Pat Condell: I’m Offended By Islam

Pat Condell explains why he’s offended by Islam:

Condell makes clear in the video that by calling out Islam-specific travesties, he knows some will call him an “Islamophobe” or “racist.” But it’s hard to take lightly things like honor killings and violent overreactions to cartoons and calling for the death penalty for apostates. If taking the Koran too seriously and literally isn’t to blame, I don’t know what is.

(Side note: I’ll be posting about the Sam Harris/Islamophobia controversy in a little while. Just in case you had an urge to mention that in the comments.)

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  • Rubiocantsolvetherubik

    “Islam is what it is… we are what we are. Islam will not change me, I will not change Islam. It has its beauty but it is downright ugly too…. just like Christianity was ugly in ages past. We have to be patient. Islam will either transform itself from within, or it will disappear…. nature is brutal! Stars disappear without explanation – so will any religion (Christianity or otherwise) that makes itself an headache, or which has a corrupt unchallengeable clergy class….. be at ease!!!”
    - Lord Prayerson

  • Regina Carol Moore

    I am totally with Pat on this. Although I often find his manner offensive (on other videos, not really this one), I find I can’t often disagree with his point-of-view or his facts. I’m glad someone of his popularity is publicly saying these things. They need to be said. I have watched many many of his videos on youtube (and I recommend others do the same), and many times he says things I wish other public figures would say. He’s an excellent thinker and his passion for equality and human rights is something we could all aspire to.

  • Bruce

    Islam in most of the world is buried in the 12 century, and will never change until the tribal societies it is based on change.

  • A3Kr0n

    “Pat Condell: I’m Offended By Islam”. Isn’t that pretty much the title to most of his videos? A lot of people don’t like him, but I think he’s OK, I just don’t follow him regularly.

  • Bruce S. Springsteen

    Chicken and egg problem there. You have to change or marginalize Islam to change the societies. The societies need to change to be receptive to Islam’s reform or rejection. Sometimes breaking that impass takes strong rhetoric.

  • Bruce S. Springsteen

    Chicken and egg problem there. You have to change or marginalize Islam to change the societies. The societies need to change to be receptive to Islam’s reform or rejection. Sometimes breaking that impass takes strong rhetoric.

  • Octoberfurst

    I like a lot of Pat Condell’s videos. He isn’t afraid to say what needs to be said and his comments are usually spot on. (Key word–”usually.”)

    However I have noticed that in some of his videos–not this one obviously—that he tends to portray ALL Muslims as mindless fanatics. Case in point is his view of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. He thinks the Israeli’s are wonderful and that the Palestinians are just a bunch of savages who deserve nothing. He has referred to people like me who support the right of the Palestinians to a homeland as “useful idiots.” I find that offensive. I don’t like to see any group of people oppressed and denied their rights and just because they are Muslims doesn’t mean they are now less than human.

    So even though I think Pat is right on many things I feel that he has let his disgust for Islam turn him into a borderline bigot. I personally dislike the Catholic church but I have nothing against individual Catholics and would never say they are all a bunch of pedophile enablers. Nor would I say that Catholic churches should not be allowed to be built. Pat doesn’t have that kind of attitude when it comes to Islam. It seems that in his world ALL Muslims are potential terrorists and should be treated as such. I find that troubling.

  • Fritz Toch

    He claims to speak for “all” non-Muslims, and to address behavior by and beliefs held by “all” Muslims. This, to me, is the essence of bigotry.

  • Michael Harrison

    As a math geek, Islam just depresses me. To think that the cultural legacy of Omar Khayyam and Muhammed al Kwarismi is inherited in part by the extremists waving the banner of radical Islam.

  • Quintin van Zuijlen

    I am of the same mind. I admire his insistence on not tollerating Islamism or religionism in general, but I have been dearly annoyed by his generalizing of Muslims, the his “the enemy of my enemy is my friend”-attitude and his rants against “leftism”.

  • viaten

    It often seems to be an argument of how much offense was taken versus given. The more offense believers take, the more they argue it was all given. When some people can’t defend their religious views, it seems the next step is to take all the offense they can. It’s seem they think it’s what God would want them to do.

  • Rain

    Isn’t that pretty much the title to most of his videos?

    They are the videos which gets the most views for him–which could be a factor in his choice of subjects for his videos.

  • DR

    That’s ok, I’m offended by Pat Condell. I’m offended to share the moniker “atheist” with him. He is proof positive that atheists can be just as big assholes as any religious fanatic.

    The man’s a racist, pure and simple, who uses “criticism of religion” as a shield behind which he can mask his racial hatred. It’s not the belief he hates, it’s the people. There is a difference, which we need to make crystal clear. It’s fine to question, critique and denounce the beliefs of a religion; it’s not fine to call for wholesale discrimination against an entire people as Condell has done multiple times in the past. it’s also not ok to single out Islam; Christians are just as capable of terrorism, as has been regularly shown in Christian countries in Africa, as well as in the US. Not to mention the fact that much of the US High Command is steeped in radical Christianism, and they have ACTUAL access to weapons of mass destruction. I’m much more afraid of a clique of radical Christian US military brass with a stockpile of biological and chemical weapons at their fingertips planning for the triggering of the Apocalypse, than I am of a few college kids with some fertilizer.

    Bin Laden was successful as a terrorist. Sure. But the Christian Right in the US has dwarfed his kill count in the wars that they admitted were religiously motivated. And let’s not forget that Europe has more of a history with Christian terrorists (IRA, ETA, etc…) than with muslim ones…

    There’s no question that, AT THE MOMENT, Islam is more of a threat in the UK than Christianity. But this is not due to some fundamental characteristic of Islam, rather of the historical situation of recent, highly religious immigrants coming into a non-militant secular society. It may very well be that the UK has shown too much restraint in expressing its secular aspirations. But that is what should be corrected; hob-nobbing with ultra-right wing racists should not be the answer.

  • Octoberfurst

    I used to subscribe to his channel too but his misguided rants against all Muslims and liberals turned me off.

  • Randay

    Pat Condell is often good, but he also shows hypocrisy as you stated and as in this video. He apparently opposes Islamic halal slaughter but he ignores Jewish kosher slaughter. They are more or less the same thing, just saying different magic words over the slowly dying animal makes it ok. Look up on YT. He also mentions child mutilation, presumably female, but neglects to mention Islamic and Jewish male child mutilation, circumcision. It is child abuse and should be a crime.

    I even wrote to Amnesty International several times asking them why they only opposed female genital mutilation and not male. They never gave me a satisfactory or even credible answer.

  • hellosnackbar

    Pat Condell is against the poison of Islamic dogma articulated by totalitarian so called scholars and demanding that even we Kufr submit or become dhimmis.
    It’s time for imaginary Allah and malevolent Mo to be subjected to satirical derision on the TV and radio!
    Let’s hear some reasoned objection to this from those who accept freedom of speech!