Christian Magazine: Gay Football Players Should Stay in the Closet

I’m not surprised that many Christians are still opposed to gay marriage.

I am surprised when they voice their opposition as boldly and badly as Jennifer LeClaire did for Charisma magazine with this article:

Wow. Forget the whole “loving the sinner” guise they usually put on. This is just full out bigotry in action (emphasis hers).

When I was a kid, watching football on Sunday afternoons was a family tradition for many people in my neighborhood. Now, the gay agenda is finding its way into family life — from marriage (and divorce) to adoption — and may soon enough seep into Sunday afternoon football.

Damn those gays ruining her ability to marry and divorce and adopt and watch football. Somehow… In ways no one has figured out yet… Since the love gay people have doesn’t harm the love straight couples have.

But back to this supposed gay agenda (last emphasis is mine):

When I was a kid, watching football on Sunday afternoons was a family tradition for many on my block. But as the gay agenda makes its public relations push from all sides, expect to see more gay professional athletes coming out of the closet in 2013, especially if the U.S. Supreme Court validates gay marriage at a federal level before football season begins.

In an age of openly gay clergy preaching the gospel, it wouldn’t be nearly as shocking to see a muscle-bound NFL pro doing a wacky dance after scoring a touchdown. But you can bet whoever comes out first will be the poster child for the radical gay agenda’s campaigns as they seek to make all things LGBT mainstream in a nation under God that’s divided on gay marriage.

NOT THE GAYS AND THEIR WACKY DANCES! How dare they tarnish the sport of football with their incredible dance moves?! We all know straight football players always just score and Tebow, in that order.

Or not:

LeClaire has no actual argument against gays players coming out other than it would force her to have to defend her bigotry to a world in which people who share her opinion are quickly becoming a minority.

Meanwhile, a current unnamed NFL player is poised to go public with his homosexuality very soon. And people like Chris Kluwe and Brendon Ayanbadejo are leading the charge to make sure the NFL is a place where gay players can safely come out without being harassed or discriminated against. They know there’s no contradiction between being gay and playing football.

LeClaire hasn’t figured that out yet. In her mind, gay players should just shut up and stay silent:

Shining a positive spotlight on gay role models in any industry serves to validate homosexuality, which is clearly a sin.

But the liquor and fast food commercials during games? The references to supermodel wives of current players? The connection between playing football and having traumatic brain injury later in life? Those things are just part of the game. They get ignored by LeClaire.

Because all sins are equal. Some are just more equal than others.

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  • perfectnumber628

    Wowwwww… somehow being aware of the existence of gay people is an attack on her?

  • John Evans

    How dare people penetrate her bubble of ideological isolationism!

  • wright1

    Oh, the terrible Gay Agenda! Just what is that supposed to be, anyway, and why is it so fearsome?

    To not be spat on in public for holding hands with your lover as you walk in the park? To not have to hide your sexual preference to keep your job? To not be driven to suicide by bigoted bullying?

    Stay in your dark little corner if you feel safer there, Ms. LeClaire. The rest of us will welcome our daughters, sons, sisters, brothers, nephews, students, coworkers and neighbors out of the closet. And we will say: “We’re so sorry it took this long.”

  • C Peterson

    People like this are doing more to advance secularism and “noneism” than all the atheist speakers and bloggers combined!

  • Gus Snarp

    It’s funny, I’ve been a football fan for a long time and I thought I would watch football with my kids, but I tried it and found I just wasn’t comfortable with it at all. The misogynist beer and Godaddy commercials, the commercials for TV shows and movies with outrageous amounts of violence right in the commercial, and perhaps worst of all, the commercials for the Army, all made football on broadcast television on a Sunday afternoon was not something I could share with my young son. Then the TBI news started coming out, and I don’t feel so bad that I haven’t watched football in years. But hey, just knowing, if you happen to pay attention to every story that comes out in the sports media, that a player is gay will ruin football as a family affair. Sure. That makes sense. Maybe she doesn’t realize that if all the Christian bigots would stop talking about it, there wouldn’t be any story about it, because it wouldn’t be news, and no one would talk about whether a football player was gay or not.

  • baal

    There is an objective Truth. It is Love. Love exists in the metaphysical realm as a pool. It is called the Love Pool. When we feel love, we borrow from the pool. When we make Love, we swim in the Love Pool. If we let gays in the Pool, that’d taint it by being icky. Do you want your Love sullied? Shouldn’t your Love be Pure*?

    After listening to Scalia and Alito go faux news troll on the country the last 2 days, it’s pretty clear they think this type of recitation is a compelling argument rather that a bizarre bit of sophistry. Incidentally, this whole notion of neo-platonic objective cap T truth was the deciding factor for Libresco to go whole hog on the RCC.

    *my preference is for dirty dirty loving and at least some gaity, YMMV.

    I thought the FA title was a paraphrase for clarity. I was surprised that was what the xtian wrote. That’s straight up homophobia / hate speech.

  • baal

    Know how many public mentions of bestiality in the public media that I’ve heard not coming from Rick Santorum (or his buddies) in the last year? 5-6. All but one were all reports on what Rick etal said. The other one was a link in a FA comment to Paul McCartney (the Beetle) making a joke about a goat.

  • baal

    Before i get too nailed for this comment, I’m arguing the xtains obsessions drive responces and not the other way around as their counter causality rhetoric suggests.

  • busterggi

    It must be nice to be a hateful intolerant Christian knowing that hate and intolerance are against your religion’s teaching but you wiil be forgiven while you hate are not.

  • Bunnie Watson

    Of course, she wouldn’t be eating shellfish at these Sunday football viewings, since they are prohibited by the Old Testament laws. Stick with the chicken wings. And if she was having her period she couldn’t be in the same room with good Christians, since she is unclean. And there would be no adulterers in the party, since they would have been stoned to death already. But the guys could have their multiple wives, concubines or slaves serving the snacks, since the Bible OKs polygamy and slavery. Evangelical heteros – God’s People – know how to have a good time.

  • ortcutt

    Isn’t playing sports on a Sunday already a sin? Organized sports competitions were illegal on Sunday in Pennsylvania until 1931.

  • Raising_Rlyeh

    Ok, which ones of you informed her about the gay mafia’s agenda to make american football gay(er) than it already is? May your wardrobe never match :P

  • Raising_Rlyeh

    Ok, which ones of you informed her about the gay mafia’s agenda to make american football gay(er) than it already is? May your wardrobe never match :P

  • Richard Wade

    Exactly. Go Jennifer! You’re doing a great job keeping that artery open just with this one issue of bigotry, bleeding thousands of young people out of Christianity every day. More! Amp the hate speech up! Slit the tube along its whole length and get it over with.

  • chicago dyke

    didn’t you get your copy? here, let me share:

    7:00am hit snooze, pull up satin sheets over head for more beauty sleep
    7:30am reluctantly untangle from arms of spouse (and rent boi, it was a wicked party) and begin dressing
    8:00am finally make a decision about the proper shade of mauve for today’s tie, leave for work
    9:00am spend most of working morning daydreaming about the flowershop in Paris you’re going to own once you hit the jackpot
    12:00 meet up with talkative militant lesbian friend at the new and oh so fabulous restaurant in the Castro that just opened
    2:00pm reluctantly return to work after purchasing some breath cleansing gum to hide odor of incredible italian chianti and mimosas that accompanied lunch
    3:00pm destroy 1,000 heterosexual marriages, cause earthquakes in heavily religious neighborhoods, corrupt entire population of the boyscouts to the homosexual lifestyle
    4:00pm leave work early due to “headache,” head down to H&M for a fantastic sale on dress pants secretly
    7:00pm bring home pants, dress shirts and snuggly jammies for spouse, who has prepared a wonderfully sinful tapas meal and is serving it to you by candlelight on his grandmother’s 18th century china
    9:00pm head out with spouse to see controversial new art film and cocktails
    12:00 come home early, after enjoying a spicy debate to soothing dance rhythms at the local gay club about the utterly ridiculous claims of art movie (he never would’ve worn those shoes!)
    1:00am snuggling after delightful sexual encounter with spouse, falling asleep to jocular remarks about uptight religious individuals and how they rarely enjoy orgasm

  • The Other Weirdo

    Because ultimately it’s those Army commercials that ruin lives and relationships, and make people see each other as objects rather than as people. I know that when I bought a realistic military computer game and in the box found an actual Army recruitment poster, I immediately committed an outrageous amount of violence, went back home to stomp several cities(and of course their populations) with my 100ton battle mech and then joined the Army.

  • chicago dyke

    football is so gay, you’re totally right about that. i like to joke about straight guy man love, cause it’s all over the football field. they may not be actually fucking each other, but gosh! there is some loving love and manly hugging and chest bumping and tush touching. and showering!

    if i were a gay guy, i’d totally join a football team. just for the view, if not the actual post-game showering related sex activities.

  • TheBlackCat13

    Well, shellfish, or anything else that can be used as a weapon or projectile, is probably not a good idea at a football game no matter what. Well, fried shrimp might be okay I guess.

  • Gus Snarp

    Yeah, I guess no lives and relationships have ever been ruined by impressionable young people being influenced to join the army and fight wars justified by proven falsehoods by the glorification of war and violence in media.

  • Anon

    And I ask my eternal question.
    Why do straight right wing people know more about the Gay Agenda than I do? I mean, did my copy of it get lost in the mail or something? Because seriously, I feel like I should be in the know and I’m not.

  • Randomfactor

    I thought it was the Christians that Jesus wanted in the closet. Didn’t he say JUST that?

  • Tainda

    Not to mention the pigskin

  • Rain

    Don’t worry folks, it’s only Jennifer LeClaire of “Jennifer LeClaire Ministries”, author of such illustrious words as. “Mary worship seems to empower the Queen of Heaven, also known as Jezebel. When Mary is lifted up to a place where only Jesus belongs, it unleashes demonic activity in that territory.”

    So yeah, she’s a huckster and doesn’t actually believe one damn word she’s saying. False alarm, folks. She’s only pretending.

  • ortcutt

    Footballs are actually made from cowhide, nor have Christians ever been concerned about pigs, but sabbath-keeping was a major Christian concern until recently.

  • WallofSleep

    They’re all pretending. If I snapped my fingers and instantly, magically transformed all our Christian citizens into Muslims, all these cons, televangelists and politicians would just as instantly start singing the praises of one nation under Allah, and insisting that our Constitution was derived verbatim from the Koran.

  • Mairianna

    The horror!

  • WallofSleep

    In a round-about way it is. If more and more athletes, actors, musicians, and other traditional role models come out as gay and are accepted for it, then more and more young people are going to come to the rational conclusion that:

    a) Homosexuals are people too, and
    b) These so-called Christian leaders are full of shit

    And that right there is fucking with her bottom line. She can’t have that.

  • SeekerLancer

    It constantly amazes me that people are actually offended simply by the existence of someone who is different from them. It’s especially bad if they dare to be different yet still participate in something the offended person enjoys. Somehow the idea that a gay person can play football ruins the entire thing for them.

  • MargueriteF

    Read “The Homosexual Agenda” (if you have a strong stomach). Apparently gays (or “those practicing the homosexual lifestyle”) have an extensive, thorough, and carefully crafted agenda that involves destroying American society, marriage, religion, and probably apple pie, too. It’s apparently been going on for years now. And now, judging from articles like these, it’s worse than ever! We have big manly guys admitting they’re gay, and cute Kindle commercials showing that two men can be married, and all sorts of horrors! LOOK AROUND YOU, PEOPLE! LOOK AT THE SCARY AGENDA!!! FEARRRRR ITTTTT!!!!

    Seriously, I know scary when I see it, and the “gay agenda” isn’t scary. The agenda promoted by this article’s author and people who think like her, on the other hand… now that’s scary.

  • Max Bingman

    The article goes like this:
    It doesn’t matter if you are gay or not in the NFL. So I should get my way and all of you gay athletes should just shut up.

  • Adam Patrick

    I think the guy mailing them out got every thing backwards and sent the to the homophobic crowd. Or the homophobic crowd got someone to infiltrate the gay headquarters and switched the addresses. It doesn’t seem that any gay person or straight person supporting gay rights got a copy.

  • Kevin_Of_Bangor

    And I almost stopped reading before 3PM, glad I didn’t.

  • John Gills

    Six years ago Esera Tuaolo wrote about his nine years in the NFL as a closeted gay man. His book is titled “Alone in the Trenches” and I recommend it highly.

  • Neal Lindberg

    who cares if the nfl player is gay. Just play well that’s it.

  • coyotenose

    Well, playing on Saturday would be the sin, since God never gave anyone permission to change the day for the sake of convenience and to soothe pagan sentiment.

    I made a Bible-thumper completely shut up once by explaining that while she was going on about her good Christian family morals and how they watched college football together. I don’t think she ever wrote another word on that forum.

  • Yojimbo Billions

    Imagine how much she’s going to freak on the day she realizes there are gay people who go to her church (likely).

  • MattD

    Let’s go simpler!
    She’s upset because her fantasies are going to be ruined……..after all, a whole team of football players in a sexual fantasy is going to be less erotic if you know some of them prefer to do each other!

  • Friendly_Autist


  • pagansister

    Hard to play catch the football when standing in a closet! Seriously, what are so many people afraid of—-”catching gayness?” or something? It’s just plain sad.