There Are Homeschooling Christian Parents Who Accept Evolution, Too

Not surprising: The majority of home-schooling families are Christian.

Surprising: Many of those families are scientifically literate and embarrassed by Ken Ham and the Young Earth Creationism he espouses.

David Wheeler has the story at The Atlantic:

For many evangelical families, the rationale for homeschooling has nothing to do with a belief in Young Earth Creationism or a rejection of evolutionary theory. Some parents choose to homeschool because they’re disenchanted with the values taught in the public school system. Others want to incorporate more travel into their children’s education. Still others want to implement specific learning techniques they believe are more suitable for their children.

But whatever their reason for homeschooling, evangelical families who embrace modern science are becoming more vocal about it — and are facing the inevitable criticism that comes with that choice. “We get a lot of flak from others for not using Christian textbooks,” Warton says.

The best line in the piece comes from one mother who supports the teaching of real science: “We want our children to be educated, not sheltered from things we are afraid of them learning.”

It’s possible many of these parents teach God-guided evolution, but it’s certainly better than the alternative.

Keep in mind there are no numbers or statistics here. This is a story purely comprised of anecdotes. If this catches on, though, Ken Ham could see a drop in his customer base: Parents willing to sacrifice their children’s education for the sake of the Lord.

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