The Creation Museum’s Ken Ham is Asking His Followers to Pray for Me

You guys, Ken Ham‘s not happy with me.

All I did was call him a liar and a bad teacher (because he’s a liar and a bad teacher), and he’s upset! So upset that he wants his followers to pray for me.

Wouldn’t you just love your children to go to the school in the Chicago area where Hemant Mehta would be their math teacher…

He wants to teach your children atheism and drag them to Hell. His anger against and intolerance of those who teach children the truth of God’s Word is often shown on his blog.

It’s true, it’s true. Somehow, Ham must have gotten ahold of my notes for class…

Interestingly enough, he has nothing to say about the substance of my critique. Only that I’m an atheist and, therefore, not someone worth taking seriously. (And I use bad words, so BEWARE!)

(Thanks to Reynold for the link)

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