Gay Mormon Comes Out of the Closet… and Gets It All on Tape

If you’re gay and come from a Mormon family, what better way to come out than by telling those closest to you and capturing their reactions on film?

That’s what BYU student Jimmy Hales did:

His mom’s reaction (at 2:20) is priceless.

Hales, who is still a Mormon (good luck with that), writes on his blog:

Every time I came out to someone it was emotionally exhausting. I had to psych myself out before hand, find a time with them alone, pull my camera out, and hope things didn’t go awry. It drove me crazy. After coming out to someone it was always the same episode. Drama. I had to act that scene out over and over again. As I type this, there are certain people that are very close to me that I still haven’t come out to, simply because I’ve run out of steam. They’re going to see my video and be like, “Holy ….!” With other people, I would come out to them in a very causal matter. Most the time they didn’t believe me. Those conversations usually ended up more serious and emotionally draining, so I stopped with them too…

He deserves better than to remain celibate the rest of his life. But if he has the courage to out himself, he’s capable of leaving the Mormon church in due time, too. So here’s hoping he puts out another video in a year or two where he tells everyone he’s leaving the faith…

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