House of Cardinals

I would be happy to adopt Catholicism if it meant Pope Spacey:

(via The Anchoress)

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  • kielc

    The Cardinals picked Stan Musial!

  • Rain

    Oh yay, another throw-away internet comedy skit that we have no clue about why the hell it’s (presumably) so funny unless we’ve seen, or are at least are more than vaguely ware of the existence of, some other show it is (presumably) lampooning.

  • roberthughmclean

    Wouldn’t House of Cards be more accurate?

  • Rain

    We used to have those little toss-away Bazooka Joe comics that came with our bubble gum. We would read them out of habit and maybe they might get a chuckle out of us once in a while. Now we have these dime-a-dozen disposable youtube comedy skits. Youtube comedy skits are the new Bazooka Joe.

  • Rain

    I just want to be awesome in space.

  • chicago dyke

    actually, the new and old HoC are worth the ~$8/mo for a netflix subscription, all by themselves. i’ve seen all of the old ones and some of the new ones, and they are devastating critiques on power, politics, and corruption in our system.

    the old one takes place in england, the new ones in DC. both are filled with star studded performances. the old one has Sir Ian somebody, and he is so eeeeeeevil that you can’t help but LOVE him. Spacey is stepping into some big acting shoes to fill, but doing a good job.

    if you follow politics at all, they are both very worth watching. i doubt redbox has either, but i know netflix has both.

    i am the very first person to criticize people who watch too much TV. but you can’t beat commercial free TV, when it’s your turn to sit down and pop open a cold one and put your feet up. intelligent TV is even better, and both of these versions of HoC are the definition of that. i’m not culturally cool at all, but enough friends of mine, people i respect, told me to watch these that i did.

    i’m not sorry.

    this was brilliant parody. nice job. make it a show, i’d watch it, too.

  • chicago dyke

    i’ll tell you what, Rain. send me your email addy and i’ll get you a one month free trial, just so you can see them. i’m pretty sure netflix still sends me those flyers/coupons. you can cancel after you’ve watched them.