I’m Sure the Cardinals Will Make Women Proud

(via nakedpastor)

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  • cathouseumbrella

    So there are no men outside the church?

  • rg57

    I understand the point of the cartoon, but

    It is sexist to suggest that there are no Catholic or other Christian men outside the decision-making process, or that such men don’t care about how women in their religion are treated. The Catholic laity are far different from the heirarchy in this regard (although, like all religious people including women, their continued voluntary membership empowers it)

    And, because the cartoon can be interpreted in different ways as it lacks any clarifying caption (indeed you needed to supply one yourself, and the cartoonist gave it at least two different titles), it is similarly anti-atheist to suggest that there are no males outside the church, particularly when at the same time there is criticism that atheist groups present themselves as run by men.

    It is actually possible to criticize sexism, without being sexist as well. If I had drawn it, I would have included a mix of people outside the church, and perhaps focused on a handful representing those the Pope(s) have seriously harmed (gay couple, transgender person, woman, altar boy, HIV+ person) looking for where to cast their ballots.

  • coyotenose

    The cartoon is in reference to church decisions as a whole and the upcoming conclave in particular, which is an all-male vote and election. There’s no other responsible interpretation given the timing.

    And it’s using hyperbole for clarity by having all men inside and all women outside. A mix outside of the church would actually muddy the point, which is that women don’t have a noticeable voice in the RCC. That is not in any way sexist. This cartoon isn’t about the laity. Your version would have left readers closely scanning every symbol in the panel looking for odd inclusions, to the detriment of the point at hand.

  • cathouseumbrella

    Who voted my question down and why? lol.

  • Randay

    I have seem about the same misogyny among Catholic men as among Muslim men. You don’t get the point. It is in their “holy” texts that women are no more than chattel.

  • Rain

    “Sources say Jay Leno out, Jimmy Fallon in on ‘Tonight Show’”


    Ughh, not Jimmy Fallon please. It’s time for a woman Tonight Show host. Tina Fey for
    Tonight Show host please.