The Theodicy Rag

Steve Baughman sings a cute ditty about how we should never be mad at God:

But I say don’t be mad at God, oh don’t be pissed.
It ain’t that he’s mistreating you, it’s just he don’t exist.
And it makes no sense, only makes you tense, to be pounding on his door.
So don’t go blaming God for your troubles anymore.

(Thanks to Allein for the link!)

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  • allein

    Yay! :)

    BTW, if you go to the youtube link, there’s a bunch of info (references and stuff) in the description.

  • m6wg4bxw

    There’s no such thing as good taste, but I’d much rather hear this than anything in Dan Barker’s repertoire.

  • allein

    I like Freethought Radio but sometimes they sound like they’re talking to a kindergarden class.

  • m6wg4bxw

    Yes, I’ve noticed that too. It’s like the Mr. Rogers version of secular news. And hearing Annie Laurie Gaylor reminds me so much of that ostensible dingbat, Rexella Shelton (Jack Van Impe’s wife). Aesthetic complaints aside, I am deeply grateful for the work they do.

  • CT

    Actually they’re abandoning religion in the same sense that younger atheists are abandoning atheism, or at least increasing the number of atheists who believe in god and pray regularly. In short, because they aren’t being encouraged – sometimes by either side – to actually give things much thought. Whatever is true and will reinforce my focus on myself and the latest minecraft app, that’s about it. Again, people who want reason and rational thought should lament the growing tendency to believe in everything, nothing, and possibly some of anything as much as the religious should lament it. If, of course, the concern is for reason and rational thought.

  • allein

    Was this meant for the next post?

  • Rain

    Good, but I’d rather hear Nirvana than Burl Ives, although yes that is a matter of personal taste. Yeah I know, Burl Ives wishes he could play as good as Steve Baughman. Yeah yeah I know.

  • CT

    It was, stupid me (speaking of reason and rational thought!).

  • allein

    lol, I was confused for a second until I realized there was another new post after this one.

  • allein

    Full agreement on that last part. (Not familiar with Rexella Shelton and I don’t think I want to know.)

  • Travis Myers

    “Jehovah he don’t care much about proportionality”.

    Lol, understatement of the century.

  • Rain

    Here, atheist music:

    Why is it that whenever we see a blog post about an atheist song, we know we’re going to get Dan Freaking Barker or Roy Bleeping Zimmerman. WHY THE HELL IS THAT. /rant

  • ufo42

    Great music, fabulous lyrics.