A Response to Pastor My-Wife-Has-To-Cook-Three-Awesome-Meals-a-Day

You all remember Pastor Steven Anderson‘s ultra-offensive and misogynistic sermon on the qualities of a “virtuous woman” (a.k.a. The greatest sermon *ever*). I wrote about it here.

The folks at BetterOffDamned created a video response to the sermon — interspersed with their own commentary.

It’s awesome. I especially love the bits at 4:50 and 13:42 🙂

Serious thought: This sort of thing should occur for all sermons, all the time. Can you imagine seeing a point-by-point video rebuttal to whatever your pastor says on Sunday morning? It’s the exact sort of thing churches don’t allow — but there’s nothing stopping you from responding to it if you’re willing to out yourself as a skeptic. (Yes, it takes time and energy and a little video-knowhow… but this would *so* be worth it.)

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