Secular Coalition for America to Take Over Secular News Daily Website

The Secular Coalition for America, in an effort to be a hub for its coalition members and a place people can go to find news about the non-theistic world, is acquiring the website Secular News Daily.

In a letter to readers, co-creator of SND Mike Daniels explained the reason for the passing of the torch:

It has been a good four-year run, but it’s time for me to pass the torch off to someone who can grow this site to its full potential, and invest my own time in other projects.

I considered selling the domain name, but have invested too much time, effort, and money to see the site become a platform for somebody to rant (quite possibly with poor grammar!) or to sell adult videos. Instead, I decided to seek out a secular nonprofit organization interested in growing its web presence. I think I’ve found a good match, and hope you will agree.

When I spoke with Mike, he filled me in on a few more of the details: There’s no exchange of money, only a transferring of the hosting account, domain name, social media accounts, and certain copyrighted content.

SCA’s Communication Manager Lauren Anderson Youngblood also explained SCA’s interest in the site:

Secular News Daily has a following and a strong foundation. It also has the capability for us to host news stories, movement updates and contributors’ work, that doesn’t quite fit onto the site. It was also a natural fit for the morning news updates, which will likely eventually be offered as a service through Secular News Daily. Even the name Secular News Daily was a natural fit for the Secular Coalition!

If anything, the transition will provide a great means of entry for anyone who wants to stay up-to-date on the intersection of religion and politics and find out what they can do at local, state, and national levels to make a difference.

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