Bill Maher and Zack Kopplin Take on Anti-Science GOP

Earlier tonight, young atheist and science advocate Zack Kopplin appeared on Real Time with Bill Maher. In the clips below, the conversation revolves around climate change, gay marriage, budget cuts, and why the GOP has such a hard time accepting reality:

I haven’t seen the full show yet, but Zack seemed to hold his own, especially in that second clip :)

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  • Nicholas Jones

    Annnd it’s been removed.

    • 3lemenope

      It’s back.

  • GodVlogger (on YouTube)

    Once again I tip my hat to Zack Kopplin.

    He held his own very well, made excellent points, and moved the discussion forward for science education and funding science research.

    (and he gives me optimism about the current young generation!)

  • GloomCookie613

    Zach did really well, imo. That zing was beautifully done.

  • Jasper

    Re: “A lot of scientists thought the Earth was cooling”

    It was. We were heading towards a minor ice age by the early 1900′s. Then, all of a sudden (geologically speaking) we started pumping massive amounts of infra-red absorbing gasses into the atmosphere like there was no tomorrow, thus reversing the natural cooling trend, and shooting the global temperature up at geologically unprecedented rates.

    Both happened. The consensus is that we were cooling, then we reversed that… with a vengeance.

  • jose

    Maher got hair implants didn’t he?

  • coyotenose

    I notice that vaccination doesn’t get a mention…

    Who’s the fool on the left? He’s not bright enough to realize that birth rates are dropping in certain countries. Meanwhile, the human population continues to rise as if by magic.

    • Glasofruix

      That’s because people like him keep living for far too long, they should be thankful to science for that.

  • Dorothy

    the second video has been ‘removed by the user’

  • CDP

    I hope leftists and atheists know that Bill Maher is about on par between Glenn Beck and Fred Phelps for most of the thinking universe. Not only is he an idiot about the subject at which he spends most of his time spewing a contempt and hatefulness that would shame a KKK rally. He is off the rails on things science says (such as vaccines) when it fits him, just like those he otherwise mocks over other subjects. Only an impotent and useless media culture allows him any credibility in the minds of those who define hate as not conforming to their infallible dogmas. Sad and pathetic, and yet, all too demonstrative of 21st century leftist atheism. The difference between religious and leftist atheists: religious folks universally and loudly condemn the Fred Phelps of the world. On the other hand, other leftist atheists praise their own versions.

    • Jordan Olsen

      No we don’t. Take S.E. Cupp for instance. Says she is an atheist, but wouldn’t vote for one and wishes she was religious. She is generally reviled in the atheist community. And no, it’s not because she is a conservative. I think it takes a lot of courage for her to admit she is an atheist, and we should be doing more to support conservatives to come out. Sam Harris is another classic example, with his defense of torture and guns making him a common target from the left. We band and stick together because we are the most underrepresented minority in the country. Literally zero members of congress are out as atheist.

      • Benjamin Hamilton

        Oh for goodness sake. Hijacking atheism for your on political agenda is below contempt. Who cares if one is an atheist as long as they agree with you politically? You’re trying to tie the two together and they might seem like a logical fit but they really don’t fit. Because it’s authoritarianism in another name. Count me out.

      • James Hampton

        Sam Harris considers himself a Liberal.

  • Mick

    I switched off as soon as they started talking over the top of each other. Do they think the loudest voice wins?

    • Adam Patrick

      Well, that seems to be how politics work. Whoever is the loudest must be correct.

    • David Rozycki

      It was the asshole Republican who wouldn’t shut the fuck up.

    • Daniel Brown

      They only have about 40 minutes to say anything and each topic lasts only about 10-15 minutes which are split between 3-4 other people, and then you have applause and laughter breaks. This format is tough to get your thoughts out in. And then you may not be back on the panel for months. I wish these programs were longer…

  • Hayden Wolfe

    I was actually there in the studio audience last night watching it live. Zack did pretty well and is definitely impressive for such a young man. I wish he would have spoke up more. Several times when the conservatives were going on some rant and the cameras were on them you could see Zack wanting to say something but he was either too nervous or too polite to interrupt those damn conservatives. But he did still get some good shots in on them; especially when he told Steve Moore of the Wall Street Journal that he was no scientist!

  • gary tolbert

    why do these people not want to give a half inch to see what may be a help . they are so closed minded .

  • Colin

    I was pretty impressed. At age 19, he effectively expressed his opinion, stood up to the conservative panelist, and flirted with Abby Huntsman. What more would you want?

  • Sean Lissemore

    Isn’t Bill Maher against GMO and vaccines? Should he really be an advocate for the pro-science movement?

    • Sarah McCloud

      No, he’s a quack, and advocates against vaccination, which is deplorable. He also passes on myths about vaccination. I refuse to watch him as a critically thinking person, he’s as bad as those he mocks.

  • You are a bit of a cunt.

    That’s fucking rich from him, the man that called those getting flu shots as “idiots.”

    Fuck this guy and to be honest, fuck you. You’re not promoting science or rational thought, just “I’m smarter than you” dribble that makes most people hate internet atheist. If you had half an ounce of intelligence or free though you claimed you have you would have taken the time to check Maher’s anti-scientific stance.