Conservative Christians Overreact to Saturday Night Live’s ‘Djesus Uncrossed’ Sketch

Over the weekend, Saturday Night Live aired a trailer for a movie called “Djesus Uncrossed”:

If you’re like most people, your reaction was, “That was amusing. I didn’t know SNL still did funny things… or was still on the air.”

But let’s be honest about the skit: It was mocking Quentin Tarantino and his love of rewriting history and adding a lot of blood to the mix. It wasn’t actually making fun of the Bible.

But, if you’re like the American Family Association’s Bryan Fischer, you don’t parse humor that way. Fischer tweeted about how the SNL staffers would eventually get what’s coming to them:

The AFA also overreacted with this press release:

This past weekend, NBC’s “Saturday Night Live” aired an extremely violent and gory segment mocking Jesus Christ… just for laughs. And, it’s available now online thanks to Kmart, Sears and J.C.Penney.

… Thanks to the funding by mainstream advertisers, NBC is painting Jesus as a revengeful murderer bent on killing the Romans who crucified Him.

I understand why they’re mad. The Bible had waaaaaay more violence than we saw in that trailer. If a movie ruined my favorite book, I’d be pissed off, too.

But really, if these people seriously think the network that airs “It’s a Wonderful Life” on Christmas is out to destroy Christianity and alienate the majority of their viewing audience in the process, they don’t understand how the business operates. SNL wasn’t trying to offend Christians. They were lampooning popular culture — and it worked.

Even Michael Farris, the Chancellor of super-fundamentalist Patrick Henry College, was going berserk on Facebook:

NBC has produced the worst possible attack on the person and character of Jesus Christ. The video is offensive in the maximum, but you should watch it to motivate you to act.

If you want to take action, you should contact NBC, JC Penny’s, Sears, K-Mart, and Target. These are the sponsors according to the American Family Association.

The corporate offices of these groups are pretty calloused. This is so offensive, that I think we are better off contacting the local stores and local NBC affiliate.

After you watch this, ask yourself, what would Muslims do if something like this was shown about their faith? I do not advocate violence, but I cannot condone silence.

Of course, SNL wouldn’t mock Muslims just like they wouldn’t mock Hindus. Comedians know that it’s always funnier to go after the people in power — you make fun of celebrities and the politicians and the rich and, yes, the Christians. It’s just not funny to mock the poor, the unknown, victims, or the people whose religions are already constantly under attack.

The best part of Farris’ post may be the comments:

I could not finish watching that. I am sick. Oh God help us!

I am in tears. This is horrifying!

Never be surprised at the level of evil man can devise.

Lord help them! Father I ask you to reveal Yourself to them and open the eyes of their hearts! I hurts my heart so bad to see how these view You!

need clarification is this a real Tarantino movie coming out or is the just a SNL skit?

Jesus is going to come back someday and trample his enemies under his feet.

A few words of wisdom get in there, but they’re pretty much ignored.

Anyway, the moral of the story is: Learn to take a joke. Even if you didn’t find the sketch funny, realize that all it was doing was portraying the Bible as Tarantino might — and then exaggerating everything for comedic effect.

By acting like this is some attack on your faith, you’re just filling the SNL writers room with joy — because it would be far worse if no one was talking about the sketch at all.

(Thanks to Ward for the link!)

About Hemant Mehta

Hemant Mehta is the editor of Friendly Atheist, appears on the Atheist Voice channel on YouTube, and co-hosts the uniquely-named Friendly Atheist Podcast. You can read much more about him here.

  • McFidget

    If that’s how the react to this I wonder what they would think i they saw Fist of Jesus. You all should watch it by the way, it’s 15 minutes of awesome

  • JohnnieCanuck

    Please, please, Jesus, don’t open the eyes of my heart. I need them to stay closed for continued functionality.

    Christians don’t really have open eyes in their hearts, do they? It’d be a miracle.

  • Felyx Leiter

    Sooo the AFA honchos are claiming simultaneously that it’s awful to portray Jesus as a revengeful murderer, and that He’s going to spray the blood of the SNL writing team all over creation when they’ve died. Got it.

    That was hiLARious, by the way. “The H. is silent.”

  • OverlappingMagisteria

    I love the Bryan Fisher quote and the comment on Farris’ page:

    SNL crew will discover one day they were closer to the truth than they knew with “DJesus Uncrossed.”

    Jesus is going to come back someday and trample his enemies under his feet.

    It’s like they’re saying “How dare they portray Jesus seeking revenge on his enemies! He is totally gonna seek revenge on them for that!”

  • Conspirator

    Someone actually asked for clarification in those comments as to whether or not this was a spoof? Did they not notice that the actors that were represented in the trailer looked nothing like the real actors? Wow, that’s just messed up.

    I saw this the other day, and I thought it was hilarious. But I have to admit, I was surprised they’d air it because I knew there would be an uproar over it. Good for SNL. It’s nice to see them taking some real risk like this.

  • Randomfactor

    “And so bloody? They’ll boil in the eternal lake of boiling blood for that. Kill those who say Christianity is violent…”

  • Lefty

    ” If a movie ruined my favorite book, I’d be pissed off, too.”

    The Golden Compass. that is all.

  • Witchgawd

    Awwww, are the hate groups getting mad at a skit show making fun of the one person they use to justify said hate against everyone with differing beliefs? I love watching these ass hats get all bent of shape over benign stuff like this. SNL should do a skit where Jeebus is gay and can’t get married in his state because a group with word “Family” in it is lobbying against gay marriage.

  • Birdie1986

    I don’t understand how they can get so offended on behalf of an entity that is supposed to be part of a trinity that allegedly is omnipotent, omniscient and the creator of all things. Sounds like someone that can fight his own battles.

  • Claude

    Hilarious. It’s disturbing when people do not get satire. I blame the homeschools.

  • Michael Lindsay

    love it!

  • Miss_Beara

    Haha I knew this was going to happen. They have no idea what satire is. And a common retort from them is “you don’t see them doing this to Islam or Hinduism! See, Christianity is being attacked! PEEERRRRRSEEECCUUUTTIIIOOONNN!!!!”

  • MD

    So, these Christians are jealous of the Muslims be because the Muslims get to rampage when they get offended. Maybe the AFA people should convert to Islam. And move to Pakistan.

  • Krista Yearwood

    OMG that’s hilarious!

  • Edmond

    After finally getting to watch this (it seemed to be unavailable on most of the blogs I visit, thank that god guy for YouTube), I noticed that the SNL studio audience was laughing pretty hard. Quotes from the internet say the studio seats well over 6000 people. Even if they don’t fill to capacity anymore, I’m sure there must’ve been an impressive number of seats filled, and a good percentage of those MUST have been people who call themselves Christians. What were THEY laughing at?
    Maybe it’s true that SNL wouldn’t do something like this with regards to Islam out of concern for the reactionary violence, but maybe Christians could take that as a compliment? Like SNL is saying, “Hey, we know YOU guys can take a joke, without wanting to behead everyone in sight”.
    Maybe not.

  • James Southward

    Many years ago, when the Life of Brian came out, I happened to be in a church when the vicar gave a sermon on it. His comment was to go see the film. His reason – if you can’t laugh at yourself you’ve missed the point. Even though most of his other sermons are long forgotten that one point has stayed with me.

  • Ismael Rodriguez

    I think the commenter was just joking and making light of the other comments taking it so seriously.

  • Bart Centre

    If Xtians were offended, they did it right.
    Kudos to SNL.

  • Pawel Samson

    Hey the film version wasn’t THAT bad! I’m still pissed they’re not doing the sequels :(

  • Thomas J. Lawson

    C’mon! He came not to bring peace but a sword! It’s right there in the Bible. Although, it says nothing about a shotgun…

  • busterggi

    “Jesus is going to come back someday and trample his enemies under his feet.”

    And Farris says SNL is making Jesus look like a vengeful murderer??? Has he ever read the Book of Revelation?

  • eric

    Of course, SNL wouldn’t mock Muslims just like they wouldn’t mock Hindus.

    SNL has been way more miss than hit lately. With the coverage this is getting, and its humor value, if I were them I’d run with it as long as I could. Follow up with Djbuddha unsat. Then Djmohammed unsworded. Then Djoseph smith untableted. Or whatever. But if Tarantino mockery is working for them, they should keep doing it.

  • Kevin R. Cross

    Not to mention boring as heck. “It’s still dark…blood is still pumping…”

  • jdm8

    The quacks came out in force against that movie. I’ve seen a few exasperated letters to the editor where they just don’t understand how someone doesn’t believe in god, and that they shouldn’t be allowed to write books and movies.

    I thought the movie was benign, haven’t read the books though.

  • Felyx Leiter

    Sorry for the repeat below. Didn’t see this when I posted. At least I’m not the only one WTF?!ing. :)

  • artiofab

    Meanwhile, in the real world, about 4,500 children die each day from unsafe water and lack of basic sanitation facilities.
    But I mean yeah, being offended about TV is what Jesus meant when he said to help others.

  • Vada Luening

    lol That is so great. These crazy christians are getting all butthurt and that makes it even better. Jesus is a fictional character, so just get over it already.

  • Stev84

    Anything that pisses off crazy Christians can’t be bad.

    And the thing was hilarious. Though the use of guns ruins it a bit. Loved the “Kill Bill” reference in the visual style when Jesus killed the Romans

  • coyotenose

    Compared to the book, the movie is pretty disjointed and milquetoast. It pretty well misses the point. I just tried to focus on how lovely and fascinating the daemons were.

  • Rich Wilson

    A less violent Passion of the Christ

  • Using Reason

    It could only be the worst possible attack on the person and character of Jesus (as written in the bible) if Jesus existed. No harm done, move along.

  • Rich Wilson

    In case anyone hasn’t seen the Monty Python crew discuss the controversy (if only we could get Fischer et al to watch this)

  • ミッコ

    Can’ t see it my country is banned

  • Paul Reed

    “Lord help them! Father I ask you to reveal Yourself to them and open the
    eyes of their hearts! I hurts my heart so bad to see how these view

    This makes me crazy. Why on earth would anyone pray to a god via the medium of a comment on a Facebook post….? Surely they realise that deities would neither need nor want to browse the internet.
    Of course, it’s nothing to do with prayer. On some level, they must realise that what they’re *really* doing is trying to draw attention to themselves and their holier-than-thou piety.

    Some people clearly haven’t paid much attention to their own holy book, for example Matthew 6:5

  • willy occam

    Yes… funny how blind these fundies are to the irony of statements like that. They make it way too easy to mock them!

  • viaten

    It seems if it’s Biblical violence it’s OK, even holy justice, because
    whoever gets it had it coming, or it’s a sacrifice that God is pleased
    with like a martyr or Jesus sacrifice. It seems holy figures committing
    violence is very offensive unless it’s justified just by being in a
    holy book, or gets justified by people because it’s in a holy book. It seems if Jesus had caused physical injury to the money changers in the temple, believers would have justified it.

  • Rich Wilson

    Jesus is going to come back someday and trample his enemies under his feet.

    I think he’s confusing Jesus with Kali

  • OverlappingMagisteria

    I think we actually posted about the same time, so no worries.

    Great minds think alike (but so do not-so-great minds… I wonder which category we fit into.)

  • newavocation

    Too funny, I didn’t expect a kind of Spanish Inquisition. NOBODY expects the Spanish Inquisition!

  • Dale

    Fundies are so sheltered in their own little world.

    I loved the “Kill Bill” head slicing and blood spraying in this!

  • Rain

    After you watch this, ask yourself, what would Muslims do if something like this was shown about their faith?

    Not sure what the point of that is. You have to wonder why he doesn’t choose a peaceful religion to compare Christians with. Oh wait, maybe he means the peaceful Muslims.

  • DougI

    The movie UHF had a skit about a movie called ‘Ghandi 2′ where Ghandi goes on a murder-revenge spree, even orders a steak. I didn’t hear Hindus getting so outraged as the overly sensitive fundies. I’m sure the vast majority of SNL viewers are Christian, but they can take a joke. Fundies have a persecution complex where they always think they’re the victim because the 10,000 year old universe revolves around them.

  • Bdole

    Think of it as fan fiction for chrissake. It’s not like the franchise couldn’t use a little update.
    If it were a real movie, that is.
    Which I would totally watch.

  • allein

    The corporate offices of these groups are pretty calloused. This is so offensive, that I think we are better off contacting the local stores

    yes, because the people who work at your local Sears or Target store have anything at all to do with what TV shows their employer sponsors, and don’t have enough shit to deal with just working there to begin with, so call and harrass them about something they can do nothing whatsoever about.

  • Mark Morris

    Yeah right if this was SNL attacking Atheists for example comparing atheists to Atheist Lenin or Stalin who killed tens of millions of innocent people than Atheists would be in outrage. You atheists are already hateful without anyone throwing propaganda at you from the TV and Media. We American Christians are constantly attacked By Secular Hollywood and the Media and react very little and most Christians dont react at all and than we also have to be told by atheists that we are overreacting? are you kidding me? Christians dont react enough! This is hateful propaganda and since almost all of the People in the Country are Christian it makes it even worse. If it was SNL attacking Homosexuals,Atheists,Jews or Muslims they would all react in the most hateful ways.

    This article is just another bias attack on Christians instead of Atheists being respectful you show your hate by adding on to something that already was offensive enough. thanks for showing the real Atheist spirit!

    Atheists leading us one step closer to the real life version of movie Idiocracy.

  • Mark Bender

    Michael Farris obviously seeks a Christian Jihad for “blaspheming” his sacred savior.

    It was both insinuated:
    “After you watch this, ask yourself, what would Muslims do if something like this was shown about their faith?”

    And then directly summoned:
    “Jesus is going to come back someday and trample his enemies under his feet”.

  • stojadinovicp

    “But let’s be honest about the skit: It was mocking Quentin Tarantino and his love of rewriting history and adding a lot of blood to the mix. It wasn’t actually making fun of the Bible.” – wait, so what if it even was making fun of the bible??? The bible is full of shit and should be ridiculed. And we have the right to ridicule it and those people that don’t like it have the right to not read/listen/watch stuff like that.

  • Sandy Kokch

    Isn’t it funny how these Jesus lovin Krystyhuns always seem to ignore his instructions that when attacked verbally or physically they should TURN THE OTHER CHEEK?

    “What would Muslims do..?” Errr…some of them would act like irrational assholes and throw around the Offense Teddy and lob Threat Bombs… because one faith acts like kids you should as well? Oh hang on, you already are.


  • NickDB

    Yup precisely. I remember the last time Atheists were told they’re all satan’s spawn and deserve death then went on a huge rampage killing everyone. Was just last week wasn’t it?

  • GetItRight

    No…overreacting would be murdering someone. Remember Benghazi and the youtube video? Have any public officials apologized for this discusting display SNL calls entertainment? Hilary…Obama…anyone? Oh yeah…have the producers been arrested yet? No…I didn’t think so.

    Definitely no overreacting here!

  • GetItRight

    No…overreacting would be murdering someone. Remember Benghazi and the youtube video? Have any public officials apologized for this discusting display SNL calls entertainment? Hilary…Obama…anyone? Oh yeah…have the producers been arrested yet? No…I didn’t think so.

    Definitely no overreacting here!

  • rwlawoffice

    So SNL, who could have used any other historical figure to “mock” Tarantino instead choose to use Jesus without any attempt to also mock the Christian faith? That is your argument?

    I stopped watching SNL long ago because it wasn’t funny. This skit is no exception to that trend.

  • Yanx

    Yeah they could be called the FU’s Family Unity group. It would be perfect. I was thinking FAG’s Families Against Gays but I thought that might be a little much.

  • AvoidDroid

    Hemant, You have perfected utter, sublime, absolute ignorance. Stick to your math, your Theology certainly doesn’t “add up” !

  • Don Gwinn

    If you’re part of a majority, a powerful clique, a leadership . . . you are a target for satire and mockery. That’s the way the world works. There is no way around this. It pops up naturally over and over.
    I guess people could pray for the Almighty to make an exception for them, though.

  • baal

    I love that they used a very white guy to play Jesus. Because, clearly, Jesus was a white guy.

  • Antinomian

    Your Honor, Ladies and Gentlemen of the jury, let me introduce Exhibit “A” in our case that belief in uproveable deities and living your life according ancient books that make claims disproven by simple observation impairs the higher brain functions of critical thought and humor.

  • Antinomian

    Your Honor, Ladies and Gentlemen of the jury, let me introduce Exhibit “A” in our case that belief in uproveable deities and living your life according ancient books that make claims disproven by simple observation impairs the higher brain functions of critical thought and humor.

  • Rich Wilson

    I note you don’t seem to be crying, calling for Jesus to return and trample enemies underfoot or freaking out about ‘offensive to the maximum’.

    It also just occurred to me that SNL has never replayed Sinead O’Conner’s famous Pope-ripping scene. At least they long ago promised they would not.

    So although SNL may make cheap shots at Jesus, they still won’t allow criticism of the RC hierarchy.'Connor#Saturday_Night_Live_performance

  • Tom

    I hold religion largely in contempt, but I’ll admit I have a soft spot for the rank-and-file vicars who are a bit more inclined to free-thought like that, and also mercifully untainted by the politics of the higher-ups; the ones who have more to offer you than just rote dogma, canned answers and standard-issue platitudes. We had one in our local church, back in the days when I used to just go along with it all; you could tell he was a person who actually enjoyed thinking, and didn’t shy away from the tricky introspective stuff (from what I hear, it may have somewhat retarded his career advancement within the church) – he even wrote a humourous parodic song about the church’s many schisms.

    Of course, that’s the real point – all the good stuff such people come up with generally *isn’t* actually a tenet of the religion itself, but derived from it with their own personal spin applied, and often not even derived from a tenet at all, stuff they probably would have still come up with if they *weren’t* religious.

    I like to call them loose canons.

  • SeekerLancer

    I almost feel bad for anyone who’s legitimately upset by this. But then I realize, if this is the biggest problem in their lives I really shouldn’t feel bad for them at all.

  • Derrik Pates

    But *everything* is an attack on their faith. Like their favorite recent Republican president said, “you’re either with us, or you’re against us.”

  • Derrik Pates

    I’m guessing they wanted to try to avoid Pullman’s fairly clear atheism, and unfortunately in the rush to do that and try to make it marketable and normal movie length, they just lost some important bits. That’s how it often goes with movies.

  • Fractal Heretic

    “After you watch this, ask yourself, what would muslims do if something like this was shown about their faith?”


  • Ward

    Btw, Farris has deleted his original note, claiming it was an “accident.” This was after deleting multiple comments from people who even slightly disagreed with him. For a 61 year-old man, he is incredibly immature.

  • Claude

    This video is a satire of Quentin Tarantino’s over-the-top violent movies. The reason the satire works is that Jesus is an uber-icon well known for his pacifist sayings “turn the other cheek” and “he who lives by the sword dies by the sword.” It is ironic and in no way an attack on Christians and Christianity.

    This notion that American Christians are a persecuted lot is a complete fantasy. As you note, Christianity is dominant in the United States, and even our political sphere is shot through with religiosity. Lighten up.

  • FredAngel

    And what organizations are doing the most to try to END the problem? United Athiests to End Dirty Drinking Water? Christian organizations like World Vision are out there desparately trying to do something about it!

    Some things are not comedy – just vulgar and distasteful. Would it be funny to mock rape? How about Abortion? How about a skit where a baby comes back with a scalpel chopping up the doctor who killed him? No, you wouldn’t because some issues simply aren’t intended for comedy. This SNL skit was WRONG! No matter what your faith! Respect others! Period.

  • FredAngel

    Here’s the thing: A “video” was said to be “responsible” for international violence that “sparked” our Ambassador Chris Steven’s death, right? That is what was at first proclaimed! We know, now, that wasn’t true, but it was satisfying enough to warrant NO immediate EFFORT being taken to seek retribution for the death of our AMBASSADOR! Many expressed outrage at the video right along with those who deemed the “video” offensive to their faith! But, now, when a “video” (disgusting, vulgar, trash) appears that mocks the Christian faith, we find mocking, distasteful comments and no support! You just say, “It was funny. ha ha ha. Quit your whining, Christians!” There is such a double standard! Instead of violence, as was perfectly acceptable for mocking a non-Christian faith, one sees NON-VIOLENT protest demonstrated by emailing, texting, calling, and writing! Think about it! Which do you prefer? Respect others if you respect yourself.

  • Diane

    Are you kidding people with this article. It Is a Holy Lenten Season now, this video was appalling, and there is no humor here In the skit, In an already seemingly violent world. We need to preserve families and children’s hope of faith, now more than ever….. as true tragedies abound daily. To take, mock, and use someone faiths and beliefs, In a poorly tasted comedy spoof, that was not even slightly humorous? Can’t writers be more creative? than so blasphemous? It shows what a sad pathetic culture we live In, and we have caved In to, no boundaries or respect for anything. Anything goes? What Is worse Is we have created a culture of people who believe there is nothing wrong with this, and It Is okay to mock any religious beliefs….. no matter who, Muslim, Christian Jewish, Buddhist and so forth. Sacredness of ancient beliefs should be preserved with dignity and respect, boundaries set. This was very poor taste of SNL. and very poor taste of you to write this. I pity those like yourself, who believe they are so powerful they can put themselves above God In all cultures, and not have an ounce of class to know where to draw the line. A sign of our own self destruction in the USA. There Is a God, he is more powerful than any media or film depictions If you choose not to care or believe, don’t mock those who do. “With God as your only real protector” I would be very careful In these days ahead, of where you are trying to lead his sheep, as In self destruction, and forcing disbelief with the COMPLETE lack of distaste during a Holy Season to many around the world. To those who laugh, look all around you what to you see? A world without God In It, he gave us life and beauty, but look what we have done with It,…. you may need to call on him someday for help, as tragedies abound….I would not laugh to hard. There was life before and life after you. Everything Is not of the world you see, the mysteries of God are endless, and don’t go there to mock, this was not humorous, children were just gunned down In our Country. Sad, truly, sad. Give the children of the world light and hope, not dark and destruction. Yes, I am offended by the skit, It Is lent for me, and mostly because we don’t need to make fun of violence, It exists, and people are dying around the world, senselessly. I am sure Muslims, Jewish and Buddhists of self discipline through beliefs, are all also offended by the SNL writers, and your ridiculous contribution to spread the message It Is okay In our world to not have any BOUNDARY. I feel sad for people like you, and those who choose not to have any class, those who contribute to the darkness of the world. I believe most would choose the light of God to protect them, and those who don’t, God gave you free will, your choice If you like to live In the dark.

  • Rich Wilson

    “It Is a Holy Lenten Season”

    It’s always holy something season. For someone else!.

  • Diane

    It Is A Holy Lenten Season.

  • Claude


    This video does not mock Christians or Christianity. It’s a satire on the over-the-top violence in movies by such directors as Quentin Tarantino and Mel Gibson. Please pause to consider what this means before taking such offense.

    For obvious reasons, there could be no more ironic choice for such a satire than Jesus, well known for his pacifism and fatalism. This incongruity between Jesus and the maniacal thugs of the movie genre is what makes the video so funny.

    Furthermore, there is nothing under the sun that is exempt from satire, including religion. It just happens that this satire is not about religion but the movies. The United States is a pluralistic republic, and we all have to live with convictions about the cosmic order that may differ dramatically from our own. You cannot expect non-Catholics to defer to Lent!

    Finally, I urge you to use paragraphs.

  • Rich Wilson

    You know what’s offensive? What’s offensive is that a massive organization has been active in the abuse of children for decades, and those not actively involved have been complicit. And I’m not just talking about the rape of little boys. I’m talking about the slavery of young women too.

    But oh no! we mustn’t say anything negative about something that is ‘Holy’. I can’t tell you how enraging I find it that you’re upset about a stupid joke, about an organization that has been trampling on human rights for who knows how long.

    God should be mocked. If he’s real, he can take it. If he’s not, it doesn’t matter.

  • Diane

    Claude, Your Response will not be considered In anyway. Please hope you have nothing In your world that will be mocked in the future. I can Use my writing anyway I choose, paragraph or not. Your Insults mean nothing more to me, than you are a typical bully, as our culture has grown to be. Hope you don’t have children to pass your bullying onto.

  • Diane

    Rich, Sad, but this Is a tragic human condition that goes on In schools, workplaces on and on, everywhere. Did I defend that? Nor would I, just your excuse to dog the religion. Unfortunate, this goes on everywhere not just In churches. I was NOT talking about this at all.

  • 3lemenope

    You went on quite at length that you think it was very wrong of SNL to do what they did, but you neglected to actually point out *what* about what they did was so unforgivably blasphemous and insulting. So, what is your actual beef? Presenting your savior as a conquering vengeful warrior is not exactly a new trick, being as how he is presented pretty much that way in Revelation.

  • Diane

    My beef Is to much of the world violence Is NOT funny, nor using Jesus who represented peace and love, as someone who screws It with a gun. SNL I watched since the 1st air-date, not anymore. People have complained for the last few years how bad the writing Is, I see why. You would have to be a completely ignorant person to question what the beef Is. Would It be funny If you had a handicapped person In your family and they made fun of It? Do you know what class is? Boundaries? Ignorance Is sad.

  • 3lemenope

    Can you make a handy list of things we are no longer allowed to joke about? So far we have violence (which Is NOT funny), Jesus, guns, handicaps, soldiers, and any combination thereof.

    I’ll just mention that comedy is in part about transgressing boundaries and satirizing “class”, that humor relies on incongruous objects and bizarre situations, and that a joke is almost always at someone’s expense; a test of maturity is whether you can find the humor in a joke even when it is, to laugh at comedy even when it skewers your very own pretensions. While tragedy can make pretty much anything be unfunny, it is not a license to attempt to make everyone as miserable and mirthless as oneself, and believe it or not, not everyone who suffers a tragedy becomes a morose grump who can no longer find humor in subjects related to the source of their tragedy. .

  • 3lemenope

    Exactly where did Claude insult you?

  • Claude

    (Thanks, 3lemenope.)

    Guest, I’m sorry that you think I’ve been an internet bully to you. I consciously tried not to be. I mention using paragraphs because a run-on paragraph is sometimes hard to follow. Anyway, it looks like you’ve taken my advice? Thanks for that.

    I hope you will consider the point I was trying to make. The video is not an insult to Jesus, or anything else, for that matter. It’s a satire. Sometimes the line between insult and satire is thin, but not in this case. It’s not even a satire of Jesus, or of violence, but of violent movies.

    Your unwillingness to appreciate the difference has not only caused you unnecessary grief but provoked you to exploit a massacre of innocents to protest a joke on TV.

    I’m assuming you accept Luke’s telling of the Crucifixion. Do you really think a harmless SNL skit would even be on the radar of the Jesus who appealed to God to forgive the men who were torturing him to death? Let’s have some perspective here. You are making Christianity a petty thing.

  • Rich Wilson

    “Your Response will not be considered In anyway”

    Well then, at least we have a mutual understanding here.

    “your world that will be mocked”

    Psalm 14 (even though it is mis-translated). “Hey, do you use money? Then that means you must trust God! LOL!”

    At least in this country people aren’t being killed for ‘blasphemy’. Some people act like it should be a crime though.

  • With God

    I take It you work In Devilwood, no need to back them.

  • With God

    Only God will judge the blasphemy, It will not be the country you will answer to.

  • With God

    Test of class, of which you know nothing of, you live In complete Ignorance~

  • With God

    Thank goodness, not worth the watch.

  • Claude

    Um, no.

  • With God
  • Rich Wilson

    Believe it or not, most of us actually do know what ‘Lent’ is. A number of us are even former Catholics. I happen to be baptized RC at the insistence of my grandmother, not that I’ve ever practiced any of it. Although, very few Catholics actually practice the gamut of Catholicism, so make of that what you will.

    My point is that it’s nearly impossible to go through life and not have someone take offense at something you say or do, whether you intend offense or not. Nobody has the right to not be offended.

    I think people deserve dignity and respect, until they do something to dismiss it. Demanding respect is a pretty quick way to lose my respect, but that’s just me.

    Beliefs on the other hand…

    I respect you as a person too much to respect your ridiculous beliefs.

    – Johann Hari

  • With God


  • Rich Wilson


    Congratulations! You just made an ass out of yourself and Uma Thurman! In CAPS no less!

  • Rich Wilson

    So, once Lent is over, it’s cool to bring out The Piss Christ? It’s only during Lent that we have to be hush hush? You might want to avert your eyes until Lent is over then.

  • With God

    You can’t stop the negative comments or prevent the negative labels but you can choose to remove them from your mind. We pray for people like you every week at Sacred Mass, to help the lost souls. I am out of this conversation, I prefer discussions of Intellect, not insults, It is my mind and life I have every right to take offense to the skit. End of Story.

  • Claude

    I trust since your eye offended thee you popped it out.

  • artiofab

    Both secular and religious organizations are helping others; if you need secular counter-points for World Vision I would suggest Doctors without Borders, Engineers without Borders, Oxfam, and UNICEF, off the top of my head.

    I am glad that World Vision helps others (and doesn’t proselytize when doing so!); they are Christians who are actually following the command of their god. Being offended by the media is, strangely enough, not something that Jesus spent much time talking about, but the gist of the New Testament is that people exist who will mock the faith, those people are wrong, and they will be punished later for their mocking. Right?

    Comedy generally works when it’s role reversal, when a powerless person finds they have power and they use it to get back at people who are powerful. So under those conditions, a skit where a fetus attacks an abortionist and his/her mother for getting an abortion might be funny. It might not be very funny, but try writing it up and see if it’s comedic or not.

  • Rich Wilson

    As a matter of fact, that is something atheists have taken on

    ‘most’ gets tricky, since lots of atheists do give via religious charities, religious people give to secular charities, and since most people are religious… look- people help people religious or not. Rather than get into “who gives more” contests, let’s all give more, since most of us probably can. And let’s recognize that whether you find something funny or not, we can all laugh at things AND give to charity.

  • zeromus

    Yea… quoting the bible at someone that doesn’t believe it anymore is like quoting scientology scripture to you to try to tell you why you should get your thetans measured.

  • lily

    Anyone who even remotely enjoyed this HORRIBLE VIDEO have severe issues that need to be addressed unless all of you PREFER HELL!

  • lily

    And as far as any stupid atheist out there, you must prefere torture and eternal shame and embarassment than anything Great that only GOD CAN PROVIDE!!!
    WISE UP!

  • PastorRD

    Our Constitution recognizes a right of free speech (with a few obvious and common sense restrictions historically recognized by our courts). Saturday Night Live has a right to mock Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Atheism and/or any other religious or ideological viewpoint. Private companies like Sears, K-Mart and J.C. Penney have a right to use money derived from customers to sponsor any kind of mockery that suits their fancy. On the other hand, those being mocked or having what or who is dear to them mocked have a right to say why they don’t like the mockery, although they have no right to resort to physical violence.

    Those of us (1) who have weighed the evidence, found it persuasive and concluded that Jesus is the Christ — who He claimed to be and is claimed to be in the New Testament, (2) who trust in Him as Savior from sin and (3) who commit to following Him are commanded by Him pray for those who mock Him and us.

    Some of us also choose to say that it bothers us when Jesus is mocked. And some of us also don’t think that it makes much sense to economically support those who produce or sponsor the mockery by watching their TV shows or buying their products. These kinds of reactions, especially when compared to the retaliatory violence of some adherents of certain other religions or ideologies seem a long way from “overreaction.”

  • Bret Thomas

    I like how you say “Of course, SNL wouldn’t mock Muslims just like they wouldn’t mock Hindus. Comedians know that it’s always funnier to go after the people in power — you make fun of celebrities and the politicians and the rich and, yes, the Christians.” In an age when even the image of Muhammad brings the threat of real violence and also death, to say that they simply wouldn’t go after the Muslim faith is a flat out lie. I find it clever also how you managed to put the Hindus and Muslims together like that to deflect the readers attention away from that fact. Very clever. It was also clever how you managed to do the same with putting Christians at the top of the power heap, with celebrities and politicians. Through these deflections all you have done sir is further the American culture to say that Muhammad is off limits but Jesus is fair game.