A.C. Grayling: Make the Most of the 1,000 Months You Have to Live

Author A.C. Grayling is the author, most recently, of The God Argument: The Case against Religion and for Humanism and he recently filmed a segment for Chris Johnson‘s multimedia book about atheists and what gives them joy and meaning in life.

In the segment below, Grayling talks about how we must make the most of the (approximately) 1,000 months we have to live — especially those golden 300:

(via The Atheist Book)

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  • advancedatheist

    How about figuring how how to make a lot more than 1,000 months for ourselves through scientific means? The agnostic neuroscience student Kim Suozzi, who became terminally ill with glioblastoma multiforme, saw the direction of progress and had her brain cryopreserved back in January in the gamble that it would preserve enough of her connectome to allow for her revival some day. Mainstream neuroscientists now consider this idea a reasonable thing to study, and the skeptic Michael Shermer serves as an adviser to the Brain Preservation Foundation:



  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Michael-W-Busch/578120211 Michael W Busch

    Doesn’t work. Even the best current cryopreservation results in 5%-10% cell death, and that’s for single cells that aren’t in any large organs. And the connectome is _not_ the same as consciousness, although they are related. Your brain is constantly active, and mental state can’t be reconstructed just by the set of interconnections between the neurons. PZ Myers can a talk on this at Skeptech last weekend: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=c9BqyZljmEs

    And anyway, how is this relevant to discussing what Grayling has said?

  • http://www.last.fm/user/m6wg4bxw m6wg4bxw

    I hear this idea often, that the finity of life somehow means we should make the most of it. Bullshit. It very much depends on unstated premises that accomplishment and experience are important. And, even then, the position is weak because such values can only be held while alive. One can’t regret missed opportunities after death.

    A man’s life is his own to live as he pleases, even if it means accomplishing nothing, or ending it as soon a possible.

  • TheBlackCat13

    Sorry, it isn’t that simple. Brain tissue is very sensitive to damage from freezing, there are a lot of critically important, tiny structures that will be utterly destroyed.

  • newavocation

    Go bowling and check out the Big Lebowski and Dudeism, The Dude Abides!

  • http://www.last.fm/user/m6wg4bxw m6wg4bxw

    Definitely one of my favorite movies. I dig his style.

  • Reginald Selkirk

    He’s really got that Ben Franklin look working for him.