A Documentary Film About Pastors Who Lose Their Faith

Last weekend, at the American Atheists conference, I filmed a few segments for a new documentary film called Refusing My Religion. It’s about pastors who become atheists and the struggles they go through, and you’ll see a lot of familiar faces in this early trailer:

When ministers lose their faith and “come out” not only as nonbelievers but as atheist activists, this is a clear indication that our society is transforming right before our eyes. We are making the definitive film about these unprecedented and rapid changes happening on the religious and cultural landscape of America.

These former clergy realized that they must live aligned with the truth inside themselves. But once they “came out” as nonbelievers, many were immediately shunned by their communities, had their marriages and families torn apart, had businesses ruined, personal property destroyed, one was fired from his secular job, and some have received threats of physical harm, sexual abuse and even death. A few have had to uproot their lives entirely and move far away from their homes to start anew, simply because they no longer believe.

The filmmakers, Michael Dorian and Marc Levine, are trying to raise money for things like post-production, licensing fees, marketing, and distribution.

This is a film that needs to be made. And seen. And talked about. I strongly believe that watching this movie could give others the inspiration they need to come out of the closet (or leave the pulpit) themselves.

So please consider chipping in and making this film even better. The higher the quality, the better chance it has for distribution.

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