Christian Pastor: Unsaved People Are Not Capable of True Love

You guys, I need help. It’s a sickness. I’m obsessed.

I can’t stop watching Pastor Steven Anderson of the Faithful Word Baptist Church in Tempe, Arizona. He’s so ridiculously misogynistic (a.k.a. “Traditional”), treating his wife like property.

I was going to skip his latest video, but with a title like “Fornication is not Love,” how could I pass it up? I couldn’t. I had to watch. And you know you have to, too.

Highlights are below!

5:05: “Let me explain something to you: The man who will… commit fornication with a woman… that’s not love. A man who really loves you, ladies, will marry you. He’s not just gonna use you as his concubine, temporarily. Because what is the difference between a concubine and a wife? The only difference — ’cause, I mean, it could look the same on the outside — she’s his Lord — er, I’m sorry, she’s his Lord… Good night, that’s the way a lot of marriages are in 2013, by the way! — you know, but look, he’s her Lord. He’s paying her bills. He’s providing for her. They live together. They might have a lot of the relationship that a husband and wife would have. There’s one colossal difference between a husband and a wife and a man and his concubine. And the difference there is that a man and his wife have sworn an oath that says ’til death do us part.”

7:17: “I’m gonna prove to you tonight… [that] a fornicating relationship is not a loving relationship. You know, people say, ‘Well, we’re in love!’ No, you’re not in love! And I’m gonna prove to you from the Bible — and if you walk out of here tonight, thinking that you and your fornicating boyfriend or fornicating girlfriend are in love, you [should] basically just say, ‘I don’t believe the Bible!’

16:48: “This whole sermon tonight’s not about fornication. I’m just kinda starting out with the subject of fornication as a springboard here just to show you what love is and what love is not, according to the Bible.”

(In other words, spiritual foreplay?)

20:00: “Man, we need to get used… to Bible words. LEWDNESS! [Imitating audience] Oh, well, promiscuous. LEWD! Oh, a little bit loose. A WHORE! Oh, you know, well, you know… NO! Get back to some Biblical terms here. ‘Fornication’ is what it’s called. ‘Concubine’ is what she’s called.”

34:22: “You have to be saved to even know what love is and to be able to love. And so I do not believe that unsaved people are capable of the kind of love that the Bible’s talking about

35:23: “If you love each other, get married. That’s what the Bible teaches. And until then, you keep your hands off each other. You stay out of that physical relationship that is reserved for a husband and wife… And if you’re gonna commit fornication, you are destroying whatever love is there. Whatever love is there, is being destroyed.”

37:30: “I remember distinctly thinking and believing, you know what? If for some reason, God forbid — I would never leave my wife and she said the same thing to me, but, you know, the only person you really know for sure is yourself, right? — and, you know, I knew I would never leave her or forsake her. But I even just went through the hypothetical in my mind: If for some reason, somehow, my wife were to leave me, I will remain unmarried for the rest of my life, until one of us dies. And I told that to God before I got married. I prayed that to God before I got married… I WILL BE FAITHFUL [UNTIL] DEATH! And that is love. That is what marriage is. That’s the difference between marriage and a concubine! Did you get that? That’s the colossal difference.”

(As we all know, Christians never get divorced. And if they do, they’re forbidden from attending church… or something like that.)

39:55: I didn’t commit fornication [before marriage] for one reason. Are you listening to me? One reason. Because I did not want to incur God’s wrath on my life. Because I had heard fire-breathing preaching as a kid that told me, Don’t commit fornication. God’s gonna curse you. God’s gonna punish you. God killed people in the Bible for [committing it]. It’s wicked….

(Because everyone who has sex before marriage leads a sad, miserable life…)

42:25: “You know what, kids?! You oughta be SCARED TO DEATH to commit fornication. Because it has very damaging repercussions in your life. And you will suffer for it. And it is not worth it.”

(Alright, sodomites — tell me in the comments how your life has been ruined by having sex before marriage.)

45:38: “People that are unsaved, they don’t even know what this is. And, you know, you can show me all the movies you want. And you can show me all the examples of unsaved people that are so loving that you want. I don’t believe it. It’s not real love. What’s real love is what Christians that are saved, and that know God, experience within the bounds of marriage. That is love. And once you’ve experienced that, you’ll see how everything else is a cheap imitation. You’ll see how it’s not real.”

I need to do something else with my life, but I can’t look away from the train wreck…

About Hemant Mehta

Hemant Mehta is the editor of Friendly Atheist, appears on the Atheist Voice channel on YouTube, and co-hosts the uniquely-named Friendly Atheist Podcast. You can read much more about him here.

  • decathelite
  • trj

    He seems like such a loving man, so I guess we should just accept whatever he says. Gotta trust the expert.

  • Jeff Moriarty

    He’s sadly just a few miles away from me.

    Want me to take him a picture to get autographed? Or maybe he can record a special message for you?

  • Art

    I honestly get excited whenever there’s a new Pastor Steve post here. The best part is that he’s so very terrible, but he’s completely in line with the bible.

  • Elizabeth Klein

    My girlfriend and I live in Phoenix and we are super tempted to go on a field trip to Tempe. We also want to take all of our roller derby friends and see how long it will take us to burst out in anger and subsequently how much longer it will take for us to be asked to leave.

  • icecreamassassin

    “I do not believe that unsaved people are capable of the kind of love that the Bible’s talking about…”

    If the biblical love he’s talking is anything like the love seen towards Isaac or Job…

    “You know what, kids?! You oughta be SCARED TO DEATH to commit fornication. Because it has very damaging repercussions in your life. And you will suffer for it.”

    “Don’t commit fornication. God’s gonna curse you. God’s gonna punish you. God killed people in the Bible for [committing it]. It’s wicked….”

    Yeah…that sounds pretty loving right there. Why does fundy love always seem so…cruel and painful??? Do they think ‘love’ and ‘vengeance’ are synonyms?

  • Rain

    He needs to get off the pulpit and go make me a sandwich in the kitchen where he belongs. Palmolive soften hands while doing the dishes, by they way.

  • Art_Vandelay

    This guy reminds me of Jack from “Lost,” except if he were a terrible human being.

  • Bayesian Bouffant

    and if you walk out of here tonight, thinking that you and your
    fornicating boyfriend or fornicating girlfriend are in love, you
    [should] basically just say, ‘I don’t believe the Bible!’”

    He got one right!

  • Hemant Mehta

    ‘twould be a dream come true.

  • David Philip Norris

    “I didn’t commit fornication [before marriage] for one reason.” Because you were so busy focusing on not committing fornication with another man? Honestly, this guy is such a sad closet case. My gaydar is reading “screaming magenta.”

  • Ryan Jean

    I wouldn’t want “biblical love” anyway. Two’s enough in our bed; we don’t need Jesus in there too.

    Seriously, though, I experience a form of love within my marriage that he will never reach in Christianity. I experience unconditional love. He doesn’t; heck, he can’t, because aside from his paternalistic misogyny, his God is one hell of a condition. I have a marriage where I understand and respect that my wife is her own person, with her own hopes and dreams, and most importantly her own rights, and she understands and respects the same for me. I have a marriage where the commitments we’ve made to each other are entirely voluntary, made with a free conscience, from our own hearts, and without consideration to what a deity might think (or society, for that matter, since it’s a mixed-racial marriage). I have a marriage where I remain faithful to my wife because I want to be faithful to her, not because I believe a mystical being will punish me if I’m not.

    He can’t come close to that kind of love.

  • BeasKnees

    “And, you know, you can show me all the movies you want. And you can show me all the examples of unsaved people that are so loving that you want. I don’t believe it. It’s not real love.”

    I pictured him sticking his fingers in his ears and singing la la la la la when I read this. The whole thing just makes me laugh.

  • ElizabethS

    I love this guy. I can’t get enough of getting angry at him.

  • Alawon.B

    Kudos to you Hemant for being able to sit through this…sludge. I can’t.

  • busterggi

    Now Jews are only half-saved and therefor capable of only half-love right? I mean if you accept the whole Judeo-Christian thing.

  • anuran

    Dear Hemant, We are truly glad that you are doing this. Or we would never know that such train wrecks even happen on earth. Thank you.

  • J_M_Green

    Apparently God didn’t think the gang-rape of a concubine worthy of sending some angels to the rescue, like he supposedly did in the Lot/Sodom story.

  • Cyanmoon1

    It’s a sickness. And you’ve infected me.

    What I’d really love to know is, how many people are in his congregation? I can totally picture him getting all fired up like he does in front of maybe 12 or 15 people scattered around a huge sanctuary… acres of space and every cough echoing… Unfortunately, I’m sure there are many more than that.

  • Beau

    heh.. I would totally pay money to see that video! :)

  • guestpest

    Any estimates on how long before we hear about a Jim Baker-style sex scandal referring to this preacher? :-)

  • C Peterson

    Well, since “salvation” is a figment of the imagination of the unsophisticated, I guess everybody is just screwed.

  • Miss_Beara

    When you hear or read “according to the bible” or “according to the church” you know you are in for both hilarity and disgust. It is an interesting combination of feelings.

  • Baby_Raptor

    lol This guy needs to actually read his bible. Marriage isn’t a commandment…Paul throws it out for people who “can’t control themselves sexually.” And nowhere is sex outside of marriage actually condemned; what’s condemned is cheating. It never says “Don’t Fuck til you’re married.”

    Nor does the bible ever say that god actually picks a spouse for you….That’s purity culture bullshit.

    Further, this asswipe has no idea what actual love is. He thinks marriage is bound to a piece of paper and love is a woman letting a guy own and abuse her. I’m capable of more love for the family that disowned me and kicked me out than this guy is for his own wife/family, and I’m the one who doesn’t know true love?

    Keep preaching, christianists. Preach your Fucking hearts out. Shit like this is what chases people away, and the more that stay the hell away from your tripe the better.

  • CelticWhisper

    Awwwwww, c’mon. …Please?


  • Thackerie


  • Alexis

    42:25: “You know what, kids?! You oughta be SCARED TO DEATH to commit fornication. Because it has very damaging repercussions in your life. And you will suffer for it. And it is not worth it.”

    But pastor, I don’t know what fornication is, and no one will tell me. For all I know, I could be doing it already. OMG!

  • Chris B

    Dammit! You beat me to it.

  • Chris B

    It never says “Don’t Fuck til you’re married.”

    Ha! While the bible may be complete trash, I think it would be a little better if it did use the word “fuck” occasionally. A few examples:

    And Jesus said to his disciples “Fuck me. That is a lot of people and we only have two fucking fish!”


    And God said to Abraham, “Yes, I said to kill your fucking son! God damn it, what is so fucking hard to understand about this?”

  • Librepensadora

    He got married at 18, right after he got the German girl he was interested in to “accept Jesus Christ as her personal Lord and Savior.” For some couples, marriage is just legal fornication.

  • Chris B

    “And you can show me all the examples of unsaved people that are so loving that you want. I don’t believe it. It’s not real love.”

    So to paraphrase, “You can present all evidence and facts you want. I am going to ignore it, because it conflicts with my faith. I will shape my own reality as I see fit.”

  • David Philip Norris

    I graduated from a Christian liberal arts college where the majority of the women were there to get their MRS degrees, and msot of the couples got married just so they could have sex. And everyone was confused why so many of them got divorced after only a couple years…

  • onamission5

    Love is a grilled cheese sandwich. Love is anticipating another person’s needs because you’re paying attention to them, not just yourself. Love is respecting another person’s feelings. Love is treating another person as if they are of equal value to yourself.

    I wonder when the last time was he brought his wife a sandwich?

  • Librepensadora

    Interesting that Pastor Steve uses two derogatory epithets for women fornicators–”whore” and “concubine”–but none for the men these women are fornicating with.

  • Ann Delicath

    You both did! The Flying Spaghetti Monster will punish you!

  • Mark O’Leary

    He’s just a wordy troll. I would ignore him. In fact, I already do!

  • Tainda

    I believe there is love but I’m against marriage. Against marriage for myself anyway. If other people want to torture themselves, that’s their business ;)

  • Smiles

    “I didn’t commit fornication [before marriage] for one reason.
    Are you listening to me? One reason. Because I did not want to incur
    God’s wrath on my life.”

    It blows my mind how often “True Christians TM” openly admit they do things out of fear, rather than doing things because they see it as the right thing to do. These people completely lack a moral compass and this logic is poison…it has led to a great majority of the hate/supremacy the religious spew onto others.

  • grindstone

    I have Mark Driscoll first in the pool. Unless…..Driscoll runs off with this guy. Now that would prove that God has a sense of humor.

  • Mel Johansson

    Dear self-appointed moral arbiter asshat,

    You’re right about one thing: I don’t believe the Bible.

    You keep right on telling yourself I can’t possibly know what real love is. I met my husband 42 years ago, and we fornicated our brains out before getting married. We raised two amazing children together. While still fucking every chance we got. Once the kids were grown and flown: more fucking–mostly louder now that we were alone in the house.

    I absolutely adore him. He is the person I love and respect most in all the world. Just thinking about him puts a silly grin on my face. Right now I’m in Russia, working at my challenging and fulfilling job, missing him like crazy, and secure in the knowledge that within a few hours of of my return home, there will be…more fucking! Dirty, dirty fucking!

    I don’t know where you get off deciding that you know what the quality of other people’s lives is like, but hear this: if I had any more joy in my married life, I think I might die of it.

    So please feel free to fuck yourself up the ass with a pineapple.

  • Baby_Raptor

    I agree with this.

  • RobMcCune

    I don’t know if Driscoll would like being picked up and carried around at random times, otherwise they seem like a perfect couple.

  • baal

    Setting up a household (marriage generally) requires quite a different relationship than one where you ‘fornicate’. I’m more than happy to fornicate with my wife (shocker!) but I’m also happy to fornicate with folks I’d never want to live with (bigger shocker!). The later group are all fine people but for one reason or another, they aren’t someone I’d want taking care of me when I’m sick or to help raise a child.

    I think you’re supposed to get the distinction straight in college (roommates vs fuck buddies vs someone you’d marry) but It’d not hurt to add to relationship ed classes* in high school.

    *not that those actually exist.

    Dan Finke (cammelswithhammers) has a recent post on True-Love(tm) btw, it’s quite a read and very different than pastor bad relationship advise.

  • ecolt

    I knew some kids who went to a school like that (after going to the attached high school – poor kids never knew anything else) and their saying was “ring by spring.” I had a kid I knew call me every day for weeks crying because his girlfriend had left him sophomore year, and so he was convinced his life was ruined because they weren’t getting married. (As a side note, they did get married a month after they graduated and he stopped talking to me.) A lot of those kids ended up miserable because they basically had to marry the first person they were attracted to.

  • ecolt

    Do it. Record it. Share it.
    Hell, I’d pay your gas money. Do y’all have tolls out that way, cause I’d pay them too just to see the beauty of Pastor Steve confronted by derby chicks.

  • Bdole

    ” I do not believe that unsaved people are capable of the kind of love that the Bible’s talking about…”
    That’s totally true. When’s the last time one of you heathens dashed a baby against the rocks or ripped open a pregnant woman’s belly or divvied up a group 12 year-old refugees for sex-toys and maid-service.
    Yeah that’s what I thought. You guys don’t know what true love is.

  • ecolt

    More terrible, you mean.
    Sawyer 4 life!

  • ecolt

    Amen, Tainda! I don’t need a piece of paper and a ceremony to tell me I love my boyfriend like mad.

  • The Other Weirdo

    At this point, I am declaring an intervention for Hemant. If we don’t do something now, soon he will rip off all his clothes and run through the streets naked and tearing at his hair, screaming, “I don’t know how to love! I don’t know how to love! I don’t even have a soul anymore, I sold it.” This can’t be good for anybody.

  • The Other Weirdo

    Blasphemer! The FSM never punishes, merely temporarily withholds the blessings of his many noodly appendages.

  • The Other Weirdo

    Definitely time for an intervention.

  • The Other Weirdo

    Wait! Isn’t divorce, and sex after divorce, as much a sin as fornication in the first place?

  • CelticWhisper

    Waste of a perfectly good pineapple if you ask me.

    I vote retractable baton. Apologies to The Pirate Bay legal department.

  • GloomCookie613

    Wouldn’t God say, “Me damn it”? ;)

  • Henriette Wesselman

    His lovestory or how he met his wife in short chapters:

  • GloomCookie613

    When my Christian friends trot out the “according to the Bible” line, I rewrite their arguement and change all instances of that phrase to “according to the ancient prophecy”. Surprisingly, it’s worked on a few and they’re less inclined to use that as a legit defense. The rest it just annoys. :D

  • Gus Snarp

    Oh man, you have to go and write a blog post about it! Get some audience reaction, which is missing from the videos. Maybe even do some interviews!

  • coyotenose

    So he’s a huge tease during fornication? Sounds hot.

  • kevin white

    I know, right? What a tease.

  • Chris Algoo

    Sounds like religion!

  • viaten

    I’d say he’s truly fornicating with people’s minds.

  • LesterBallard

    Not interesting, just par for the course.

  • MNb

    “how your life has been ruined”
    How can I refuse an invitation like that? I have had sex before, during and after marriage. Btw I wasn’t married in a christian church, moreover my ex-wife was a muslima back then, so I’m not sure if my marriage counts anyway.
    Let’s see. As there were no consequences it has given me less reason to believe. It has given me more reason to reject sin. As most of the times both my partner and I enjoyed great pleasure it contributed to my happiness, thus leaving less reason to build on my relationship with one sky daddy or another.
    Yes, my life has been completely ruined – as far as christianity goes.

  • Amerist

    If this fellow ever comes out to Mill Avenue, I’ll see if I can get myself an autograph as well–however, I suspect he would be quickly chased away by the already present street preachers who are surprisingly territorial in their own sexism.

  • Xuuths

    Actually, Baby_Raptor, 1 Corinthians 6:9-10 “Know ye not that the unrighteous shall not inherit the kingdom of God? Be not deceived: neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor effeminate, nor abusers of themselves with mankind, nor thieves, nor covetous, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor extortioners, shall inherit the kingdom of God.” — if you believe that. Which I don’t.

  • Carmelita Spats

    Now, now…Jesus was crucified for your sins! That’s LOVE, baby, even if it makes about as much sense as my neighbor taking a blow torch to his nuts for my mortgage.

  • Yojimbo Billions

    Re: real love, Mary J > Steven Anderson, no?

  • Timothy

    Thats one of the big things, they yell and scream and scare kids about this shit, but they never actually tell kids what half this stuff means. Hows a kid supossed to know not to fornicate, when he doesnt know what fornicating is?

  • Chris Kilroy

    So I guess I’m fornicating with my wife since I’m unsaved but she is Catholic? I’m sure she’ll be happy to find out that I am incapable of actually loving her. That will come as a shock to her after all of these years.

  • MD

    Nothing about lesbians!

  • chicago dyke

    lol! i am so stealing that.

  • tinker


    This train wreck is down the street from me and I am through watching him. It just reminds me of how crazy the people around here are. I am looking to moving somewhere less crazy like uh…Alabama!

  • chicago dyke

    indeed, that is the crux of the matter, isn’t it? expertise.

    this man, and all the rest of them screaming about ‘fornication’ gay straight or pre-marital, are really doing so because they don’t want their partners to realize just how lousy they are in the sack. i’m not saying that one must sleep with a lot of people to get good in bed, but good sex does take some practice, and some people are no good at it even with practice.

    people like this are so desperately afraid their flocks will realize that good sex feels good and doesn’t mean the wrath of god will follow. and that lots and lots of people out there are having it, all the time.

  • skepticalmothering

    I put the moves on my guy 19 years ago, and we lived “in sin” for three years. We appear to still be married, and have two kids in a loving, stable home. Of course, our relationship is not based on me being property, so that might explain the difference.

  • SteveS

    Didn’t Jesus say something like “let him who is without sin cast the first stone”? This guy has a serious personality disorder – he shouldn’t be a preacher. He needs years of counseling.

  • Lori F – MN

    This guys sermons are the makings of a drinking game! Take a shot every time says ‘bible’ or something or another.
    And Hemant, you are either freakishly drawn to watching this man or you may need clinical help. ; )

  • Claude

    Paul hyperventilated about lesbian sex, too (Romans 1:26). Not sure if lesbians are mentioned in the OT, where all the trouble began.

  • PZ

    Might as well continue the swiping. It’s a Doug Stanhope joke.

  • allein

    You want us all to die of alcohol poisoning?

  • BobaFuct

    A few dozen, it would seem…record attendance was 60 in 2010.

  • Francoise

    I have just two words in my heart, that I want to dedicate you: thank you! Thank you from the bottom of my heart. When Samuel called me for an appointment, I had nearly a heart attack! It’s been only 3days that you cast the spell, and he is already back! This spell you cast is just so powerful that he can’t spend a minute without me! My joy is permanent, such as the spell you cast! Be blessed, you and your gods, thank you sooo much!!

  • Mick

    Goodness me. Next thing he’ll be telling us that Jesus walked on water.

  • Anon

    ‘You know what, kids?! You oughta be SCARED TO DEATH to commit fornication. Because it has very damaging repercussions in your life. And you will suffer for it. And it is not worth it.’

    ‘Because I had heard fire-breathing preaching as a kid that told me, Don’t commit fornication. God’s gonna curse you. God’s gonna punish you. God killed people in the Bible for [committing it]. It’s wicked’

    You know what’s damaging.

    Telling kids that an omniscient, all powerful being is going to punish them for all eternity because of urges which (according to these guys) God created within humans anyway.

    It’s telling kids that any form of sexual expression means death.

    How, exactly, are these kids supposed to go from complete abstinence, ‘must not even think about a member of the opposite sex in any kind of sexual manner or I’m going to die’ to being in an adult relationship? A pretty ceremony does not completely deprogram years of this sort of abuse.

    Although I have to hand it to you Hemant, you actually made me feel a little bit sorry for this guy with the whole ‘fire breathing preacher’ bit. As much as it is his fault that he’s such a misogynistic, homophobic prick if he got terrified into this whole shebang as a kid then I can’t help feeling bad for him.

    Eh, I don’t need to worry about having premarital sex. I’m already a lesbian, I work on the Sabbath, I wear mixed fabrics and I’d probably punch this guy in the face if I could.
    So, as we know, I’m clearly going to hell.

  • wmdkitty

    So… my abuser, who was Christian (and oh do I have stories about that!), really, truly loved me. And could only really, truly love me because GHAWD.


    If that’s “love”, I don’t want it.

  • wmdkitty

    Oh, I smell RPS in the making! Quick, somebody write this, I don’t care if it’s a novel or a PWP, it NEEDS TO EXIST!

    (Real Person Slash)

  • wmdkitty

    Don’t be silly, making (and bringing) sammiches is WIMMINZ WERK!

    (Oh yes, that first line was sarcasm. The second, my reaction to typing that out.)

  • wmdkitty


  • wmdkitty

    Yeah, that thing, where God controls them with fear? That’s abuse, man.

    No, I’m serious. It’s abuse.

  • Valancy Jane

    I used to be a preacher’s wife. I can guarantee you one thing: there is at least one man or woman in his audience during this very video who knows with 100% certainty he’s a hypocritical bastard. And that person won’t be his wife. It’s not a question of if there’ll be a huge scandal surrounding him, but when. A guy who is this arrogant, controlling, and misogynistic is just a “can you see me in my office?” away from his own destruction.

  • Valancy Jane

    It’s so annoying when Christians make those sorts of assumptions about non-Christians. It’s hard to take anything they say seriously when they’re just so WRONG. But hey, it’s a lot easier to make stuff up about your imagined enemies than learn the truth and run the risk of learning a little human empathy, isn’t it? Either way, the idea that non-Christians just have no idea how to love is going to come as a real shock to the vast numbers of people around the world who aren’t Christian. All those thousands of years of beautiful love poetry and monuments to people’s incredible love for each other, but he doesn’t believe a word of it because it doesn’t mesh with what his disgusting book of horror stories says.

    Oh, and like WMDKitty, my abuser was a fundamentalist Christian. A preacher, even! He was my first partner, too, if that matters, and the sex was so awful! I was miserable with a Christian, but I’m deliriously happy with a non-Christian. If his God allows men to be monsters, then Christians are welcome to them. Oh, but wait, this beast of a pastor will never be put into a position of having to submit to such vile treatment, all because he was fortunate enough to be born with outdoor plumbing. Must be nice.

    Can we do a “ginger kid” treatment on him like Cartman got?

  • Pisk_A_Dausen

    Love is like
    a pineapple.
    Sweet and
    – Piet Hein

  • Randay

    Just where does the FSM put those noodly appendages? Is it like in those erotic Japanese tentacle paintings? Actually, I couldn’t listen to the guy for even five minutes and saw that it was an hour long.

  • Randay

    You have an unfair advantage. The Bible says a man may not lie with another man like he does with a woman, but as far as I can remember it doesn’t say anything about a woman lying with another woman. Anyway, what is this fornication thing? Technically oral sex is not fornication and I had that before embarrassing myself with my first fornication with a woman. Fortunately, practice makes nearly perfect.

    Then there are some theological questions. If a man only has vaginal sex with a woman, but anal sex with a man, is that an abomination? After all, he is not lying with them in the same way.

  • Antinomian

    39:55: I didn’t commit fornication [before marriage] for one reason. Are you listening to me? One reason. Because I did not want to incur God’s wrath on my life.

    Um, no… You didn’t have sex before you found your slave/wife because no self respecting woman would sleep with a dickweed such as yourself..

  • Claude

    So I looked up this nauseating story in Judges 19. WTF. Maybe some ex-fundies can explain to me what this is about. Why does the hospitable old man offer not just his guest’s concubine but his own virgin daughter to a bunch of gang rapists? Why is he so solicitous of this Levite guy who he just met? Meanwhile, although the poor woman is called a concubine, her father is called the Levite’s “father-in-law” and the Levite himself is called her “husband.” ?? So after his concubine has been raped to death he cuts her into twelve pieces, presumably to disperse her among the twelve tribes. Is this story simply a post hoc rationalization for hostilities between the Israelites and the “Benjaminites”?

    Please don’t advise me to watch another five minutes of this lunatic closet case in the hope of finding some clarity on the issue. Mehta is a masochist pure and simple.

  • Thackerie

    Half a sandwich is better than nothing.

    Nothing is better than love.

    Ergo: Half a grill cheese sandwich is better than love.

  • Holytape

    That’s why you have to stand. There is nothing in the bible against standing with another man, or being tied up with bacon and swinging from the rafters with several men who are dressed like smurfs repeatedly do acts that defile not only nature, but the laws of physics themselves. Not one mention of that. If God didn’t want me to do that, then he should have said so.

  • Randay

    I always wondered why men’s toilets and gym showers were so popular among gays and why those hand-holds were there.

  • Matthew Harris

    Before you think too badly of Pastor Steve, he also is taking a stand against unreasonable search and seizure. His other hobby is to drive by those unconstitutional “border checkpoints” that aren’t actually on the border, refuse to answer any of their questions, refuse any searches of his vehicle, and refuse to pull over. In 2009 he was pulled from his car, beaten and tazed by the border control agents. He was found not guilty in his jury trial and is currently suing for damages. Here is one of his other videos.

  • Valancy Jane

    I still think badly of him. Sorry. Doing one thing that is all-right doesn’t get him off the hook for being a rabidly sexist and misogynistic douche. He might even be wonderful to his dog, but that doesn’t change that he’s evil.

  • aviatrix

    Sigh. Typical Sunday morning fare among the “Bible believing” crowd. Command and control, with fear as the driver. It says far more about the psyche of the preacher than anything else. For a ringside view of a real “can’t look away” spectacle that will leave you wondering what rabbit hole you fell into, visit a local evangelical church of the fundamentalist variety (if you’re in the US “bible belt” there’s one on every corner, it seems). Just make sure you’ve taken your blood pressure meds first.

  • CelticWhisper

    I agree. People are complicated, and I think it’s possible to be “good” and “evil” at the same time. I applaud what he’s doing about the encroaching National Security State and emergence of unconstitutional checkpoints, but I condemn him at the same time for the same reasons you do.

    Doing good works (ugh, I feel dirty just using that expression) doesn’t negate or balance out the bad things one does. It may mean that one isn’t completely evil, but wrongdoing must be corrected on its own and directly, not by doing a perceived equal amount of unrelated good things.

  • David Philip Norris

    You would think so, but they have magical Christian ways of finding loopholes to justify doing what they want.

  • David Philip Norris

    “They basically had to marry the first person they were attracted to.” Yup, because God ordains every single waking moment of your life, and if you’re attracted to someone that *must* mean that God wants you to marry them. Because He wouldn’t give you sexual feelings for someone unless that person is the one and only forever person you are supposed to experience sex with (unless you’re gay, and that just makes Jesus throw up)? Right?

    We had “ring by spring” as well. We also had a small boulder that was painted over almost every other day with the names of some couple that just got engaged.