Signs Campaigning Against Gay Conversion Treatments Go Up In Tel Aviv, Israel is the self-proclaimed “first independent site for religious homosexual Jews,” and they are setting out to make a change in their community.

As it stands, any gay members of the Haredi ultra-orthodox community are forced to undergo conversion treatments. Hod is seeking to put a stop to this outdated, pointless, and potentially dangerous treatment by posting signs on objects through the city:

The sign, attached to a bike reads:


No, I am not a car.  I am a bicycle.

I didn’t choose to be a bicycle,

and no conversion treatment will change me.

Please love us as we are!

There are plenty of others, as well:

Check out their campaign video:

While I hope that their campaign triggers a change of heart, I have a hard time being optimistic.  It seems like the more conservative forms of Orthodox Judaism aren’t exactly welcoming to change.

I am, however, curious where these signs are, exactly.  Their website isn’t very user-friendly, but I assume that because some of the signs are in English, they are in the U.S. or U.K. as well as Israel.

That being said, I think that this a really cool campaign — the concept, to me, is extremely striking. The “Please love us as we are” concept could really be applicable to any number of discriminated-against groups.

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  • chicago dyke

    i can only feel pity. it is so sad that some people want to tie their identity so strongly with a religion, a silly religion based on ancient tropes and ignorance, so much that they will beg for acceptance from those who will never give it.

    this is a brave campaign, and i laud the people involved for doing it. but i have to implore them also: take the next step. Jews have a unique culture in the history of religions; that tradition is rich with agnostic and cultural Jews who use intellect and history to understand that they need not base their lives around a set of rules and conventions in order to be “Jewish.”

    but don’t expect the leaders of the orthodox community to embrace the scientific fact that homosexuals exist, and are humans just like they are. to do so would mean giving up the platform that grants them the authority they enjoy, and the control of people who provide for them, so they don’t have to work or fight for Israel or any of the rest of it.

    you are queer. you are loved by all right thinking people in the world. unfortunately, that does not include the orthodox leaders. you can live and love and be happy without them. move on, and create and embrace your own Jewish tradition. many Jews throughout history have done so. you can too.

  • Mario Strada

    “It seems like the more conservative forms of Orthodox Judaism aren’t exactly welcoming to change.”

    No shit.

  • RebeccaSparks

    This is a striking campaign! I like it.

  • Drew M.


  • SeekerLancer

    Clever campaign, I like it.

  • JD

    Ironic, since the tagline could just as easily be “I am a tree. No matter how many times, ways, or loudly you try to say I’m a flower, I’m still a tree. Defend marriage…”

  • Jim Baerg

    While I sympathize with the people putting up these signs I think they are missing an important point.
    It doesn’t matter whether homosexuality is a choice. What matters is that it doesn’t harm anyone else.
    I doubt that pedophiles *choose* to be sexually attracted to children, but since them acting on that attraction harms the children, the pedophiles need to be kept away from children.
    If there *was* some way of turning gays straight, the lack of harm from homosexuality would mean there is no reason to use it.

  • AxeGrrl

    Except that same sex marriage and hetero marriage are, at the most fundamental level, the same ~ namely, a legally binding contract acknowledging and protecting a committed relationship between two people.

    And once again, we hear the nonsensical and disingenuous “defend marriage” mantra. How, exactly, does fighting against same sex marriage “defend” hetero marriage? Rhetorical question. It does no such thing.

  • AxeGrrl

    If there *was* some way of turning gays straight, the lack of harm from homosexuality would mean there is no reason to use it.

    Great point/post, Jim :)