Audiobook Version of The Young Atheist’s Survival Guide Now Available

You know what’s better than The Young Atheist’s Survival Guide?

Me reading The Young Atheist’s Survival Guide to you while you drive. Or run. Or go to bed.

Yay for audio books! There’s a sample clip up on Amazon and you can also purchase the audiobook at iTunes. Hope you like it!

About Hemant Mehta

Hemant Mehta is the editor of Friendly Atheist, appears on the Atheist Voice channel on YouTube, and co-hosts the uniquely-named Friendly Atheist Podcast. You can read much more about him here.

  • Frank Bellamy

    will it be available on audible?

  • Hemant Mehta
  • Susana

    May I use the record version of the book in my tutoring english classes? I love to use real texts from various sources to help my kids (which i tutor most for free – education should be a right for everyone and i am trying to help) :) and as the high schoolers are on the age of questioning themselves i like to provide them with philosophical texts and i think this will be good for them :). By the way i am a portuguese young biologist, specializing in complexity sciences, and i love to teach science (i help kids with english, biology, chemistry, physics and maths). any advice on how to teach the really young ones on fractions and how to work with them? most of them seem to stuck on them and i am always willing to try new methods :) thanks for all you do in the name of education Hemant, you are an inspiration, even on the other side of the atlantic