Last Year, Atheists Raised $430,000 for Cancer Research; Let’s Do Even Better This Year

Last year, more than 150 groups and 20 national partners came together with the Foundation Beyond Belief to support the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society through their Light the Night walk.

We ended up raising a staggering $430,000 for the cause — the most money ever raised by a non-corporate group in its first year with LLS and the fourth most raised by a team last year overall.

Simply incredible.

This year, we plan to go even bigger. We want to raise at least $500,000 and our Honored Hero this year will be Greta Christina, who successfully beat endometrial cancer last year.

You can create or sign up for a team already — the details are here. (I created one for Chicago!) If you can’t make it to a walk, there’s a virtual team right here.

Be a part of this. I’m excited and the event isn’t for several months out.

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