Are You Being Persecuted Because of Your Faith? Take This Quiz and Find Out!

Recently, Lord Carey, the former Archbishop of Canterbury, told a British newspaper that Prime Minister David Cameron had no business saying religious leaders should “stand up and oppose aggressive secularization” when a recent poll showed that two-thirds of Christians believe they are part of a “persecuted minority.”

In response, The Daily Mash (A British version of The Onion) created a questionnaire so Brits can find out how persecuted they really are:

Are you excluded from high office, such as being prime minister or the Queen, because of your religion?

Are you prevented from worshipping in, let’s say, a church, on, let’s say, a Sunday morning?

Are schools, funded largely by people who do not share your views, banned from telling children about your favourite miracles?

Does Britain celebrate Christmas because it is the birthday of Isaac Newton?

You can read the full list of questions here. My favorite part may be the caption under the accompanying picture.

(Thanks to Matt for the link!)

"Logic does not work with disingenuous folks."

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