The Name of Kanye West’s Next Album is Rumored to Be ‘I Am God’

Kanye West has a new album coming out soon and the rumored title would rattle a lot of religious nerves:

Kanye West is raising eyebrows again with a rumor that he’s naming his sixth studio album “I Am God.”

The new album’s title has yet to be confirmed but aside from the possible name and a small list of contributors including The-Dream and Malik Yusef, details on the rapper’s forthcoming album are scarce.

It sounds like people are taking a few words and giving them a ridiculous amount of meaning. Which is very God-like…

Plus, there’s proof Kanye West actually exists…

Well, I’ll be damned, Kanye has one-upped the Bible.

And I guess that would make Kim Kardashian the Virgin Mary? (Let that one percolate in your mind for a bit.)

(Thanks to @georgehenryAP for the link!)

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