Bill O’Reilly’s Next Book: Killing Jesus

After writing bestsellers Killing Lincoln (riddled with all sorts of inaccuracies) and Killing Kennedy, Bill O’Reilly has announced his next book:

O’Reilly announced the news Wednesday night at the end of his Fox News show, The O’Reilly Factor, saying “We’ve uncovered some interesting things about the execution of Jesus of Nazareth and how it all ties into Roman power.”

He offered no details, but told viewers, “I think you’re going to like it.”

One Huffington Post commenter can already envision the final product: “On page 432 Bill relates that Jesus shouldn’t have gone to the theater that night.”

(Interestingly enough, a frequent FOX News Channel guest, Stephen Mansfield, has a book coming out in May with the exact same title. This should be fun.)

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