New Jersey Pastafarian Told He Can’t Wear a Strainer on his Head When Taking a Drivers License Picture

A couple of years ago, Austrian Niko Alm won the right to wear a colander, the official headwear for Pastafarians, in his driver’s license picture:

Whether or not it was tongue-in-cheek, the thought behind it was that people of other religious faiths were allowed to wear headgear (Jewish men, Muslim women) so why not him?

Looks like 25-year-old Aaron Williams tried to do something similar in New Jersey a couple of weeks ago:

Motor vehicle workers in Dayton called police on a man who insisted on wearing a pasta strainer on his head during the taking of his driver’s license photo, according to a police report.

Reached by phone on Wednesday, Williams said he is serious about the movement.

“I take it as seriously as anybody else when it comes to religious beliefs,” he said.

I’ve reached out to Aaron for comment on this story and will post an update to this story if I hear back from him.

On a side note, the comment of the day goes to the guy who wrote:

I wonder if they locked him up in the State Penne.

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