When It Comes to the Oscars, God is Less Important Than Harvey Weinstein

How often do Academy Award winners thank God?

Not nearly as often as I suspected. Rebecca Rolfe, a grad student at the Georgia Institute of Technology, put together a database of the speeches given by every major Oscar winner and you can now search through her results.

In the screenshot below, for example, the colored dots represent when anyone in the main categories made a religious reference of any sort:

But when it comes to explicitly thanking God, as opposed to saying something like “oh my god,” it doesn’t happen all that often:

Nearly half of all the winners thank their family, but only 11 total have thanked God, according to Ms. Rolfe’s research. And even God loses out to his Hollywood counterpart: Harvey Weinstein has been thanked the most times (12) in Oscar history.

Interestingly enough, a good portion of those Godly mentions have come from African-American actors: Jennifer Hudson, Denzel Washington, Cuba Gooding, Jr., and Forest Whitaker.

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