This Book’s Plot Just Doesn’t Make Any Sense!

As far as book reviews go, I have to admit: this one really captures the essence of its subject:

More could have been shown about God’s unique mental condition. The Jesus character lacked flaws which is usually seen as poor writing. Jesus and his father never fight or disagree. The main characters were often sent to the background for a cavalcade of secondary and peripheral characters. They are not mentioned at all in the book of Esther. The perspective shifts a lot. Because the main characters are immortal, but the story is told through the lives of mortal characters, we often follow characters for a short passage, but then leave them for other, sometimes less interesting generations. Not all plot points are fully explored or explained, but other items are described in exhaustive detail. I think in some ways the anthology is trying to be everything to everyone.

In particular, the plan of salvation is presented over a series of events that might leave some readers confused and in need of someone else to explain it. A plot point that significant would be expected to be made clearer earlier in the narrative, but the story is clearly meant to be a slow build.

Love it :)

You can read Jay Wilburn‘s full review here.

(Thanks to Annie for the link!)

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