They’re Making a TV Show About Journalists at a Christian University

What happens when journalism students attend a Christian college? Both believe the truth will set you free, but both have very different ways of achieving that end.

Jeremiah Lewis and Greg Piper believe those two worlds colliding would make for a fascinating TV show — they’re calling it COPY — and they’re trying to raise money to produce episodes of it:

COPY takes a wry and comical look at the modern-day Christian university: proclaiming its “witness” to the world, while chasing conventional greatness through more programs, more prestige, more accommodation to the secular culture. But it’s also a tale of the media’s identity crisis – the aspirations and temptations of The Crusader’s editors and reporters, competing for scoops and eyeballs against competitors who don’t have a finger-wagging journalism adviser.

In essence, this would be a satirical look at a Christian college and its students trying to grapple with “outside” forces (like atheists, gay alumni, etc). Plus, to quote Greg, “There’s also an anal-rash epidemic.” (See? Plenty of light-hearted moments.)

For what it’s worth, Jeremiah and Greg are both Christians, so they’re poking fun at themselves and the culture they live in more than anything else. And this type of production could help show a more interesting, less judgmental side of evangelical Christianity than the one that gets all the attention.

So if you like what they’re trying to do, please consider chipping in.

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  • gregpiper

    Thanks Hemant! Really appreciate the “friendly” nod. We hope the concept intrigues people of all persuasions.

  • Hilary

    This is completely and totally off topic, but I don’t know any other way to give you information about a religous event. Since you blog about so much of what relgious people do in the US, you might want to check this out:

    If you think Christians, Jews, and Muslims working together to learn about how Israelis and Palestinians are trying to live together instead of kill each other is newsworthy, this might be an interesting item to cover.
    I go to the synagogue that’s helping to host this event, that’s how I know about it.

  • p4ul47

    He has an e-mail so perhaps you should e-mail him. Also, this is an atheist blog so even if it’s news-worthy, it might not be featured here.

  • Jeremiah Lewis

    Wow, unexpected love from Hemant! Thanks for the plug! I’m fairly certain we have a few atheists on our fictional campus. They just haven’t come out yet.

  • A Portlander

    Yeah, but sometimes Hemant does a “look, they’re doing it right for once” post. I don’t think this is horribly out of place, just off-topic for the thread. Still, yes, there is an email address listed on the “Contact” page. (When did people stop using email?)