Just a Reminder to Stay off the Roads This Sunday…

In case you forgot, some evil trying-to-be-funny punk decided that tomorrow would be “Jesus, Take The Wheel” Day:

On March 31, 2013, Christians all over the world will take to the streets in their automobiles. Relying only on the divine protection of Jesus Christ, they will prove that the Savior of Man will not abandon them when they remove their hands from the steering wheels of their cars for a total of 5 minutes. They will not be at a red light, or a stop sign, they will be on the highways. This is TRUE FAITH. Jesus Christ does not abandon his children, and with the current state of the world, it’s time to show Jesus that we have not abandoned him. Do not come to this page telling us that we are crazy and that we are going to die. Jesus is our Shepherd, and he will tend to his flock. Please join us and show that you are NOT AFRAID to place your life in the hands of Jesus Christ.

This event could alternatively have been called “Don’t Think and Drive” Day.

See you at the Darwin Awards, everyone.

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