Richard Dawkins Appears in Ned Flanders’ Nightmare on The Simpsons

In Sunday night’s episode of The Simpsons (titled “Black-Eyed, Please”), Richard Dawkins made an appearance in Ned Flanders‘ nightmare.

The setup: In a rare showing of rage, Ned Flanders lost his patience with Homer Simpson and punched him in the face. Wracked with guilt over his actions, Flanders has a nightmare about how he’ll end up in Hell… alongside partially nude statues, people who have non-Jesus-y beards, and giant demon Richard Dawkins:

That’s Dawkins at the end there, saying his one line, “I’m making Catholic Saint stew!”

Ok, it’s pretty anti-climactic… but it’s also the twenty-fourth season of a show none of us has watched in nearly a decade, so it’s not like expectations were that high. Still, it’s a mark of high achievement in popular culture to be lampooned on the show, so hats off to Dawkins for being a good sport and doing the voice-over.

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