Is It Only ‘Brainwashing’ When We Don’t Like What the Child is Saying?

The Green Street United Methodist Church in Winston-Salem, North Carolina said recently that they won’t perform any marriage ceremonies until United Methodist pastors are allowed to perform same-sex ceremonies, too. Right on.

Now imagine you’re a young child brainwashed into thinking those pastors need to get right with God. Well, you’d stand in front of that church all Westboro-like on Easter Sunday and start protesting.

His parents must be so proud… (<-- Not kidding. They probably are very, very proud.) Here's my question: I used the word "brainwashed" above because it's the first thought that came to mind when I saw the video. But I remember posting a video featuring a 10-year-old boy speaking in support of marriage equality a few years ago and commenters were quick to point out how he was no different. Could a young child really have his own opinions on such a heavy topic or was he just echoing his parents beliefs? (For what it’s worth, the 10-year-old’s parents insisted the speech was their son’s doing and not theirs.)

So before you call this kid a bigot or a victim of mental child abuse, just consider what you’d say if he were speaking in support of gay marriage outside an evangelical Christian church.

(via Good As You)

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