Richard Dawkins’ Next Book Now Available for Pre-Order

Richard Dawkins‘ next book was projected for release in the fall of 2014, but it appears that those reports were off by about a full year:

Childhood, Boyhood, Truth: From an African Youth to The Selfish Gene, an autobiography he referred to as “the story of his intellectual evolution and his work as an atheist,” will be published by Ecco in September of this year.

It’s a curious title… as if Dawkins is making a distinction between his “childhood” and his “boyhood.” What that difference is, in his mind, will no doubt be explored.

***EDIT***: Commenter Marc points out that the title is a play on Leo Tolstoy‘s autobiography Childhood, Boyhood, and Youth. Someone still needs to explain to me the difference between the first two words.

Dawkins will embark on a 10-city tour when the book comes out:

10-City Author Tour: Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, Minneapolis, New York City, Philadelphia, Portland (OR), San Francisco, Seattle, Washington, D.C.

It’s a far cry from the cities he visited in his more recent tours, when he was promoting books about science. On those tours, he visited smaller cities where evolution is constantly under attack. This one, on the other hand, is the tour big-shots go on to sell their books to the masses. Considering that his memoir will tackle science and religion, that’s an exciting conversation to look forward to in the fall.

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  • Dave Muscato

    Very cool! I will have to catch him when he comes to NY.

  • Edmond

    Yow, Seattle! Someone finally remembered we’re up here! I hope to be there.

    My guess is that the difference between “childhood” and “boyhood” is in the experiences of his gender, distinct from “girlhood”, which would provide a different “childhood” experience from “boyhood”.

  • Anna

    Is that the final title? Sounds awkward to me, and the rhyme isn’t helping.

  • Claude

    The title is awful. Heads should roll at Ecco Books.

  • named

    Why even make the distinction if he isn’t going to discuss his time in girlhood?

    … Unless that’s what the childhood section is for.

  • viddy_well

    His family moved back to England from Africa when he was eight years old, so it may be making a distinction between those two environments and experiences.

  • Marc David Barnhill

    The title is a play on Tolstoy’s autobiographical novel, “Childhood, Boyhood, Youth.”

  • CelticWhisper

    Is it maybe a British language convention – “boyhood” corresponding to what U.S. English speakers call adolescence?

  • Claude

    Ah! That is better!

    It’s swapping in “Truth” that wrecks it. It’s pretentious.

  • Emmet

    Ride that gravy train as far as it’ll take you, Dawkins!

  • Rain

    I didn’t know he was black. I had no idea. I would not have guessed. I guess black is politically correct again now. There was a time when everyone would get mad if anyone said black.

  • Rain

    It was already pretentious when he thinks everyone is supposed to know it’s a Tolstoy pun. “Truth” is the icing on the cake though. That’s okay we already knew he was pretentious anyway. He’s a self-made celebrity. That’s pretentious with a capital “P”. It doesn’t get any more pretentious than that.

  • Tim

    Any idea where we could check for the dates of the speaking engagements?

  • JohnnieCanuck

    There’s no mention of black on the cover image. That’s all yours. Maybe every time you hear ‘African’ you think of ex-slaves, but what of all those people in South Africa with white skin. They are South African citizens and they live in Africa; they are Africans. Just like all the remnants of all the other European colonialists there.

    It turns out that every human on this planet is descended from Africans. Your African ancestors, that you hold in common with everyone else, had black skin. Very black skin, undoubtedly. Mitochondrial Eve and Y-Chromosome Adam included.

  • cipher

    Don’t be ridiculous. We’re all descended from Adam and Eve, and everyone knows they were white. There’s even a picture of them in my Bible, and the publishers wouldn’t lie. Black people became dark after God cursed their ancestor, Ham, for seeing his dad naked.

    Jeez, Lewis Black is right. Making up this shit is easy.

  • Miranda Celeste Hale

    This is

  • Miranda Celeste Hale

    This is the first volume of a two-volume autobiography. I believe that volume 2 will be out in late ’14.

  • Jesus Christ, atheist

    You’re an idiot.

  • Thor vs. Christ II: Revenge

    Gotta admit this is a pretty hilarious parody of Richard Dawki……


    Oh… oh dear.

  • daryl carpenter

    Don’t like the title much but the photo’s good. Dude’s got some boyish good looks goin on there.

  • Revyloution

    Has he always needed a haircut?

  • chicago dyke

    i really don’t get the Dawkins haters in the non-theist community. i mean, sure, it’s your opinion and everyone is entitled to one. i haven’t read any of his books, i’ll admit that. but i’ve seen a bunch of youtubes of his debates and TV appearances; he seems like a nice guy doing good work for the cause of Reason. he has yet to say something on camera that makes me think him to be a horrible person.

    celebrity is what it is. and it pays, often very well. most celebrities are “self made” in the sense that self promotion is part and parcel with the job. i don’t understand why people get so harsh on him for playing the game, well.

  • chicago dyke

    heh. i actually think it’s a cute look for him.

  • kraken17

    What the fuck are you talking about?

  • Rain

    I like him. The book title is a little over the top. A person need a giant ego to be Richard Dawkins. I wish I had his ego (and brains).

  • Emmet

    Ride that gravy train!

  • aaronratner

    Can’t wait until he comes to NYC.

  • aaronratner

    I’d prefer the self made celebrity of Dawkins over Snookie and Kardashian. He’s actually done real work in science that benefits everyone. I’d prefer people like him do shameless self promotion rather than these so called reality stars.

  • Mike Haubrich

    And the true, deserving, celebrities are the ones that no one has heard of because they do everything in private and hide their work. Let me know who that is working for, k?

  • jim dorey

    maybe the childhood:boyhood thing will seque into some sort of ‘we all start as just kids, then we’re indoctrinated into the patriarchy through boyhood, then become vile men’ thing… i’d have to think he’d lost if, if he did that, but, never can tell.