Why the Faith-Based Initiative Needs to Be Sacrificed

Last month, the Atheists, Humanists, and Agnostics at the University of Wisconsin–Madison held their second annual Freethought Festival. Videos of the event are now going up and they’re definitely worth your time to watch.

In the following video, American Atheists’ Managing Director Amanda Knief talks about why the Faith-Based Initiative needs to be sacrificed:

Amanda is author of The Citizen Lobbyist, a book that’s scheduled for release in July and one I’m pre-ordering right now:

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  • Reginald Selkirk

    49:57? tl;dv.

  • C Peterson

    “Sacrifice” implies that something valuable is being given up. There is no sacrifice involved here. The point is that the initiative needs to be eliminated.

  • Defiantnonbeliever

    It needs to go fast, for the longer social infrastructure needs, like health care for low income people lasts, the more it will become entrenched, and the more it will be seen as normal.

  • Rain

    The Faith-Based Initiative happened right before 911, but yet Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson didn’t blame the Faith-Based Initiative for 911 for some reason. Nor did the the Faith-Based Initiative make the baby Jesus happy and prevent 911.

  • baal

    The TL;DV is that Obama promised to stop violating the Constitution’s establishment clause but has failed to do so. The reason is clear; the office of faith based initiatives allows for an executive branch slush fund that churches can use (without hardly pro forma let alone substantive) to do almost anything they want including building new churches. These pastors then tell their congregations to vote Obama. I suspect this is the other half of the IRS flatly ignoring to enforce the no telling your worshipers how to vote rule.

  • http://arkanabar.blogspot.com/ Arkanabar

    I’ve been saying this for years: http://arkanabar.tripod.com/grants.html