Signs Campaigning Against Gay Conversion Treatments Go Up In Tel Aviv, Israel is the self-proclaimed “first independent site for religious homosexual Jews,” and they are setting out to make a change in their community.

As it stands, any gay members of the Haredi ultra-orthodox community are forced to undergo conversion treatments. Hod is seeking to put a stop to this outdated, pointless, and potentially dangerous treatment by posting signs on objects through the city:

The sign, attached to a bike reads:


No, I am not a car.  I am a bicycle.

I didn’t choose to be a bicycle,

and no conversion treatment will change me.

Please love us as we are!

There are plenty of others, as well:

Check out their campaign video:

While I hope that their campaign triggers a change of heart, I have a hard time being optimistic.  It seems like the more conservative forms of Orthodox Judaism aren’t exactly welcoming to change.

I am, however, curious where these signs are, exactly.  Their website isn’t very user-friendly, but I assume that because some of the signs are in English, they are in the U.S. or U.K. as well as Israel.

That being said, I think that this a really cool campaign — the concept, to me, is extremely striking. The “Please love us as we are” concept could really be applicable to any number of discriminated-against groups.

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