Secular Coalition for America Gives Elizabeth Colbert Busch an ‘A’ Rating

On May 7th, Elizabeth Colbert Busch (D) will run against Mark Sanford (R) and Eugene Platt (Green) in the special election for South Carolina’s 1st congressional district.

The Secular Coalition for America — a non-partisan group — just released their report card of the candidates based on their public responses to matters concerning church/state separation. And, in this race, Colbert Busch received the highest grade while Sanford failed miserably (PDF):

“While voters choose candidates for many reasons and based on many issues, we hope the Secular Coalition’s scorecard will be one more tool they use to inform their decision,” said Edwina Rogers, executive director of the Secular Coalition for America. “We will continue to work at the federal and state level to curb legislation based on religion and to hold our politicians accountable to our nation’s core founding principle of secularism.”

The district is heavily Republican, but Colbert Busch is in a very close race and has one hell of a supporter on her side…

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