I Would Love To Buy This Book…

… but, much like the claim in the original version, it’s not real:

(via Ape, Not Monkey)

About Hemant Mehta

Hemant Mehta is the chair of Foundation Beyond Belief and a high school math teacher in the suburbs of Chicago. He began writing the Friendly Atheist blog in 2006. His latest book is called The Young Atheist's Survival Guide.

  • Claude

    Ha! But didn’t you mean to link to Proof of Heaven?

  • eonL5

    Love it!

  • Drew M.

    Ooh, a parody I like!


    People who are desperate to believe in the first place, don’t take much convincing.

  • Stan

    I love it, but his point might be better made if he hadn’t misspelled “therefore.”

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1351473675 Matthew Baker

    That made my day. Every time I see the real books in the store I die a little inside because its so clearly tripe.

    • allein

      I read it. It is most definitely tripe.
      I was afraid my hand would dent my face by the second chapter.

  • tmarc

    I am still waiting on the friendly part of atheist. I get Religion is superstition and all that but the constant belittling of “religion” does not seem friendly. Can you point me to the friendly Atheist articles.

    • kevin white

      Hey, they’re quite friendly here, There’s cookies and everything!

      • tmarc

        I guess I missed the cookies. I guess that was desert portion of the meal. The appetizer of belittle and the main course of curmudgeonliness made me groggy I suppose and missed the cookies.