Living Deeper Without God

The Skeptic and Atheists of Durango (in Colorado) along with the Fort Lewis College Philosophy Club recently hosted Dr. Dugald Owen who gave a talk about “Living Deeper Without God.”

They did what I would hope any local/college group does and videotaped the lecture so that the rest of us could experience it, too:

I haven’t had a chance to watch the whole thing, but if any parts stand out to you, please leave the timestamp/summary in the comments below!

(Thanks to Clayton for the link!)

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  • Matt Potter

    As a new FLC grad I am proud of our college for having topics like this discussed openly. I have had multiple discussions with professors about religious issues and to their credit they have all been extremely respectful, thoughtful conversations regardless of their personal views.

  • Cary Whitman

    *sigh* I love Colorado, can I just say once again how much I wish I lived there? My son has been accepted to the best university in Colorado, and he has to think about it!!! This is what you get for raising “free-thinking” children! He has the chance to move to Colorado! What the Hell is there to think about??!?

  • Travis Myers

    Totally agree. I’ve lived in many different places, but Colorado is by far my favorite.

  • loopsyel

    Great line of reasoning at 20:05.

  • Jeffrey Shallit

    It’s hard to take seriously somebody who thinks that ethical rules have an independent existence of their own. I wonder where, precisely, he thinks they exist?