The Secular Side of Syracuse

Syracuse’s student newspaper, The Daily Orange, has been running a four-part series on the spiritual lives of students at the university, introducing readers to the way different people on campus think. Their last part, focusing on atheists, just got published:

(Luke Rafferty – The Daily Orange)

To many atheists and agnostics, their personal lack of faith is an individual preference, with each person using their own way to describe himself or herself.

“Secular members of society come from all walks of life. And almost everyone uses a different personal identifier,” Weiss said.

There is a range of secular belief and non-belief. Some people don’t like to use labels, while others feel the terminology helps them understand where they are when it comes to their secularism.

While some people identify themselves as atheist, others call themselves agnostic, secular humanist or, in Amanda Lashua’s case, apatheist.

“I’m an apatheist, which means I subscribe to apatheism, which means I just don’t care,” said Lashua, a doctoral candidate in chemistry and member of the SSA. “It’s irrelevant to my life.”

It’s a really beautiful layout, so read the full article over there.

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