me directly and individually. Of course, I can only imagine what this feels like for someone who was violated by the vermin this smug douche protected. But yes, this is very common standard practice for humans, particularly those of the worthless, dung-stinking “I am always right no matter what I do” variety.

  • Carlos Alexandre

    We are a stupid, stupid species for having given this imbecile’s cult so much clout over our history.

  • wmdkitty

    Rape isn’t funny.

  • rsorensen

    He is the one who should be begging for forgiveness. What an ignorant jackass.

  • Reason With Me

    I guess someone who is so detached from reality to be able to cover up child rape is too f*cked up to realize he is the real criminal, not the victims. I hope he rots in prision.

  • JohnnyMac60

    if there is a hell… this scumbag priest will be rotting in it.

  • George Millhouse

    I want to see the Catholic Church burn down to the ground


    Wow! Mighty big of him. Mighty big. He should be in the position of forgiving those people who are keeping him locked up for the rest of his life.

  • TomClayman

    We can only hope the day comes when a thousand penises explode in his asshole and face so he can experience what it was like to be a victim to one of his kid rapist priests.

  • pagansister

    Sometimes. No, I don’t think the priests should all “die” for their crimes, but I do think they should be incarcerated for life–as much as I hate paying for their care. The Church just sent them away —to another place to molest. That was helpful.

  • Ryan Grant Long

    I… wow.

  • Clint Jcl

    But on meth it is.

    Meth. Not even once.

  • Clint Jcl

    That turn-the-other-cheek new-Testament Christian b.s. is exactly how this happened. People moving on and not taking their vengeance is exactly why this has been allowed to go on so long. You are wrong.

  • Clint Jcl

    If you’ve never seen any facts and statistics, then you are the one at fault for being too fucking lazy to look it up your fucking self.

    Pro-tip: Google “The Innocence Project” and look at how many lives they’ve saved. Then go fuck yourself.

    You have no fucking right to use the phrase “Bleeding heart liberal” in response to something that you are too lazy to FUCKING GOOGLE YOURSELF.

  • SphericalBunny

    Well, now we’ve decided rape is totally deserved, just and right in certain circumstances, perhaps we should applaud those courts who focus on the so-called ‘victims’ back stories to decide if rape was ok in their case. Or maybe not.

    Personally, I’d like to see him locked away from society where he can no longer do harm, and educated as to why his views are utterly repulsive and enable/cause great hurt to others.

    Apparently, you could use a little bit of that education too.

  • Peoples Assembly

    Twisted logic is no defense

  • Raul J. de Vera Jr.

    I think he’s got a problem of getting touch-based with reality …… how sad, very sad indeed!

  • Rob Ottapocalypse

    if he were capable of being educated as you suggest, I believe it would work. Sadly, people like him are already as “educated” as they’re going to get, and the only way to do anything about it is to either destroy the hard drive, or lock it in a closet.

  • kelly

    Forgiveness and mercy do not mean avoiding the earthly consequences of making evil choices…. Mahoney, even if you have asked for and been granted forgiveness, that is between you and your God…. You still belong in prison along with those pedophiles you protected, because you allowed them to continue years of harm to many more innocents… You should have been protecting the children instead of their abusers.

  • Claude

    I hear this “argument” a lot but have never seen any facts or statistics to back it up.

    You could google it.

  • Joe knows who I am.

    The clergy are to be given up on at this point for it has become horrendously clear that they have no conscience. Scorn should be turned at the other rapists of children; the parishioners. And the only path of forgiveness should be to leave the church. Otherwise, they are as guilty of child rape as the perpetrators who did it for they continue to enable them.

  • Joe knows who I am.

    The clergy are to be given up on at this point for it has become horrendously clear that they have no conscience. Scorn should be turned at the other rapists of children; the parishioners. And the only path of forgiveness should be to leave the church. Otherwise, they are as guilty of child rape as the perpetrators who did it for they continue to enable them. It’s time to bring down the Church once and for all to see that justice be done.

  • Ciara Ioana Quinn

    I dont understand posts about threats of more violence or jail time to make people not rape other people? You know why I dont rape people? Because its wrong and I have morals! Not for fear of going to jail! if thoughts of jail or violence being done to you is why you dont rape or hurt other people then go and kill yourself! people like you dont belong in this world! Also, I dont need a threat of ‘hell’ to not rape anybody! and evidently neither did these priests! So the argument of violence or jail time is invalid.

  • Floyd Emerson

    He has nothing to forgive. It is his sins and crimes that are in need of forgiveness, but they won’t be. Now his sins and crimes are a matter of public record, so they won’t even be forgotten as long as the internet continues.

  • The mighty Boo

    Another society sect to hide the presence of paedophiles the cardinal should be in prison for aiding and abetting in the many and repeated offences against innocent children and adults.Who does he think he is working in ” gods name” then to deny justice at his whim of power,,, I think the cardinals take on love thy neibour does not extend to gods commandments. what an evil person, to sheild such horrors (satan himself)

  • bnik

    Lol, religion.

  • Marc Mielke

    Love the sentiment, but can’t help but think it would be a waste of good fertilizer.

  • Marc Mielke

    Love the sentiment, but can’t help but think it would be a waste of good fertilizer.


    Humiliation is what the Catholic Church heaps on people who fail to line up to its variety of taboos. Those guilty of conspiracy to evade justice deserve far more than humiliation.

  • Reg

    He’s the victim? The collective narcissism and hubris of this organisation is beyond sick. It is a vile, stench-laden clique of sociopaths.

  • Andre M Slade

    Go hang yourself you ignorant fuck!

  • Chris Amezquita

    hild molesters and their enablers shouldn’t be in a position of power in the Catholic church. They need to be removed, not demoted, not given benefits, and they need to be convicted.

    Please sign this petition to express this movement. The Catholic church needs reform and it needs to start with behaving like leaders that set a good example!


  • Kevin de Vries

    Child abusers bodies should be disposed of in unmarked graves.

  • Paul King

    Religion is hokum and anyone who follows a religion where it’s okay to mutilate a women’s genitalia for the sole purpose that she won’t “cheat” or blows themselves up is equally as guilty. Anyone who follows a religion which the “leaders” think it’s okay to have sex with children is equally as guilty. How can anyone align themselves with a group who would commit crimes against other people and try to justify it?

  • Carl David Cocchiarella

    Tell the good cardinal to go fuck himself. Self righteous prick.

  • Jyrki Seppala

    Pope can hide in Vatican, but what about these other criminals, can they just say “I forgive you to be angry” ??? Are priests, popes, cardinals above the law?

  • TheNuszAbides

    under willow trees, i hear.

  • TheNuszAbides

    he doesn’t expect it from them, he’s giving it to them. that’s what’s so insultingly absurd.

  • TheNuszAbides

    he claims to understand; but theologians claim to understand a lot of things.

  • TheNuszAbides

    there’s a difference between surprised and astounded.

  • TheNuszAbides

    it should qualify as a crime against humanity.

  • TheNuszAbides

    oh goody. the “bleeding heart liberal” dog-whistle. go away.

  • TheNuszAbides

    hear, hear. nobody knows beforehand that vengeful execution will soothe their pain. and it certainly doesn’t undo it.

  • TheNuszAbides

    if only it were convincing that he was “accidentally” assigned somewhere that he and/or his crime(s) could be identified by inmates…

  • TheNuszAbides

    and the reason laws are valuable is in curbing endless vicious cycles of people convincing themselves (or each other) that murder, rape, torture etc. is “okay” or “productive” or “righteous” – whether “in a select few contexts” or otherwise.

  • TheNuszAbides

    well, yeah… essentially the same reason the abuses were possible in the first place, haven’t even scratched the surface of being prosecuted, etc.

  • TheNuszAbides

    yes it would remove one set of excuses… doubtful it would remove the actual vicious cycles of horrible things.

  • TheNuszAbides

    “…that swirl around us.” that is particularly vile. using poetical language that utterly fails to acknowledge penetrative violations, pretending that said “injustices” are entirely external.

  • TheNuszAbides

    not enough questions asked, too many corrupt controllers crushing/ignoring/misdirecting the few that will ask. but yes, i hope it’s true “those balls are collecting”.

  • TheNuszAbides

    not the best moment to mention this, but: the thought is rather humbling.

  • a mother of 4

    How sick and sad…you may as well have held the child while he molested it! I hope you ALL rot in the hell you preach about, because if there is a has ALL your names on it!

  • Ubi Dubium

    I think that before Mahoney grovels for forgiveness he should be trying to do everything in his power to actually DO something about all the damage he has done. Going to the police and telling them everything he knows about the systematic cover-ups would be a good start. Also, working within his system to make sure that no child-raping priest is ever sheltered by the catholic hierarchy ever again, that would be an improvement.
    Only once he has done that will he be in a position to grovel for forgiveness. Right now he’s done nothing to show he’s deserving of any.

  • PsiCop

    FYI, you’re thinking of Fr John Geoghan in Massachusetts. His killer was reportedly a victim of abuse as a boy (but I don’t recall if this was at the hands of a priest).

  • Yiannis

    “I simply stood there, asking God to bless and forgive them”
    What bothers me is that he didn’t ask from anybody to forgive *him*. Dos he think he is above everybody else? Does he think he is better than the victims of child abuse? Does he think he is above God? Oh, I forgot God does not exist. If he did exist, he would have found a way to protect all those children.

  • Fran Co

    Again you have to wonder why the Pope is retiring prematurely? #abusecoverup

  • Scottsteaux63

    May God help you is all I can say because I don’t think anyone on this earth will.

  • Mary Lyn Dias

    You just took the words right outta my mouth!! You spoke the truth better than anyone could!!! thank you for that!!!

  • andrew oliver

    Cardinal fuck-stick!

  • Ann Delicath

    Many catholics in Chicago have renamed him Cardinal “Corleoni” Mahoney since they knew he was so involved with the Mob, to the point of laundrying dirty money for hedge funds and underworld businesses. This was mentioned on CNBC TV and nothing was ever done!

  • Blacksheep

    I agree 100%.

  • C Peterson

    Oh, I get that. He’s forgiving people for not forgiving him because he can’t understand how that could possibly be.

  • baal

    Violent imagery and retribution don’t solve problems Michael. Your wish to see your enemies subjected to cruel and unusual punishment is why those words are in the 5th amendment.

  • baal

    Eye for an eye leaves everyone blind. There is a difference between ‘moving on’ and ‘taking vengeance’. I am also not sure I consider Frank’s act as vengeance, it’s closer to protest. He’s not doing violence to a person and the property damage is minimal.

  • baal

    @disthoughts – the problem isn’t really one of civility. baby_raptor is perfectly able to have a discussion and responded directly to davidmhart’s comments. That’s about as much as the pro-civility side can ask. Our focus needs to be on asking for justification for violence (raptor’s first post looked like IRL torture and not the xtian eternal one at first) and pointing out why vengeance and violence fail to solve problems.

  • baal

    Grats on being 1 moral step up from the folks who shoot abortion providers?

    I don’t agree that terrorism is a valid method for solving problems. How about taking up a mandatory reporting bill that requires all instances of abuse reported to any non-family member to be reported to police and failure to report has mandatory jail time. Then start prosecuting the perps (RCC officials) who don’t report like they are required to under this proposed law.

  • DisThoughts

    @baal – I’m sorry, but I don’t think telling me to go fuck myself simply for thanking DavidMHart is in order. That is an issue of civility. I can only speculate that perhaps David was the intended target of said incivility; hence my admonishment that if you’re going to tell someone to fuck themselves, you ought at least make sure you’re telling off the right person. If, however, Raptor intended it for me (and after all I can’t be certain), it’s a completely uncalled for and disproportionate response, of which Raptor ought to be ashamed. I only voiced support for David’s cogent and lucid explanation of the perils of vengeance in the justice system; I didn’t judge Raptor as a person in any way.

  • Rick

    The nerve!

  • Misan Thrope

    Come again? and big hat off to Madeleine for putting it so accurately…

  • Misan Thrope

    thank you for that Madeleine well said

  • Nadine Lumley

    You know what comes a close second in humiliation? Telling adults that other adults are (see above) and either no one believes you, or wants to hear you, or they slap you around for daring to tell the truth.

  • Terry Idle

    Oh, yeah? forgive this, Mahoney: 8===O

  • JohnnieCanuck

    God won’t forgive him. Guaranteed.

    Won’t forgive you or me, either. Imaginary gods are like that. Maybe in somebody’s imagination they do, but that’s about it.

  • Gail Rekers

    His narcissism is breathtaking. And he will be voting for the next pope? Frightening.

  • Minch

    No, but Bubba deserves a little bum fun, come on …

  • Malcolm Reeves

    Cardinal Mahoney, You and your perverted priests should be defrocked and thrown in jail, you for covering up the deeds and them for carrying out the act upon innocent children.
    And no sir neither the public nor your God would forgive your crimes!
    I for one look forward to the day when the highest law in the lands grows a set of balls and brings the full weight of the law upon you and those that perpretated the crimes upon the children.

  • Opal

    There is a catholic priest on another social site that is saying that gays and transvestites are wrong to do what they do but that the Catholic Church church can help them. I asked him why can’t his church just let people live how they want to live, and he responded with a comment about how the Catholic Church is being demonised and criticised just as Jesus was!! Honestly, they live in another world. Why can’t they accept that they have got a lot wrong and it’s time for them to take responsibility for their crimes. They are all sick.

  • Sharon Horton

    have been complicit in the abuse, for generations. Girls could
    disappear from Irish homes for years, and no one would ask questions?
    Really? And this is only one example out of many. Why could so many sons
    never speak of the abuse they suffered at the hands of their priests?
    Where were their parents? Why were all these victims silent in the face
    of the power of the Church? Why is this con game still more powerful
    than the truth of what goes on? The arrogance of the perpetrators is so
    stunning, I’m amazed that they are not all in hiding–and appalled that
    they don’t have to be.

  • Adam Abramowitz

    What a vile, sorry excuse for a human being. Maybe someone should bend HIM over, grab a baseball bat, and show HIM mercy…


    Perhaps the Cardinal needs to read his own Bible: Luke chapter 17, v1 & 2. Mill stones are hard to find these days but cinder blocks will do nicely.

  • Matthew James

    i had a friend. his name was liam. he was a happy (seemingly) father of two and loving husband. untill last year in april when he drove his motorbike into a tree. at first it was considered an accident but then his wife found a note amongst his things detailling years of abuse from a priest beginning when he was an alter boy at his local parish church. none of this would have happened had the priest that was accused of abusing him was reported to and dealt with adequately by the authorities. RIP LIAM HALSTEAD and my sincere hope is that your family obtain some sort of justice. you are missed and loved every single day.

  • George

    Wow this guy is such a tool

  • Angel Love Owens

    No it doesn’t. There’ll be one guy in the world with one eye left and he can just run away from the blind ones ;)

  • Inked In

    How very white, middle-aged (see, I can be charitable, too), upper-income, religiously privileged of you. I’m sure the victims can see your side of it, as clearly as you saw theirs.

  • viaten

    I’m just stunned that someone of seemingly reasonable intelligence and claimed moral authority could speak that way and I wonder how he justifies it in his mind. Is it a calculated statement and he knows it sounds awful? Or does he actually think it might be a valid thing to say and can’t, or won’t, or doesn’t want to, see how it isn’t? I don’t know which is ultimately worse. I also wonder if he can help himself or not? These are complex questions of human psychology, but accountability is still important.

    It’s not the same thing, but it seems quite similar to corporate executives giving themselves a largest bonus ever when their company goes under saying they deserve it for all the hardship they had to endure resulting from their bad decisions. They might know nobody’s going to buy it, but they know they can get away with it and so do it anyway.

  • viaten

    “injustices that swirl around us”
    I took that to mean “injustices directed at us” meaning him and the church, but it seems he is trying to be a little vague, suggesting it’s all of the injustices “swirling” around victims of any kind trying to include him and the church.

  • Terry Thompson

    Seriously how the fuck is it that religion has not been dragged in front of an international court of some sort for crimes against humanity ?? We have centuries of documented proof of their disgraceful atrocities and reprehensible behaviour . I can not understand how in this day and age people are still simple minded enough to believe in this garbage

  • Hercule poirot

    He should be raped. Although he’d probably enjoy it the sick religious fuck.

  • TheNuszAbides

    yep, i think it’s deliberately open to interpretation but i wanted to take shots at a literal one.

  • Blame game

    Why should victims who demand justice or voice their discord with the Catholic Church need forgiveness? This is exactly why the Catholic Church following is dwindling. These kind of uncaring arrogant statements and behaviors that always protect the church at the expense of all others including our children, are the reason
    a lot of people like myself are former Catholics. It’s kind of ironic I came upon this
    My 7 yr old son told me this morning he’s been thinking about attending church but he is too afraid to be molested by a priest. (True story) I told him we could talk about it after school. These priests, cardinals and other clerics need to wake up this is the
    Exactly what this new generation thinks of them.

  • Dave Pavlatos

    Anyone who molests children is a monster…anyone who shields them from the law is also a monster!

  • Sue Blue

    Neither is assault, torture, and murder – all of which are advocated in these comments, jokingly or not, as just punishment for this craven waste of human flesh.

  • wmdkitty

    I never said they were funny, either.

  • Kjell Sundberg

    Please remember, dear Cardinal, that there is a station between this life and Heaven. There is a fire that will cleanse you. Please remain calm when your victims greet you there. Will they bless you and forgive you?

  • Ann Nolan

    Wouldn’t it be great that if a child discloses abuse by a priest to their parents or another ‘trusted’ adult that it was reported immediately to the police instead of allowing the catholic church reps to ‘handle it’. And hope that the police are not catholic, as happened here in Australia, where catholic police did nothing when catholic priests abused children – well it’s all coming out now with the government inquiry. So I would ask the catholic congregation to STOP enabling these criminals!!!

  • Ann Nolan

    I am sorry for your pain Frank, your anger is well justified, especially when you see no justice. If I believed in hell, I would wish for these people to burn in it!

  • Daerice


  • Patrick Henry

    Someone please beat this asshole with an iron bar. I know it’s too good for him, but at this rate I will take what I can get.

    Catholic church == church of satan. Personally, I think a low yield nuke would do the right thing at the Vatican. Subhuman trash they are.

  • k k

    Time to GTF out. Stop using our taxes to use it for out of court settlements.

    Put him in prison where they belong. Taking S…it should be punishable by law.

  • Frank LaFerriere

    It is scum like Mahony and Dolan who spew complete and utter garbage from their sewer mouths that keeps the rage going. Dolan really proved what a scum he was when New York passed the same sex marriage law he cried and peed his granny panties about how he felt betrayed by the people of New York and the legislature by passing such a law in violation of the churches teachings against homosexuality and same sex marriage. Then he learned that they were also going to end the one year statue of limitations on child abuse and spewed from his garbage trap:

    Dolan also explained that he wanted to keep the statute of limitations for child sex abuse victims to one-year, because if the church gets sued, “The perpetrators don’t suffer. There’s no burden on them. What suffers are the services and the ministries of the apostolates that we’re doing now. Because where does the money come from? So the bishops of 30 years ago that allegedly may have reassigned abusers, they don’t suffer. They’re dead. So the people that suffer are those who are being served right now by the church. We feel that’s a terribly unjust burden.”

    What a poor, poor loser, he feels it would be a terrible unjust burden and make the church suffer if they ended the statue of limitations for child sex abuse. He and the rest cares not about our unjust burdens or sufferings, just the fact if the statue of limitations were ended, they all would be facing Bubba in a prison shower picking up his soap.

  • Frank LaFerriere

    But how will I find them so I can crap and piss on their graves like they deserve.

  • Frank LaFerriere

    I will forgive him only on one condition. He submits willingly to prosecution and takes his punishment as he deserves to do. Anything less and he deserves my unending hatred.

  • Frank LaFerriere

    I have been fighting them for the last two and a half years since I finally found my courage and came forward about my priest rape and torture. So excuse me if I say I could give two craps less about the hatred I have against them and if that makes me a monster in peoples eyes? Then so be it, I have been called much, much worse by these scum.

    You want monster? Honestly? I would love to take each and every one of these Pedophile Pimps and Priests and send them through the same tortures they gave during the Inquisitions.

    First, the rack, stretch them nice and good and while they are on the rack, shove The Pear up their backdoor and spread it open nice and wide. Then after they had their turn on the rack, I would put them on the split horse, where their legs are weighed down on a razor sharp horsie and slowly split up the middle, But I do not want them to die just yet. I want to put them next on the spiked iron hot seat. Bound them to it and set a hot fire under the coal box and listen to them as they slowly roast alive, screaming in pain and agony. Just as they are about to die, I revive them with a bucket of ice cold water. Finally I would draw and quarter them.

    How is that for being a monster?

  • Frank LaFerriere

    Oh and aren’t you just a pip?

    Therein lies the problem. Very few of these priests and nuns who raped children ever go to prison like they deserve. The statue of limitations prevent this and you can be assured every time the statue of limitations for child sex abuse is going to be changed by any legislature, the RCC comes out in droves and fights it tooth and nail, just like Cardinal Dolan did when New York was going to end the one year statue of limitations on child sex abuse, and with the quote that only the church will suffer if this happens and be forced to carry an unjust burden.

    Really? What about my and the tens of thousands of other victims and our unjust burdens and suffering? Oh that is not important to these Pedophile Pimps of the Unholy Roman Catholic Church of Pedophile Pimps, Priests and the Parishioners who love, support, protect and defend them.

    We all just gotta make sure these scum never go to prison, for that would be so un-Christian of us wouldn’t it? We should all just forgive and forget and no recompense be given to us abuse survivors for our ruined lives.

    Oh and guess what? In lawsuits against these scum, the average amount for each victim of this evil comes to about $20,000. Is that right for my 38 years of living hell on this earth brought to me by a sick, twisted, degenerate, perverted scum priest?

  • Frank LaFerriere

    Sorry to disagree with you. If I had my way as a survivor, I would in fact seek to have each and every living Cardinal, Bishop, Pope, priest and nun who abused us or covered it up, treated the same way the Unholy Roman Catholic Church treated the Pagans during the Inquisitions. I would love to give them tortures that comes from my nightmares. I would love to hear all of them screaming and begging for their God and Jesus Christ to come and save them, just as I had when I was being raped by the pervert priest. I would love for them to scream and cry in pain and agony as they are all repeatedly raped and brutalized again and again, just to see the looks on their faces to see if they look like mind did when I spent a night being destroyed by one of their priests. I want to spit in each and every one of their faces, along into the faces of every Parishioner who stands up and defends them and tell me I should leave your poor, poor Roman Catholic Church alone and stop picking on your Pedophile Pimps like Pope Benedict XVI, Cardinals Timothy Dolan, Roger Mahony, Justin Rigali, Bernard Law, and all the other Cardinals and Bishops who covered this up. Oh poor, poor Roman Catholics, so much into protecting and defending your Pedophile Pimps and Priests over your own children. Shame on you all.

  • DavidMHart

    I wasn’t saying that people who commit or cover up the sort of sexual offences in question here shouldn’t go to prison, or pay reparations to their victims, I was saying that we shouldn’t want our judicial system to be committing torture against them (in response to Baby Raptor’s comments which seemed to be strongly implying that torture should be part of their punishment), unless there is extremely overwhelming evidence that torture is necessary as a deterrent to future offenders. If you can demonstrate that prison-plus-torture, as opposed to prison on its own, would result in a significant decrease in predatory crimes, then I’m prepared to hear you out.

    But note that I would be prepared to hear you (or Baby Raptor) out only as long as we are agreed that the purposes of such torture would deterrence (both specific and general) and rehabilitation – i.e. that by causing suffering to priests, you would be deterring so much suffering that would otherwise be caused by priests that we end up with a net reduction in suffering. What I am not prepared to entertain is the proposition that we need to torture them (or subject them to any other sort of punishment) simply for the sake of punishing them. That is, I am not prepared to accept the premise of retribution as a rational for punishment. The priest in question here is unquestionably a terrible specimen, but he did not choose to be born into a world that led to him becoming such an odious individual. The fact that he has become one justifies us locking him away as a deterrent to others, and in an attempt to make him understand exactly why everyone is so pissed off at him, but it does not justify punishing him simply for having been born into the chain of causality that made him who he is.

    I understand that the revenge impulse is strong – I simply don’t think that it withstands dispassionate, rational scrutiny if it is not coupled to a reasonable belief that the ‘revenge’ in question is necessary to prevent future harm. Revenge for its own sake just makes us as cruel as the original wrongdoers.

  • Claude

    You would support torture if it were demonstrated to act as a deterrent.

    Do I understand you?

  • Claude

    Pardon since this is none of my business, but I wonder if you are in contact with SNAP?

  • DavidMHart

    I’d be willing to entertain a discussion about torture from one of the people howling for vengeance here if it could be shown that there were circumstances in which it would prevent greater suffering than that which was being inflicted. I’m not at all convinced that this is likely, but am open to a case being made.

    To be specific – if it could be shown that the only way to prevent Catholic priests from sexually abusing children in their charge was to subject those priests who get caught to some sort of physical abuse themselves – if the threat of prison alone wasn’t enough of a deterrent – then we should be willing to consider it – though obviously we ought to approach the idea with a great deal of skepticism and aim our harm-done-to-priests level as low as possible in order to just mitigate the harm-don-by-priests level we are worried about here.

    I’m not willing to entertain a discussion about torture purely for the sake of retribution – i.e. inflicted on someone because you think they deserve it, regardless of whether this will have any effect on preventing future suffering further down the line – which it looks like may have been Baby Raptor’s position.

  • Claude

    OK. So this is rhetorical.

  • DavidMHart

    Pretty much. Though I note with some amusement that apparently I just can’t win on this thread – I step in in defence of the rights of priests not to be tortured and I get flak from revenge-thirsty posters to whom I spell out the circumstances that would have to apply before we should consider their proposals, and then I get flak for promoting the torture of priests. You’re damned of you do, damned if you don’t :-)

  • Claude

    Oh man. Let’s oppose torture and call it a day.

  • Veronica

    Their arrogance goes beyond anything I’ve ever seen. Forgiveness rejected. He belongs in jail for obstruction of justice.

  • Dave

    Well there’s out of touch and then there’s this psychotic, egomaniacal delusion. I’m so sick of the catholic church I could vomit.

  • deh3

    Further evidence that religious subsidies (exempt from corporate income, property and parsonage taxes, preferential sales and capital gains taxes, tax deductibility of contributions, directly and indirectly subsidized religious schools and taxpayer-funded military and hospital chaplains) should be eliminated.

  • deh3

    It is partly because those who are religious have a higher voter turnout than those who are not religious.

  • Rosemary Lyndall-Wemm

    This puts a whole new spin on the concept of “angry atheists”. In this case, not all of them are even atheists – just humans who have been harmed by the perpetrators of religion.

  • John

    In the kingdom of the blind the one eyed man is king?

    Not if you read the rest of the story…..

    He was totally screwed when it got dark, didn’t make any difference to the blind… They just continued with their lives

  • Jordi

    Completely agree with you Madeleine — very truthfully stated. What an egomaniacal sociopath that man is!!!! How by any stretch of the imagination does he think his “humiliation” compares to the lifelong trauma, loss of innocence and ruined lives of his countless victims?? If by any chance there is a hell, I hope he burns for eternity, and the sooner he gets there, the better. Only thing better would be if he wound up in jail with someone else’s penis up his own sorry ass.

  • Jordi

    yep, I noticed that, too. However, I’ve heard he also has a Twitter account that you can post to. I’m not a Twitter user, but have heard that he’s already gotten some harsh replies. Yea!

  • Michael F Rivero

    What an arrogant asshole! Nobody cares if he forgives the
    people who are angry with him for covering up the child abuse. And his
    forgiveness doesn’t change the fact that the church sexually molested
    hundreds of thousands of little children and tried to cover it up.
    Mohoney should be on his knees asking them for forgiveness!

  • Terri Hemker

    Mahoney makes me physically ill…..

  • Frank LaFerriere

    Yes I am Claude.

  • Frank LaFerriere

    Sue what would you call it when a priest is raping you up the ass and he forces you to say the Our Father and Hail Mary all the while he is telling you if you tell anyone about their special healing, you will burn in hell for all eternity?

    I could give two craps less. These are pure and unmitigated and truly unapologetic evil scum. In my book, you rape a child, you deserve the death penalty. You cover up for a child rapist, you deserve to be drawn and quarterd after going through some of the ancient tortures of the RCC that they used on Pagans and others during the Inquisitions.

  • Frank LaFerriere

    Why not? Remember the Inquisitions? Remember what Roman Catholics did to Pagans? They deserve the same exact thing done to them.

  • Frank LaFerriere

    Thank you Ann. I wish each and every night, when I wake up from my nightmares of being raped by priests, bishops and popes in hell, and wake up screaming because the priest who raped me is now a demon comes over and rips off my penis and eats it….that Pope Benedict, Cardinals Dolan, Leveda, Mahony and all the rest of them who covered up for their scum pedo priests, suffers the exact same thing when they die.

  • Frank LaFerriere

    Here is what I really wish. See I wake up almost every night screaming. I am in hell, being gang raped by priests, bishops and popes. Even the very demons of hell. Then the priest who raped me, now a demon, comes over, rips off my penis and eats it.

    This is the eternity in hell I would want Pope Benedict, Cardinals Mahony, Dolan and others suffer.