The Best Atheist Shirts Around

There are a lot of online sites that sell atheist-themed shirts, but I hadn’t seen an entire collection of products I’d love to wear until I checked out Reasonist Products.

A co-owned company based in California, Reasonist makes (in their words) “fun, clever, expressive, and inexpensive apparel that freethinkers could wear proudly, use to locate new friends, start conversations, and just have a good laugh.”

We hope this will have some sort of effect on social norms and help the more shy of us wear a statement to society. We are not trying to change minds, make novel arguments, or monetize atheism. Our main goal in the future is to donate portions of all profit to atheist, humanist, and science organizations and other causes. Further, we didn’t see any other companies taking growth or quality seriously, so we decided to make the shirts we want to wear on a site that we would visit, and we expect these elements to only get better.

So which designs are your best-sellers? I asked the owners. They told me the following:

I. Want. Them. All.

As a token of thanks for checking them out, the Reasonist team has offered to give away a free shirt to one of you — all you have to do is leave a comment explaining why you’d like a shirt and use the hashtag #Reasonist at the end of it (e.g. It’s a great conversation starter! #Reasonist). I’ll contact a random winner next week to get your information.

About Hemant Mehta

Hemant Mehta is the editor of Friendly Atheist, appears on the Atheist Voice channel on YouTube, and co-hosts the uniquely-named Friendly Atheist Podcast. You can read much more about him here.

  • MargueriteF

    I looked at their site. The “science fiction” Venn diagram is far and away my favorite, but it’s all great stuff.

  • A3Kr0n

    I can see “Heathen” being taken down in 3…2…1…

  • Rain

    Those would make great ties or hats too.

  • Anna

    Cute shirts! Some of them are a little too in-your-face for me, but I would definitely wear the “Got Reason?” and FSM designs.

  • James

    Because the Hulk is definitely channeling his inner Bruce Banner #Reasonist

  • Will

    I too love the venn diagram shirt. I have lots of band t-shirts, but not a shirt that shows how I think. It’d be awesome to get one for free! #Reasonist

  • Mike

    Just ordered one from the site. Great stuff!

  • 4fs

    Wearing one of these t-shirts on the streets of Oklahoma would certainly make life more interesting!

  • Jon Peterson

    Oh man. I would wear the DNA shirt or the Credible Hulk shirt pretty much anywhere. Those are very clever designs! (Edit to add: I wouldn’t be opposed to the Heathen Bar or 99 Problems ones either. Might have to pick one of them up after bills are taken care of.) #Reasonist

  • jennifermichelle

    Because they’re awesome. What more do you need? #reasonist

  • Tim

    These are amazing, they will for sure be getting my money.

  • snicketmom

    I quite like “Jesus has two dads”. It would make my friends smile #Reasonist (Is that correct Put the hashtag here, or do I need to Tweet this?)

  • Atheist Diva

    I went to the website and didn’t like ANY of those shirts. Yuck.

  • MonyNH

    I have a variation of The Credible Hulk hanging up in my library, next to the computer stations. :)

  • monyNH

    Because I’m a school librarian who is all about finding the facts… #Reasonist

  • Trish Gibson

    Help! I’m trapped in the Bible Belt and desperately need a Reasonist shirt!!! #Reasonist

  • Helanna

    I like the “Got reason?” shirt, although the “Credible Hulk” and “I like big books” shirts are tied for a close second. I think reason is one of the most important attributes to have – if you can’t reasonably defend your beliefs, they probably aren’t worth having. #reasonist

  • Hemant Mehta

    You’re fine!

  • banana

    I love all of these! If I had to choose just one it’d be ‘I like Big Books’ #Reasonist

  • PhysicsPhDStu

    The shirts are awesome and I have been arguing with some creationists recently #Reasonist

  • Tobias27

    I think that the got reason shirt should say “then use it goddammit” on the back

  • Alawon.B

    And along the side is “ Muslim Matrimonials” o-O All the more reason to sport a Reason-able t-shirt ;~) #Reasonist.

  • good_creon

    So much fantasticness going on on these shirts #Reasonist

  • Librepensadora

    I’d love to have the “¡Adiós Religión!” shirt, but it needs that accent on the first word. Kudos for the two exclamation points. #Reasonist

  • Librepensadora

    Revised message: I’d love to have the “¡Adiós Religión!” shirt because I am bilingual, but it needs that accent on the first word. Kudos for the two exclamation points. #Reasonist

  • scarr

    ill tattoo some of these on myself if I don’t get the shirt. #Reasonist

  • Jay Wohlert

    If you’ve got it, Flaunt it!

  • ArmadilloBoy

    I don’t get to be “out” very often, but these would be a great way to do it in a fun way.. #Reasonist

  • carriep63

    Because I am a web designer, I need the </religion> one. #Reasonist

  • Annette

    Woo! I love the “I got 99 problems” shirt. I’d like to get some atheist shirts to wear to make up for some of the time I spent wearing “Christian” shirts. (I once wore a shirt that said, “Will work for Jesus.” *sigh*)

  • Paul Iannacone

    Because coming out is not always easy…….#Reasonist

  • Annette

    Woo! I love the “I got 99 problems” shirt. I’d like to get some atheist shirts to wear to make up for some of the time I spent wearing “Christian” shirts. (I once wore a shirt that said, “Will work for Jesus.” *sigh*) #Reasonist

  • Pepe

    I would be like a walking, talking, advertisement for #reasonist

  • Sydney Hayes

    I would love to wear these to my school and show off my Atheist Pride! :) #Reasonist

  • Kyle Hunter

    Would be great to wear to the American Athiest conference in Austin this month. It will be my first “official” outing and atheist function. Pumped to go hear all the lectures and be surrounded by like minded folks. #Reasonist

  • Kevin_Of_Bangor

    Cause free t-shirts are better than ones you have to purchase. #Reasonist

  • kim salsman

    My “Happy Heathen” shirt has a hole in it.

  • Ubi Dubium

    I need the “Heathen” shirt because I’m such a chocoholic! #Reasonist

  • Devon Morera

    I want to show people that stigma against my beliefs won’t stop me. #reasonist

  • @markdemonbreun

    I’d like a shirt so I can show it off at the American Atheists convention later this month! #reasonist #aacon13

  • Drew M.

    Personally, I don’t care for the trademark parodies, but their selections are pretty awesome for the most part.

    I really love that they have up to 4XL.

  • AJentOrange

    I’m a biology teacher in Alabama. The “chimp is my cousin” would be great for the evolution unit I just started! #Reasonist

  • Dianne Leonard

    I’d love a reasonist t-shirt because I’m the oldest of seven Catholic kids. #Reasonist

  • Leonidas

    My trig prof went on an anti-evolution rant during class. The next time the class met, I wore my “Thank God I’m an Atheist” tee. We had a laugh about it and he kept his personal beliefs out of his teaching (even in calc 1, which I had the same prof for). Because humorous tees are a good way of disagreeing with someone in a non-agressive, non-grade-threatening way. #Reasonist

  • Vukota

    I’d like one cos I’m an atheist and I wear shirts. #Reasonist

  • Steve Vincent Scandole

    I like shirts. I love awesome shirts. #Reasonist

  • MisterSparkle

    I have many t-shirts that I love, but none of them are atheist related. This should be fixed. #reasonist

  • Sam Benson

    I love all these shirts! I would proudly rep them all!

  • Rodney Williams

    They do have a lot of amazing designs. There are several I plan to buy and wear proudly. #Reasonist

  • Elizabeth Williams

    I LOVE reasonist products, and I need a shirt cuz I don’t have one!!

  • Bruce Bailey

    I wear mine proudly in public not to spite people, but to show I’m not afraid of prejudice. So far, I’ve gotten nasty looks and some rude stares. I’d love to get another, these are beyond amazing.

  • Adrien Adchee

    My brother’s a Catholic priest and I feel like I’m living in a funny farm sometimes. If only I could wear my disbelief on my sleeve… err… shirt. #Reasonist.

  • Ryan

    I’d like one because sometimes when I go back home my family wants me to go to church with them and a FSM or Got Reason shirt might get some interesting looks without causing me to get stoned. #reasonist

  • Geoff Freimark

    I can’t wear my “I FUCK NUNS” t-shirt in this town, so I need a new t-shirt to pronounce my atheism. #Reasonist

  • Neil Soans

    I live in India, where people need lesser gods! #Reasonist

  • Rob Klaers

    I am the oldest grandson of two big Catholic families and I’d like to wear a shirt to the family reunions My way of saying “THIS is why in 30 years, I never learned the Lord’s Prayer”. #Reasonist

  • Nptphoto

    Love the DNA Atheist. 30+ years working at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory with weekly contact with James Watson (1962 Nobel for discovery of DNA)

  • Rain

    They would make great billboards.

  • PegK

    Would love to have a shirt my son could wear to high school without being made to turn it inside out. #Reasonist.

  • Mandy

    I would like the ape t-shirt to give to my husbands cousin who is a very naive, formerly home-schooled fundie who is now studying to become a pastor. I think he would assume I meant my husband is the ape and totally not get the real joke, and I would love to see him wearing it around his campus not realizing it’s an atheist t-shirt. (I’m a closet atheist, so his family would have no reason to suspect me of “foul play.”)

  • Andy Beals

    Living in the bible belt, it’s sometimes necessary to look down and make sure that I haven’t gotten any of it on me. #Reasonist

  • schinizel

    I’d wear it to church! #Reasonist

  • Arthur Byrne

    More pro-evolution than atheist, the Teach the Controversy collection from Amorphia Apparel is another collection worth a glance.

  • Arthur Byrne

    Parody has some fair-use protection under US law.

    Now, if you tried selling chocolate-covered toffee bars with that label as a fundraiser, Hershey would definitely take issue.

  • Austin Cleveland

    We just got year passes to Busch Gardens. The chimpanzee/gorilla area is my favorite. I need the chimpanzee shirt! #reasonist

  • CJ

    I’m 34 and at this age getting a new tee shirt is like an 7 y/o on Christmas morning. #Reasonist

  • flyb

    It’s holy.

  • flyb

    A Catholic I am dating. All ur shirtz giv them to meee! #Reasonist

  • Elizabeth

    I love the kitenz no go to hevn shirt!!!


  • Jennie Erwin

    Women are strongly encouraged to always have their chest burkas on in public. I need something to wear so the morality police will leave me alone. #Reasonist

  • Wayne Burgess

    Because its’ a passive aggressive way to get your point across, people love reading other peoples t-shirts. you can state specifically your belief without something that is going to get so much attention that you’re libel to be attacked.

  • snoozn

    Honestly someone else should get the free shirt because I live in an atheist friendly community where most of these wouldn’t earn me a second glance. But I do love that FSM! #Reasonist

  • flyb

    Lol. We all need to pitch in and get you a custom tie because I think you have said something like this more than a few times in different threads. =) Although getting some of those more wordy things on a tie might be tricky.

  • Lori Ford

    I’d like a shirt because I it says what I’ve been thinking! #Reasonist

  • ashes

    I would love to wear this to my next family function! They are extremely catholic, at least when they tell me I’m going to hell for the thousand time I can have a cool shirt on! Plus I live in corpus christi, texas where they just put up the new billboard that my family hates…… Sweet victory! #reasonist

  • Nick Alaniz

    the “unlinked Jesus” one is great because it parodies the huge arguments people get in over religion on Facebook haha! #reasonist

  • Michael Beverly

    I haven’t even been an atheist for a year yet. So, I haven’t replaced all those religious and political tee-shirts yet, and I’m broke, my last tee was a $2.00 one I picked up at Goodwill. So HELP……Thank you…..


  • TravelingTxn

    I’ve been debating making my own atheist shirt to wear to see just how people in this city (Shreveport-the #2 most biblical/religious city according to Gallup) Ive seen plenty of back handed prejudice, but very little is easy to explain to my religious friends understanding. I think that this would give me some more concrete examples to show them. Additionally, since I would have to wear this to parts of town I’m reasonably certain I wouldn’t get seen by a coworker (despite working in a non-religious hospital) I think this city could use some friendly exposure to an atheist.

  • TravelingTxn


  • indyha ramsey cobbs

    I live in Oklahoma and was just thinking the same thing….And I can’t wait to move from this God awful place!!

  • Robin Lionheart

    I’d like a T-shirt because… everyone here’s seen all the Teach the Controversy T-shirts I have. #Reasonist

  • Carrie Orr Castro

    One of these would be great to wear to my book club meeting. We’ve got the usual quota of at least one person who’s always going on and on and on about how wonderful God is. #Reasonist

  • Steve Virnala

    Free shirts are awesome! #Reasonist

  • Rick Thomas

    Nice Shirts. Nice Messages. The name Reasonist is nearly as good as the term Humanist. Cheers! #Reasonist

  • Tenis_chica

    I would love to have a shirt because I’d like the world to know my point of view on religion. If others can wear a shirt saying “I love Jesus”, then I would like one that says otherwise. I think this is a great way to put myself out there and I would wear it proudly! #reasonist

  • Liz Oshell-Shaw

    My collection is growing of t-shirt, I think I am a little addicted – Thanks to Reasonist Products, they keep my fix well supplied. I wear my shirts with pride. I think I am now up six shirts from them and growing. Love their products. Best customer service ever… Love you guys. Heck you guys don’t have to give me a shirt (you could if you want too) Hands down you are the best! #Reasonist