Since When is Not Believing in God an ‘Agnostic’ Position?

The South Texas Coalition of Reason‘s message on a new atheist billboard in Corpus Christi is pretty clear regarding the group’s stance on God:

“Don’t believe in God?”

Sounds like an atheist to me. Sure, the South Texas CoR is reaching out to atheists, agnostics, and those who are spiritual-but-not-religious… but the wording on the sign, anyway, is that God doesn’t exist. There’s no waffling or fence-sitting about it.

Which makes this front-page headline in today’s Corpus Christi Caller-Times very strange to me:

Incidentally, the headline in the online version of the article is “Godless billboards now on display in Corpus Christi.”

But keeping in mind that the reporters and headline writers are usually different people, I wonder why the front page’s headline writer chose the other “A” word when “Atheist” would have been both more accurate and more eye-popping.

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