Catholic Blogger: ‘Atheism is as Intellectually Credible as Holocaust Denial and Racial Theory’

Alright, I hate linking to this, but I can’t avoid it. You have to see firsthand the gall of Thomas L. McDonald, Catholic blogger here at Patheos.

He criticizes atheists based off his own prejudices while wishing us all a Happy April Fools Day:

They live lives of sad desperation…

I’m not sure what clinging to an irrational vision of reality gives to atheists.

It gets hard to separate the loud Ministers for the Church of Unbelief from the merely hurting, normal people.

… they don’t really believe it anyway.

Atheists offer people an attractive lie: the world all there is, so you might as well just enjoy it…

It goes on for a long while. McDonald goes on and on about how horrible we “evangelical” atheists are, what with our “reason” and all. He makes all sorts of unfounded, unfair accusations about us… because, I presume, he believes in God and thinks he can get away with it.

And the best part? He shut off the comment thread just in case anyone wanted to respond to his lies… while comparing us to Holocaust deniers and racists:

If you want to accuse me of avoiding a debate, you are 100% correct. Atheism is as intellectually credible as Holocaust denial and racial theory. I don’t debate those either.

You know, I appreciate that Patheos pretty much gives us complete independence on our sites and I have no real connection to other “portals” on here… But, seriously, between Father Dwight Longnecker and this guy, that Catholic portal is just embarrassing.

I apologize to all of you for having even a remote bond to him.

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