Arkansas State Representative Tells Pro-Choice Mother She’s a Murderer

In the span of just a couple of days, we have yet another Arkansas legislator who dismisses the legitimate concerns of his constituent with a flippant response.

On Monday, Rep. John Payton responded to a mother’s concern about her atheist daughter having to sit through a moment of silence (and the inevitable bullying of students who know she’s not praying) by tossing out a couple of Bible verses calling atheists fools.

But there’s more where he came from. Last week, a Pagan woman wrote to Rep. Nate Bell — a Republican, of course — urging him to reconsider the state’s strict new veto-overridden anti-abortion laws.

Rep. Nate Bell

Bell responded by calling the woman a murderer, somehow throwing sarcasm into that verbal assault:

This is the same guy who once (mis-)quoted Hitler on his Facebook page, by the way. A real winner.

I don’t know if there’s something bad in Arkansas water or whether this is just the Republicans’ new strategy: Don’t just ignore your constituents; be a dick to them at every opportunity.

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  • Thegoodman

    “I don’t know if there’s something bad in Arkansas…”

    There is. Its the people.

  • Rich Wilson

    I can’t tell which is more bizarre, AR state reps, or AZ small church pastors.

    If the state rep would just carry his wife around the house, I think we’d have a clear winner.

  • C Peterson

    The guy’s a dick, but I don’t see where he calls her a murderer. He equates abortion to killing a child, which I don’t agree with, but isn’t clearly wrong, and is a commentary on her beliefs, not her actions. Had he called her a murderer, he would be guilty of defamation, and she’d have grounds for legal action.

    Am I simply overlooking the word “murder” in the communications? Because if he didn’t say that, the headline of this post actually defames Bell.

  • Mel

    I have to be honest because I don’t think this ever really happened. The woman emailed an official email address and received a response back from a yahoo email account. Anyone could have made the email account to frame the state rep.

    Granted, if he truly did respond this way I’m appalled but the screen shots are conflicting.

  • Dats3

    Well, he’s flippant to be sure. Not sure you should talk to a constituent this way. However, I think a better argument for the constituent might have been you want government out of our lives except in the bedroom and in the women’s wombs.
    And, how does it remind him of “A Boy Named Sue”? Playing the song in my head right now and I don’t get the reference.

  • Rich Wilson

    He’s having his gov’t contact email address forwarded to his yahoo account. Not smart, but a lot of them do it. You’ll also notice that his doesn’t actually work, but it’s still in his .sig

    It could be fake, but if so it’s a pretty bad fake job. And in that case, ANY email exchange could be completely faked.

  • Donald Morton

    He has stated on his Facebook page that is it real. The reddit thread in /r/Arkansas has Facebook screenshots showing him being very rude to people. People are also saying he’s pretty quick to delete comments and ban people.

  • A3Kr0n

    And we’re supposed to have conversations with these people?
    I think not.

  • Ms. Anne Thrope

    Why can’t a tornado drop a house on this jerk?

  • kevin white

    There’s a reason i hate living in Arkansas.

  • Mel

    I guess it is just the skeptic in me. =)

  • Marco Conti

    This guy is obviously a tool. Must be something in the water there.But what I am really impressed with is that she wrote that long letter on her iPhone. It would take me an hour to write something like that on mine.

  • Anon

    ‘It’s a good maternal action to kill your child because you can’t bear to give it up for adoption’.
    (Because the nine months of having a small parasite inhabiting your body, the huge changes you have to make and the pain of childbirth don’t come into the picture)

  • observer

    So…should we tell him that the Bible not only states fetuses aren’t considered people, but that God himself has committed abortions?

    Or would it be more productive to just say “f**k it” and move on?

  • C Peterson

    That isn’t calling her a murderer- not even close.

    He is claiming that abortion is killing a child, and that this represents a poor moral choice. Agree or disagree, that isn’t defamatory. Abortion does involve killing, so that is accurate, and depending on context, a fetus might be considered a “child”.

    If he called her a murderer, he would be falsely accusing her of committing a crime, and she would have grounds for legal action.

  • kevin white

    Women in arkansas are born with the ability to type “Harry Potter ” Size books on their Telephone Devices faster than most people drive. And they do it WHILE DRIVING.

  • Holytape

    Anyone else see a bit of Chet from Weird Science in him?

  • Mark W.

    “I don’t know if there’s something bad in Arkansas water…”

  • Mark W.

    Funny, but you disregard the hundreds (if not thousands) of atheists, humanists, secularists, and other generally decent people (of these and other beliefs) that live in Arkansas with or without choice, many of whom actively work to overcome the attitudes expressed by this particular legislator and his ilk.

  • Gus Snarp

    You’re absolutely thinking the right way, but as Donald notes below, his Facebook page does confirm the email. He also claims he thought the email was a joke from a colleague because it was so over the top. If that’s true, it’s telling in its own way that he can read that and think it’s so unbelievable it must be a joke.

  • MD

    Her main point was that according to her religious beliefs, a baby isn’t born until “the spirits enters its body”, apparently with the first breath. And the child that is meant to be hers will be waiting in the spirit realm, or something like that, until she gives birth to it.
    The state Rep totally craps all over her beliefs. I think that’s the most egregious aspect of this exchange.

  • Artor

    Yes, but they’re obviously outnumbered by the fucktards.

  • ElizabethS

    …wow…just wow

  • Gus Snarp

    This is why States’ Rights is an anachronism that should be amended out of our constitution.

  • SN

    Her beliefs are stupid though. I have some sympathy with the state rep there. No, he shouldn’t talk to her like that, it’s true, but why should her beliefs be respected? Paganism is basically made up. There’s no scientific reason to say there’s a spirit that enters the baby after birth. Life begins at conception, and abortion involves ending a human life. Now, you can argue that the woman’s right to her bodily autonomy is more important than the life of a fetus when it’s just a few cells, but to say abortion isn’t taking a life is scientifically inaccurate.

  • Thegoodman

    Of course, I didn’t mean to cause offense. Indiana has an only slightly less tarnished record of religious intolerance and bigotry so I understand your plight.

  • chicago dyke

    if you want to be all legalese about it, the question is: what does the law define when it uses the word “kill?” is there a “good” kill and “bad” kill, or one that is legally defensible and one that is not; or does the law have two (or more) separate terms which specify the different legal categories in which an action leads to the death of a human being?

    suicide, murder, homicide, manslaughter… i’ve watched enough L&O those pop into my head. under wingnut laws that ban abortion, women who terminate are “guilty” of one or more of those, right?

    in any case, i have little doubt that if i walked up to butterballed asshole right now and asked, “is a woman who has an abortion a murderer?” he’d say yes.

  • Heather Ferris

    “Her beliefs are stupid though.” Well…too bad. That’s just too bad. It’s ridiculous to say something like that, then follow it up with YOUR beliefs, and state those as a reason for her being wrong. Do you seriously not see the utter hypocrisy in that?

  • chicago dyke

    The song tells the tale of a young man’s quest for revenge on a father who abandoned him at 3 years of age and whose only contribution to his entire life was naming him Sue, commonly a feminine name, which results in the young man suffering from ridicule and harassment by everyone he meets in his travels. Because of this, Sue grows up tough, mean and smartens up very quickly, though he frequently relocates due to the shame his name gives him. Angered by the embarrassment and abuse that he endures in his life, he swears that he will find and kill his father for giving him “that awful name.”Sue later locates his father at a Gatlinburg, Tennessee, tavern during the middle of a summer season and confronts him by saying, “My name is Sue! How do you do? Now you’re gonna die!” This results in a vicious brawl that spills outdoors into a muddy street. After the two have beaten each other almost senseless, Sue’s father admits that he is “the son of a bitch” that named him Sue and explains that the name was given as an act of love. Because Sue’s father knew that he would not be there for his son, he gave him the name to make sure that he grew up strong. Learning this, Sue forgives his father and they reconcile. With his lesson learned, Sue closes the song with a promise to name his son “Bill or George, any damn thing but Sue! I still hate that name!”

    yeah, i still don’t get it.

  • Kari Lynn

    So she’s supposed to respect his stupid beliefs, but he doesn’t have to respect hers?
    Life does not begin at conception. A sperm and an egg are alive, when they join together they form something that is also alive. It is not new life, it is different life.

  • 3lemenope

    Somehow I think that if you asked young folks in Washington and Colorado, you might get a different viewpoint.

  • Carmelita Spats

    Great point…The sociopath known as Dr. Yahweh is an unlicensed “OB/GYN”…He impregnated a teenage girl with who-knows-what-black-cosmic-goo in a freak in vitro experiment where He became his own father and he also developed the first morning after pill. In the Book of Numbers (5:11), Yahweh gives DETAILED instructions on how to detect if your wife has committed adultery. The accused woman goes before a priest and is forced to drink some icky water in a clay jar mixed with a scroll full of curses (???). If she’s innocent, she will be able to have children. If she’s guilty of infidelity, her belly swells and she MISCARRIES!!! The punishment is that she will ALWAYS miscarry! LMAO! Yahweh also kills David’s son because David had an affair with Bathsheba and orders the Israelite soldiers to run their swords through the bellies of pregnant women (Hosea). If Dr. Yahweh practiced gynecology in the U.S., he’d be arrested.

  • chicago dyke

    i don’t see a logic and intelligence test being applied to any other religions. no reason to make hers, and her right to maintain one is enshrined in the constitution. what is not law of the land is his right to tell her his matter more than hers. that’s the worst part of all this. the hypocrisy.

  • C Peterson

    The point is, “murder” is a strictly legal term, that means unlawful killing. I don’t see any indication that Bell accused anybody of murder. He simply used the same rhetoric about killing children than most anti-choicers use. I don’t agree for an instant, but neither do I think it is a good idea for those of us who are pro-choice to completely misrepresent our opponents.

    I think we’re better than that.

  • wmdkitty

    ” Paganism is basically made up. ”

    And Christianity is, like, totally true!


  • Baby_Raptor

    We’re not all bad, I promise. I wish I wasn’t stuck here, but moving really is not an option within my financial reach right now, and even if it was, I would seriously screw my roommate.

  • Baby_Raptor

    I can’t. Maybe it’s because I was actually born in Texas, but if it’s more than a couple sentences I just call or wait til I get back to the computer.

  • Baby_Raptor

    Christianity isn’t anymore legit than Paganism. Why should we respect your beliefs anymore than anyone elses’?

    And no, life does not begin at conception. A couple cells isn’t a life.You can sit there and scream until you turn blue, but you’re lying when you claim your views are scientifically accurate.

  • Philbert

    Loving the irony here. Makes me wonder if it’s some kind of Poe on the part of the “pagan” with the intention of highlighting the absurdity of basing laws on the more absurd aspects of religious beliefs.

  • Dave Warnock

    I’m embarrassed to say that I am from Arkansas (though glad to say I no longer live there)…how does a jerk like this get elected to public office in ANY state?! wow…sad state of affairs in the realm of politics in America.

  • DougI

    Since it’s always the Antis who go around murdering people with bullets and bombs, it’s merely a case of projection on his point.

    I’d love it if the police would interrogate him as to why he is not reporting a murderer to the police. Have him present his false charges so the police can arrest him, then she can sue him for defamation. But he’s an Anti, all he can do is lie.

  • phantomreader42

    Paganism is every bit as made up as christianity. Your delusions aren’t any less stupid than hers, just older, less creative, and more out of date.

  • Bdole

    Yeah, after Chet was turned into that frog-blob thingy by Kelly LeBrock.

  • kevin white

    Yeah, I understand. I can type pretty fast on a keyboard. However, what gets me on the little Iphone onscreen keyboard is that there’s no margin of error, and i’m OCD about my posts when i’m on my phone. I blame autocorrect.

    Also, i see one person didn’t like my first comment on this. Thing is, it’s actually sorta true. If you drive down the road, especially in northeast Arkansas, if it’s a woman driving, she’s either got the phone by her head or is typing with the damn thing on the steering wheel.

    However, if it was because of the fact that i derail topics faster than Amtrak, i’ll just say this: He’s just as bad a tool as a rep we’ve got over this way. Not kidding when i say that his main points during the election was getting prayer back in schools, deporting the athiests, and getting rid of abortion. Also, GUNS… and NO EQUALITY FOR GAYS (Which as everyone knows, gets my goat every time.)

  • Darrell Ross

    If killing a child is murder and he is equating abortion with killing a child, isn’t he, by extension, equating abortion with murder?

    I think you’re splitting hairs.

  • wmdkitty

    The problem of “oblivious driver with cell phone” isn’t limited, you know. About half the times I’ve had a close call with a car, it’s because the driver is yakking away on hir cell phone. I haven’t noticed a trend in regards to gender, though.

  • MD

    You want respect for your religion? Respect that lady’s religion as well. To me they both sound just as plausible. The solution is to keep religion out of civil law.

  • Gus Snarp

    Yes, occasionally a few states take advantage of states’ rights to lead the way in a more progressive direction, but I think that’s less common than states’ rights being the rallying cry of those seeking to deny individuals their civil right, and frankly, much as I think marijuana should be legal, and I think that California’s auto emissions standards are important for the whole world, I think as a matter of law that civil rights and bodily autonomy are far more important.

  • C Peterson

    It’s not splitting hairs. When you call somebody a murderer, you are accusing them of an actual crime. If you do it publicly, you are committing slander or libel, and could face serious legal consequences. That isn’t the case when you tell somebody who had an abortion that they killed their child.

    My complaint here is that this post headline completely misrepresents what Bell said. He did not call anybody a murderer, and he didn’t even specifically say that the woman he was communicating with killed anybody. All he did was offered the same rhetoric that most anti-choicers use, equating abortion to killing babies. The story shouldn’t be making a big deal out of Bell’s views- they are what they are, and he’s entitled to them. The story is about what an asshat he is, engaging in this sort of dialog with one of his constituents.

    Frankly, if I were Bell, I’d have my lawyers going after Hemant here for some kind of defamation. I think he has a case.

  • fsm

    Since most of Xtian dogma came from Paganism, the only conclusion is that either both are made up or neither.

  • Rich Wilson

    Frankly, if I were Bell, I’d have my lawyers going after Hemant here for some kind of defamation. I think he has a case.

    Maybe my intro to law is rusty, but I thought there was something about him suffering damages. As in, people actually had to believe it and change their opinion of him. I suppose that’s plausible, but other than a fat inbox, I’m not sure how Bell will really suffer from any of this. The publicity will probably gain him votes. It’s probably not worth his expenses to bring a suit in any case.

    I do agree he did not call anyone a ‘murderer’ and that is different. I think the inclusion of “Pro-choice” in the headline makes it clear that even if he did, it was within the context of abortion, and any reasonable person would understand the rhetoric. I guess what I’m saying is, I think Hemant was going 5mph over the speed limit on a clear day on an empty street.

  • C Peterson

    I’d put it a bit more than just 5 mph over the limit. Even giving the impression of misrepresenting your opponent’s words in a headline is bad. It’s bad on purely ethical considerations, and it’s bad on practical grounds. And it’s totally unnecessary, as the actual words are damning enough. It’s only because Bell is a dim bulb (along with most of his constituents) that he isn’t all over this misrepresentation. But Hemant left himself wide open to justifiable attack with this headline.

  • jose

    Stop electing these idiots, Americans.

  • enuma

    We’re trying, but it’s tough with the rampant gerrymandering.

  • coyotenose

    “Murder” can also be a moral description, even when the killing is legal.

    But you’re right of course. He didn’t even imply that she was a murderer. He’s a childish asshole who is thinking that, but that’s beside the point.

  • coyotenose

    it’s fairly bizarre in that her stated beliefs are identical to what his would be if he actually read and believed his Bible.

  • coyotenose

    I’ve noticed a trend among people who text or use their cells while driving. Anecdotally, they’re all assholes. :P

  • wmdkitty

    Ayup. The other half the time, it’s some little old lady who can’t see over the dash, or some dudebro in a jacked-up truck.

  • TheBlackCat13

    We call the first ones “no-see-ems”.

  • Penny Royal

    Shorter SN: I’m going to use my beliefs to belittle another person’s beliefs, ’cause I don’t agree with those other beliefs!

    Or…my invisible sky daddy’s dick is bigger than your invisible sky daddy’s dick!

    Or…my fairy tales are way better than your fairy tales!

    Or…what most Christians do every single day.

    ALL religion is made up.

    Also? It is absolutely *adorable* that you’re trying to use “science” to back up your personal beliefs. Please show us this “scientific” evidence that “life begins at conception”. But first, please clarify your definition of “conception”. Are you referring to fertilization or implantation? I must ask because “conception” is a nebulous term without an agreed upon definition.

    Yeah…you’ve got a grasp on the difference between science and personal belief. Sure you do!

  • njew84

    Pretty sad how nobody is talking about the Gosnell case.. Has nobody heard or does nobody care?

  • njew84

    Let me leave you with a little link, if you watch the 3 major networks for your news I understand why you haven’t heard…

  • Nancy Richard Colburn

    He called me a liberal cow and allowed his trollers to call me a whore baby killer.

  • Nancy Richard Colburn

    Really? If you say kill your baby is that not calling someone a muderer? Okay, I testified at the Capitol. They know my story and continue to call me a baby killer.

  • Nancy Richard Colburn

    Thanks for the legal advice. I guess I should sue the Arkansas Legislature.

  • Nancy Richard Colburn

    Not an abortion debate.

  • Nancy Richard Colburn

    How so?

  • DAMN

    I agree with the State Representative

  • DAMN

    Well that doesn’t change the fact that she or for any matter anyone who kills their own child whether born or not is a murderer…no…wait…scratch that…not even murederers are that fucked up…not even them would kill their own child.The Human Race is filled with filthy trash like you and this stupid bitch

    This isn’t about beliefs you ignorant whore
    It’s easy to talk for you cuz your mother didn’t abort you…how would you feel if you were killed by your own mother?

    This is about the Child not the Mother or the Judge you disgusting piece of trash

  • wmdkitty


  • DAMN

    GTFO Piece of Trash Pro-Baby Killing Scum
    I’d lock you up with the most ruthless criminals
    All these poor babies getting killed by all of these goddamn whores…this is why the World is fucked up

  • C.L. Honeycutt

    Nice Witnessing for Christ you’re doing there. Don’t worry, Jesus will forgive your hate and evil.

    It’s sad that you’re so hate-addled that you scream like an infant rather than educate yourself about what you’re screaming about.

  • wmdkitty

    Flagged again.

    Please take your misogyny elsewhere.

  • wmdkitty

    It is, in fact, misogyny to support a position that removes a woman’s right to full control over her body, and gives a non-sentient, non-sapient glob of cells the right to inhabit her body against her will.

  • DAMN11

    STFU…I am not Catholic in the first place.If you approve of killing babies you’re no worse than the extremists who kill people and kill themselves in what they claim to be under the “Name of God”

    I’m dead fucking serious…get a fucking education you goddamn immature bratty atheist and stop stereotyping people

    I believe in God..but I don’t really care all that much for Religion I’m sort of an Apatheist

    Anyways killing babies is wrong…and people who abort(unless they’re about to die) should go to Jail for atleast 20-30 years.It’s not the Kid’s fault that you couldn’t keep your legs close…it’s not the kids fault that somebody raped you etc.

    It’s always Woman vs Man…nobody cares about children…we can dispose them right? They’re just trash you idiotic scumbag humans piece of shit.I wish the entire Human Race would get destroyed cuz of scum like you…fuck you to the depths of the Universe you stupid fucking ignorant pretentious self-entitled scumbag piece of shit

  • damn11

    The Baby is not her Body…it’s the Baby’s Body.What these people who abort are doing is consider Human Life Abuse…that’s the fucking truth
    It’s not the Baby’s fault that he/she is in your stomach…grow up,grow a brain,grow some empathy,logic,morals…you’re not the Baby’s Owner…you’re just giving life to it
    Why should the Baby be in the mercy of some woman? Why? Could you imagine if you and me were in a stomach of a Prostitute? We wouldn’t be here today…we wouldn’t be alive

    This is what pisses me off and saddens me to extremes…A Baby is not the Property of a Human…goddammit

  • damn11

    And also if Men were able to be pregnant and aborted Babies I would get in their case too…so stfu about your false claims of misogyny

    I just want to protect Kids…they’re the most innocent uncorrupted creatures in this world(before they grow up like us (young)adult douchebags >.<)

    They don't deserve this unfairness.They shouldn't have to win a Jackpot in order to live

    I don't care much about differences and political BS or something…but when it comes to Kids I get so sensitive…

  • damn11

    Also you’re being selfish…A baby is not aware that it is living in your body and it’s not his/her fault…blame the man up there for that(if you believe in him).All I see is unfairness towards children here

    Something is wrong with the world when killing babies is considered to be OK…and even more wrong when people don’t feel guilty when they do kill them
    We’re not Humans…we’re monsters…monsters that should be stop…maybe some Aliens will invade our planet and kill us all once and for all someday…we really deserve it

  • wmdkitty


    NOBODY has the right to use my body without my explicit, ongoing consent. NOBODY.

  • damn11

    I didn’t erase women from the equation at all…grow up you stupid selfish brat.If Men could be pregnant I’d be pissed of if they killed babies too

    See this is why I hate Humans…most of us are selfish pieces of shit…you’re a prime example of this.We kill,we steal what is not ours,we destroy the planet…somebody should just kill us all for once and for all…it’s gone far too long

    Apparently you had the right to use your mother’s body you Hypocrite.Maybe you should have been killed by your Mother and see what it feels like
    Huh? I totally destroyed all of your arguments

    Just admit…you’re a selfish disgusting creature
    In fact you’re so disgusting it’s sad that all these babies are getting killed and not you…somebody should just put a gun in your head and blow your brains out

  • damn11

    Wish babies had a developed brain from the start and the moment you try to kill them they would kill you from the inside…it would be deserved justice…they would die too which would be horrible…but atleast they’d take you with them

  • wmdkitty

    Your mother should have swallowed.

  • damn11

    You’re just pissed that i totally destroyed your arguments you dumb fuck

    What if say one day I get married and have a kid…and all of a sudden my wife wanted to break up with me and kill the kid?

    You know what would happen? She would kill the kid and than out of Revenge and Utter Despair I would kill her and go to Jail for 30 years…I just wouldn’t be able to stand there and do nothing while she kills my kid.And even when I kill her my kid would still be dead

    Don’t you see how this only brings more Anger,Sadness and everything bad to the world? Were you dropped in your head as a Kid?

    Becuz of people like you many people are afraid to live.Becuz of idiots like you many people are afraid to make babies cuz the idiot who will hold the baby might freak out and kill their child

    Idiots like you give people the worst ideas…this is why you hear of the most sick disgusting things happening in relationships every day.It just ends up only hurting people…but you don’t care do you…you’re just a selfish scumbag who only cares about yourself…people like you start wars…no better than Osama Bin Laden….

    Oh and you people who are viewing this can thumb down me all you want…deep down you know who you are…you’re a monster…no baby ever wants to be in a Person’s stomach btw…they simply have no choice.

  • wmdkitty

    Doesn’t matter. The “baby” does NOT have the right to my bodily resources, nor the right to inhabit my body.

    If removal kills it, tough shit — it’s my body, my health, my sanity on the line, and I’ll do whatever I have to do to maintain it.

  • damn11

    Than you have no right to live in Earth either by that logic….stop being an idiot and use your brain for a change

    Stop damage controlling…I said those that do it willingly.If it’s the mother dying than that’s reasonable.And there’s no way around it…the removal kills it period.The woman in the article was in no danger of going insane or dying

    In fact most dispose them just becuz they don’t want them and they’re allowed to…that should be illegal
    There should be a system where if you’re going insane/or about to die you would be verified and than can abort the baby…but that system won’t be implemented most likely…cuz the goverment want to use woman to decrease population

  • damn11

    I believe this argument is over…I’m right as always becuz I am always non-biased and never take sides.People shouldn’t be able to abort unless their health(sanity/death) is in the line

    That’s is 100% Righteousness right there
    Of course I have superior intellect…so nobody can bullshit me

  • wmdkitty

    You’re ridiculous, and you sound like you could use some professional help with your obsessive-compulsive need to always be right, and your need to control women.

  • C.L. Honeycutt

    I repeat:

    It’s sad that you’re so hate-addled that you scream like an infant rather than educate yourself about what you’re screaming about.

  • damn11

    How can I not hate on everything
    Every day I have to live in this stupid world with stupid biased people who only care about themselves

    Educate yourself in becoming smarter and a better person maybe
    I’m way above you

  • damn11

    Lol…control women? I don’t care about that…nor do I need to do that
    Cuz you’re already being controlled by the Goverment…you being pro-choice helps their plan on decreasing the population…that’s why there is no consequences for people aborting babies…cuz it’s all the goverment’s plan to reduce the population…you’re being used you dumbass…and the goverment can remove you whenever they please…be aware of your surroundings..and be aware that you can do nothing to react

    And like I said if Men did this I’d be on their case too.I’m just against what Humans have become in general…I see most of them as Evil

  • damn11

    BTW I’m done arguing with you moronic people.You’re just cancer.Hope any of you don’t have kids…cuz you might kill them…or if not kill them you will annoy them to death or your stupidity might rub on them

    I pity kids that have to deal with stupid people

  • C.L. Honeycutt

    And again:

    It’s sad that you’re so hate-addled that you scream like an infant rather than educate yourself about what you’re screaming about.

    You don’t know anything about womens’ health issues, but you are screaming as if you do. You’re an ignoramous demanding that he be right, but you don’t want to do any work to BECOME right. Enjoy your screaming and foot-stamping, trash.

    And you’re pathetically obsessed with how smart you think you are. Poor little insecure trash.

  • C.L. Honeycutt

    Poor little screamy angrums is done, oh no.

    Don’t forget to stick the flounce, trash.

  • wmdkitty

    Paranoid, much?

  • wmdkitty

    Then why don’t you do the kids (and the rest of us) a favor, and put yourself out of our misery. I’d even happily provide you with a knife, a razor blade, or a noose to do the job…