Did the Pope Resign Because of Gay Vatican Networks?

Pope Benedict XVI’s surprise retirement may have been influenced by a “network of gay prelates within the Vatican,” according to Italian newspaper La Repubblica. [Original article in Italian.]

Apparently, the Pope ordered a massive internal report after his butler, Paolo Gabriele, was convicted and found guilty of confiscating documents from the papal apartment. The report found some additional juicy and apparently overwhelming details.

From The Advocate:

The report said that several factions within the Vatican were breaking commandments, including the sixth (thou shalt not steal) and the seventh (thou shalt not commit adultery). The stealing mentioned was in reference to mismanagement at the Vatican Bank, IOR, and the sixth commandment is often referenced when speaking of homosexuality.

According to the report, the alleged gay network convened in a handful of locations in and around Rome, including a sauna, a beauty parlor, university housing being used by a provincial Italian archbishop, and a villa.

Not surprisingly, the Vatican isn’t saying much in response.

Father Federico Lombardi, a Vatican spokesman, released a statement on the accusations.

“Neither the cardinals’ commission nor I will make comments to confirm or deny the things that are said about this matter,” he said according to the Guardian (U.K.). “Let each one assume his or her own responsibilities. We shall not be following up on the observations that are made about this.”

Well, there’s a plot twist I wasn’t expecting! But even if the allegations are true, it’s hardly the worst scandal taking place within the Catholic Church.

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  • Sven2547

    Come on now. I’m gonna go ahead and post the Wikipedia link to Betteridge’s Law of Headlines.

  • John Small Berries

    “Neither the cardinals’ commission nor I will make comments to confirm or deny the things that are said about this matter,” he said according
    to the Guardian (U.K.)

    If the allegations are false, he could, in all truth and honesty, simply deny them. But he didn’t. Funny, that.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=12449594 Paul Rimmer

    The same rule can most often be applied to science papers.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=12449594 Paul Rimmer

    The same rule can often be applied to science articles.

  • Steve Bowen

    I suspect the reason the pope resigned is exactly the one he gave, that he is no longer fit enough to cope… With the child abuse, financial scandals and sexual hypocricy.

  • Pattrsn

    Are you on the right thread?

  • Greg G.

    But even if the allegations are true, it’s hardly the worst scandal taking place within the Catholic Church.

    That makes me wonder what is the best scandal taking place within the Catholic Church.

  • Greg G.

    They only let Alex Trebek write the headline when the answer is “no”. If the answer would be “yes”, the headline reflects it.

  • Pattrsn

    Probably that they’re faking the whole thing

  • http://twitter.com/ylaenna M. Elaine

    At this point, would any of us be surprised if this were true?

  • vexorian

    “Well, there’s a plot twist I wasn’t expecting! But even if the
    allegations are true, it’s hardly the worst scandal taking place within
    the Catholic Church.”

    I guess that in Ratzinger’s mind, pedophile and Bank scandals are completely forgivable, but homosexuality? Now *that*’s a serious misdoing…

  • Claude

    The Vatican is so discredited and scandal-ridden that this latest revelation is probably but one reason Benedict resigned. Exposure to blackmail is trivial compared to the Church’s institutional cover-up of child rape, abuse and fraud. Benedict’s priorities appear to have been crushing dissent to his authoritarian regime and protecting the reputation of John Paul II, who fostered notorious criminals like Fr. Marcial Maciel Degollado. Truly the Vatican is a bottomless pit of corruption and evil-doing. When will the people revolt.

  • Thomas Farrell

    I can’t imagine that this would drive him out of office. If anything, it offers to him on a silver platter an excuse to start a witch hunt and blame everything on gay people again, two of his favorite things to do.

    No, I think the excuse he gave is the true one, and this is just coincidence.

  • http://www.flickr.com/photos/chidy/ chicago dyke

    the sheeple love them some ritual and being told how special they are. they will always be with us, unfortunately.

    i think he resigned because of the fraud. follow the money, that’s always the rule. if Interpol is looking into your ass, you can bet there’s some $$$ (vatican version) involved.

  • ruth

    The people have revolted by pretty much ignoring what the Catholic church has to say about how they should live their lives. Marriage. Birth control. Etc.

  • pagansister

    It a 2000 plus old institution, and I’d be surprised that the old men in dresses have always followed the being celibate rule. If they can’t find a willing nun, then the guys are always around—some young and good looking and willing to “kiss their way to the top”. Just the fact they can’t seem to get their act together to root out the Dudes that have allowed, for not just years, but decades, children being molested in not just the USA, but other countries, gives credence to the horrible shape the “Church” is in. Why anyone would continue to attend and support the Old Boy Network that is the Church is beyond my comprehension. As to Benny’s resigning? I just think he is a sick old man and has had it. Tired of the crap he has had to deal with. I’m not a fan, but I think the reasons he gave are legit,

  • http://itsmyworldcanthasnotyours.blogspot.com/ wmdkitty

    And yet they still attend mass and give money…

  • Claude

    Many Americans and Europeans ignore the Vatican, but the Church, as you know, is global. Meanwhile Americans give more money to the RCC than any other country. Some of this money goes to support local parishes and worthy causes, but an obscene amount is spent on settling lawsuits, corruption and enabling the higher-ups in the hierarchy to live in luxury.

    The Church is burgeoning in Africa where Church dogma in practice is sheer lunacy. Yes, what AIDS-ravaged and poverty-wracked Africa really needs is a religious authority that disapproves of condoms and birth control. Ghanaian Cardinal Peter Turkson, touted as a possible candidate for Pope, is homophobic. This stat from the World Health Organization would give the bishops pause if they gave a damn about women:

    A woman’s lifetime risk of maternal death – the probability that a 15 year old woman will eventually die from a maternal cause – is 1 in 3800 in developed countries, versus 1 in 150 in developing countries.

    It’s not enough to ignore the Vatican’s precepts; its power must be challenged. Starve the beast.

  • cipher

    Yes, we get it. Catholic priests are gay, therefore creationism. Run along now and tell your pastor; he’ll give you a cookie.

  • cipher

    I suspect he’s resigning because the power brokers have told him if he goes now, they’re in a position to choreograph the “election” of another far right ideologue.

  • whocares

    There are alot of very good priests out there and their reputation is being destroyed because gay pedophiles have entered the church (bringing all their perversions with them) knowing they will have access to little boys……next it will be the Boy Scouts

  • baal

    Did you mean to suggest scientific papers are bunk or that reporting on scientific papers is bunk? ex: “Have we found the cure for obesity? A quick look at phenfen.” I agree that science reporting is pretty much always over sold if not misleading. The primary problem is that a single paper tells you next to nothing regardless of what the results are.

  • baal

    ?! The Boy Scouts ‘perversion files’ (they named it not me) is getting released. Turns out the problem is not one of ‘gay’ but one of ‘pedophiles’. Most of the later are married otherwise hetero-men. In both the Church and in the Boy Scouts, the folks in charge had actual evidence of abuse and did next to nothing to stop it. Those ‘good’ leaders even went so far as to obstruct justice to prevent justice.
    So yeah, the problem is a ‘few bad apples’ and not the entire leadership.

    Secondly, have you missed the part were the data on abuse goes back as far as anyone has records? We’re talking decades (if not a hundred years) of proven claims. So your “have entered” language is at best mis-leading. The problem is not new and again, not a few bad apples lurking in the night.