On Twitter, the ‘Godless’ Are Already to Blame for the Boston Marathon Bombing

The usual suspects haven’t weighed in yet, but Twitter is full of ignorant people quick to blame atheists (or at least the secularizing of our country) for the awful bombings that took place in Boston today:

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  • The Captain

    Wait, what?! Someone said something stupid somewhere on twitter? Can’t be?

  • fsm

    And what are the odds that an Atheist did this?

  • WallofSleep

    I saw Alex Jones’ “False Flag” tweet, then spotted a goddamned info wars sticker on someone’s car while driving home. Now this god-bothering shit.

    Fuck it, I’m done for the day. Not going out again, and I think I’ll stay off the interwebs for the rest of the day as well. Just gonna spend the day drinking beer and grilling some hot dogs.

    Stay safe everybody.

  • pagansister

    Those that are so “religious” have to blame SOMEONE! Might as well be all us “godless’ folks! Jeeze!

  • Lee Miller

    It seems like this is almost a knee-jerk reaction to tragegy today. Something terrible happened, therefore atheist. Or something terrible happened, therefore we should have kept prayer and Bible reading in schools.
    Of course, no one who is religious has ever bombed anyone or anything. Right? Oh wait . . . did I miss something?

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jim-Charlotte/100001257871259 Jim Charlotte

    And just who do they blame for sending the thunderstorms that recently killed three people?

  • Mackinz

    I think it’s close to one in a million. It’s much more likely that the bombers were religious, hated Massachusetts as “the Godless state”, and wanted to instill fear in them to make them believe in an all-loving God (read: terrorism).

    My prayers aren’t with the people of Massachusetts. My prayers don’t exist.

    My tears, sympathy, empathy and hopes are with the people of Massachusetts. I trust that the person/people who did this will get a bullet to their head or a life sentence in prison where they will get (nearly) killed by the inmates.

  • jdm8

    Like nothing bad ever happened when religionists controlled things.

  • Mario Strada

    This is going to be domestic terrorism. Think about it, April 15, a multicultural event, today is the anniversary of a civil war battle, the location of the bomb was full of flags. Add to it the fact that the FBI has stopped following white supremacist and paramilitary groups, this has all the hallmarks of a domestic terrorism bombing.

    in which case, the perpetrators won’t be atheists, that’s almost guaranteed.

    I am going to keep these twits in mind once they arrest the perpetrators.

  • randomfactor

    Every one of those idiots is also godless. They just don’t know it.

  • http://www.last.fm/user/m6wg4bxw m6wg4bxw

    Yes, pray pray pray. The motherfucker didn’t prevent a tragedy. Why would anyone expect it to help mop up? Meanwhile, the godless are encouraging blood donation. We’re lucky we don’t need to wait for it to rain from the sky.

  • 3lemenope

    There is absolutely no value in speculating before we have any relevant facts. There will be plenty of time for blame when we know who to blame; now is not the time for the we/they circle-jerk.

  • Charles Honeycutt

    What a pack of Godly trash.

  • Charles Honeycutt

    And just to completely blow your mind, someone was wrong on the Internet. :P

  • http://absurdlypointless.blogspot.com/ Bubba Tarandfeathered

    Such a tragedy that someone bombed the marathon. Religion has truly corrupted our great nation.

  • http://www.last.fm/user/m6wg4bxw m6wg4bxw

    Or maybe just an over-worked CPA.

    Yeah, I’ll probably take a beating for making a joke about this. Everyone, save your words and use the down-vote.

  • Matt D

    Sounds like their usual gimmick….every decade (or so) their leaders label a “person/place/thing” as the “enemy” (insert term…gay, latino, communist, etc). I guess they need visible antagonists or their faith crumbles like a sandcastle at high tide.

  • Pseudonym

    Idiots inhabit Twitter, Film at 11.

  • http://www.laughinginpurgatory.com/ Andrew Hall

    My first thought was “I wonder which member of the Axis of Evil (Islam, Christianity) was responsible for this?”

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Adam-Patrick/100000027906887 Adam Patrick

    Mine was, who will be the first to blame gay people?

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Adam-Patrick/100000027906887 Adam Patrick

    What are you talking about? There’s nothing wrong on the internet!

  • keynescoase

    no, i lol’d

  • Bdole

    “There is no explaining hatred. The only thing that is apparent, is that we live in a largely Godless world.”

    I agree with this one except that the word “largely” should be “completely.”

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Adam-Patrick/100000027906887 Adam Patrick

    Well, some of them are kind of right. We do live in a godless world.

  • LesterBallard

    I really hate religious assholes.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Adam-Patrick/100000027906887 Adam Patrick


  • Guest

    It is so much more likely for a person of religion to commit such an act of violence that occurred today, than an Atheist. Too bad the ignorant cannot understand this.

  • Mark

    Why do people here always focus on the lowest denominator? You guys get a kick out of feeling more intelligent than the dumbest of the dumb. It would be the equivalent of fundamentalist Christians feeling superior to stupid comments made by atheistic nihilists. Some of you are on the level of idiot fundamentalists.

  • http://www.everydayintheparkwithgeorge.com/ Matt Eggler

    They are right about one thing: this is a Godless world. It always has been and always will be. That is why praying will never prevent these things from happening or help the victims. However learning, understanding and getting off your ass and actually doing something might.

    PS: I’m off to donate blood.

  • C Peterson

    So many comments out there from those with nothing to offer but prayer. Or as I call them, those with nothing to offer.

  • The Captain

    What?! I will not rest until I replied back to every wrong comment then. Thank you good sir!

  • Miss_Beara

    I am scared of the people who need a god to be good. MA is the most “godless” state in the union? How about all of those tornadoes in the bible belt? I guess their god was just testing them…

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Mike-De-Fleuriot/611844223 Mike De Fleuriot

    Well seems like Bill O’really is stoking the fires of hate, hinting at just about every non Christian.

  • Stev84


  • Charles Honeycutt


  • Daniel In The Lions’ Den

    Twitter is just mindless graffiti, with a bigger readership. All pronouncements are stripped of context and meaning. It’s only slightly more intellectual than a bumper sticker or vanity plates.

  • Daniel In The Lions’ Den

    It was a gay atheist muslim. A liberal one who is for gun control. I’m certain of it.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000626052643 Gaby Abed

    I took a look at Alex Jones’ site…I wish I hadn’t.

  • http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Invisible_Pink_Unicorn Anna

    Egads, that’s depressing. Many of these people may be uber-religious conservatives, but there’s also the fact that “godless” seems to be used as a synonym for heartless and cruel, whereas “godly” has positive connotations. I suppose this is just more evidence of the way Christianity overwhelms our language and culture.

  • Baby_Raptor

    Yup, forced belief in a monster zombie in the sky would totally prevent things like this. After all, Christians NEVER resort to violence or hate…

  • C Peterson

    It’s only slightly more intellectual than a bumper sticker or vanity plates.

    I’d say you’re being awfully generous in that assessment.

  • Stev84

    The Atlanta Olympic Park Bombing was committed out of religious motivations:


    The same guy also bombed two abortion clinics and a lesbian bar

  • http://absurdlypointless.blogspot.com/ Bubba Tarandfeathered

    We all cower in the light of your superior intellect, we are not worthy of your advice and guidance. We humbly give our thanks to your painful but true wisdom. We only hope that you will bless us with your grace forever. Aye MattD!!

  • http://www.last.fm/user/m6wg4bxw m6wg4bxw


  • http://absurdlypointless.blogspot.com/ Bubba Tarandfeathered


  • John of Indiana

    So what happens when it turns out to be some radical Xian bunch “drawing attention to the plight of the unborn”?

    Meanwhile, in a *REAL* “Godless society (Finland):


  • LesterBallard

    You mean Obama, right?

  • slh12280

    I totally agree!! I am already disgusted at the Muslims, liberals, Obama are to blame stuff.

  • http://www.facebook.com/jason.greenlee.94 Jason Greenlee

    There is definitely a “god” behind this, no fellow atheist would inflict this pain.

  • Richard Wade

    Those who are attributing this to Boston or the U.S. or the “world” being godless are victim blaming. Those who are calling the perpetrators godless without any evidence at all are bigots, no different from people who in other times and other places have instantly blamed mayhem on the Jews, or the Irish, or the Italians, or the Japanese, or the African Americans, or the commies, or dozens of other favorite scapegoats as the target for their hate.

    Victim blamer or bigot. Pick your badge, tweeters.

  • Charles Honeycutt

    “Why do doctors always focus on the obvious symptoms first whenever a new patient gets sick? Shouldn’t they start off looking for the obscure stuff every time someone walks in? Aren’t they supposed to be smart?”

  • http://www.last.fm/user/m6wg4bxw m6wg4bxw

    *lowest common denominator

    Blaming secularism, humanism, atheism, godlessness for unrelated problems is a common occurrence that reaches even to our elected officials. It’s dead weight the rest of us must drag along. I think it deserves some of our focus, so we can eventually cut it loose. You’re welcome to help.

  • Charles Honeycutt


  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jeffrey-Bryson/1583586542 Jeffrey Bryson

    One in a million? I wouldn’t put it that high.

  • Mark

    Bullshit, the problem you describe is blown out of proportion by exclusively focusing on the dumbest within a group of people and then interpreting their words in the worst possible light. There are even some quotes in this post, where it is not entirely certain that people using the world “godless” mean “people who dont believe in good” the same way the word “asshole” does not always mean “the opening where waste is disposed.” But I guess there are some actual assholes out there that take offense.

    It is ironic that self proclaimed free-thinkers get a kick out of laughing at random posts on TWITTER.

  • http://www.last.fm/user/m6wg4bxw m6wg4bxw

    Do you consider yourself to be a skeptic and/or freethinker?

    EDIT: I was awaiting a response before adding this, but I want to get some sleep now.

    I asked because, in attempting to criticize the freethought of other commenters, your initial post contained a loaded question, a hasty generalization, a false analogy, and an attempted insult.

    Fight the battles you deem worthy. I recommend not shooting blanks.

  • Corby Ziesman

    Quoting Christopher Hitchens:

    “The first and, I thought, frankly the most egregious was this: I find it extraordinary that it can be said on a university campus, in this year of grace, that without God, humans are capable of doing anything. That there is no moral restraint upon us if we don’t concur in the idea that we are the property and creation of a supreme being. I’m making the assumption that all of you check in every now and then with some kind of news outlet and have a view of what’s going on in the rest of the world. Isn’t it as plain as could be that those who commit the most callous, the most cruel, the most brutal, the most indiscriminate atrocities of all do so precisely because they believe they have divine permission? Shall I answer my own question? Shall I insult you by adding more? Who can’t think of an example of this kind? Let me put the question in another form than I’ve put it in now. Every forum from Youtube to C-Span to the wireless to the print to the radio to the television and in innumerable forums to those who say that without God there can be no morality, you are to ask yourself two questions: you are to name a moral action undertaken or a moral and ethical statement made by a believer (I dare say you can do it). You are then to say that you cannot imagine a non-believer making this moral statement or undertaking this moral action. Can you think, can you now think, can any of you think… you don’t have to answer now, you have all night and you have my email and I’ve done this with everyone from the Archbishop of Canterbury to even lower people. You name me the ethical or moral action or statement that a believer can make and a non-believer cannot and there’s a prize and I’ll tell you about that later. Now there’s a second question: think of something wicked that only a believer would be likely to do, or something wicked that only a believer would be likely to say. You’ve already thought of it. The suicide bombing community is entirely religious. The genital mutilation community is entirely religious. I wouldn’t say that the child abuse community is entirely religious, I wouldn’t, but it’s bidding to be entirely religious. It operates on the old Latin slogan, “No child’s behind left.” How dare anybody, how dare anyone who speaks for religion say of us, the secular and the non-believers that we are the immoral ones. It is itself a wicked thing to say, itself an absolutely indefensible thing to say. No, the decapitation on the bus is going to be done by someone who thinks God is telling him to do it. Smerdyakov is actually the stupidest character in Dostoyevksy’s novel, he’s the one who makes this proposition. Everyone has to understand, everyone has to understand that it is those who feel that the divine is prompting them, who feel they are permitted anything and everything. And it is those who are the leading, most salient, most violent, most vicious opponents of the values and civilization that Thomas Jefferson stood for and promulgated.”

  • compl3x

    I’d bet heavily against it. And what is the chance an atheist did this in the name of atheism? So close to zero it would be a waste of time attempting to quantify it.

  • Baby_Raptor

    I probably should have added a sarcasm tag to that…I assumed it would be clear. My apologies. >.>

  • indorri

    Most of these are just stupidly thoughtless. Except the last one. The last one is degenerate and morally destitute.

  • Stev84

    It was clear. I didn’t post that as a counter-argument :)

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Mario-Rodgers/563051431 Mario Rodgers

    Because God is such a pussy that people not believing in his existence is enough for him to hold off preventing loss of life.

  • Pseudonym

    It’s the anniversary of the death of Abraham Lincoln. It’s also the birthday of Kim Il-Sung (101 today). Every day is the anniversary of something significant. Be careful of numeric pareidolia.

  • phantomreader42

    Why does your cult go so far out of its way to plunge your own reputation into the deepest sewer, wallowing in your own stinking shit all the way?

    We see shit like this ALL THE FUCKING TIME! Right after 9/11 (as in, later the SAME DAY), two prominent christian preachers leaped to blame the attacks on anyone who didn’t share their delusions ON NATIONAL TELEVISION! These moronic death cultists are not alone, they are the proud followers of sociopaths with huge media empires. If you don’t want your cult to be associated with worthless shitstains like this, then quit giving worthless shitstains so much money and influence.

  • Pseudonym

    You don’t know that the bombing had anything to do with religion. You also don’t know that it didn’t.

  • Mario Strada

    That’s actually going to be easy, because even if a Christian did the bombing, and especially if citing his/her religion as the motive, by definition he won’t be a True Christian. It’s always a win win for them.

  • Tor

    And it is not just Christians who NEVER resort to violence or hate…. wink.

  • Tor

    Please, never add a sarcasm tag to any comment. Those of us who get it, get it. I hate to be told my own punchline. And sometimes the folks who take the sarcasm as a serious comment write some pretty damn stupid stuff. I speak from experience.

  • http://absurdlypointless.blogspot.com/ Bubba Tarandfeathered

    Witticisms escape you.

  • Artor

    I read something on the internet, so it MUST be true, amirite?

  • Artor

    I’m sorry. I did it.

  • Castilliano

    As the Christians (et al) attempt (intentionally or not) to control the discourse by equating “godless” with “horrible” so should we non-believers exhibit our views by calling those inflicting pain on others “godful” or “godlike” or “god-obsessed” (if intending to provoke, and especially if the aggressor is known to be religious).
    Just sayin’.
    I actually prefer the more subtle “godawful”.
    Either way, we need to break that equivalence and, perhaps, establish the opposite as true, i.e. “Oh, those godawful terrorists.”
    As a funny rejoinder to objection, one might add that Yahweh kills far more in the Bible than he saves, and far more than any figure in history or fiction. So who’s to say it’s not an accurate depiction? Killers take after god(s). Again, just sayin’.

  • Pseudonym

    I wouldn’t be so hard on them. Most of us have nothing to offer except sympathy.

  • Pseudonym

    There exists a definition of “witticism” for which this is true.

  • Sids

    I read most of them that way too. I doesn’t seem so much that they are trying to pin the blame on atheists. It seems more like they are just trying to distance themselves from the perpetrators. “I don’t know why this happened but it couldn’t have been MY god” – their god being an extension of themselves.

    It is problematic that the idea of godlessness conoting negative actions is so ubiquitous that it is used without thought. But in most cases I don’t think it is intentionally used as a mechanism of blaming – just shirking.

    That said, I have no doubt that some do indeed mean it intentionally and more still will read it in that way regardless. Which will just continue to perpetuate stereotypes.

  • C Peterson

    Unlike prayer, sympathy is not nothing.

  • Kodie

    Why they are blaming the person who doesn’t believe in god instead of god, I do not understand. It is not the atheists’ fault for disbelieving in a god who would not stop a tragedy. When someone is proclaimed “godless” it sounds to me like god was asleep at the wheel. Suppose there is a god and you call someone “godless,” I mean, what does that sound like to you? Like god obeyed a human’s orders or god did whatever the fuck he likes and ignored the problem and evaded responsibility for preventing it?

    To make another point, where was god with the victims? Where was THEIR god with the victims? Unprotected because he had spite for the unbeliever they are casting as the villain in this crime? What a fucking stupid douche god they believe in.

  • pete084

    I used to be a godless firefighter, and I served 15 godless years in the military, so obviously I’m all bad.!!!

  • TheBlackCat13

    The very fact that they use “godless” as a general-purpose insult the same way they use “asshole” is exactly the problem we are trying to deal with here.

  • David S.

    What days aren’t anniversaries of a US Civil War battle? That was a long war.

  • rgcustomer

    I think the odds are good that it’s a religious fundamentalist. But it could be a nonbeliever.

    It could be someone like Tim McVeigh, who despite being a Catholic, applied the agnostic label to himself. Certain media would be eager to latch onto that, spin it into atheism, and then run with it.

  • http://absurdlypointless.blogspot.com/ Bubba Tarandfeathered

    how prosaic of you

  • http://absurdlypointless.blogspot.com/ Bubba Tarandfeathered

    1 in 6.7 billion just matters on which forms of atheism the bomber subscribes to.

  • http://absurdlypointless.blogspot.com/ Bubba Tarandfeathered

    truth is in the eye of the befuddled

  • Pseudonym

    Unless it is offered sarcastically (as it sometimes is), prayer in a time of tragedy is an expression of sympathy.

  • Pseudonym

    It was only about a third of the length of the war on terror.

  • HongVan

    To bad I don’t pray, I just donate for doctor…

  • Some Guy

    How godless were holy wars? How godless was Hitler and his high ranking officers? How godless are abortion clinic bombers? How godless were the 9/11 hijackers?

  • nathan powell

    The thing is, if it turns out to be islamic nutters, (and lets be honest we are all thinking it) then they arent godless at all. And thats half the problem.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=675151105 Richard Hooker

    Delusional sympathy.

  • Paul

    What crass and disgusting comments. It’s us atheists who are the ones who appreciate human life for what it is.

    Maybe ‘God’ got fed up with the fuck wits pestering him ;D

  • Anonymous Atheist

    I’d say the biggest meaning for April 15 is ‘Tax Day’.

  • TheBlackCat13

    Good point. Income tax is a favorite bogeyman of mise*ahem*militia.

  • Jason Horton

    Given a lack of facts I’d give it about 1 in 5. That’s roughly the proportion of atheists in the general population, right? When there is some more evidence that is made available this will obviously change.

  • liu

    Their messages don’t trouble me (although they should) nearly as much as the fact that they keep capitalizing ‘godless’ does. I didn’t realize that godless had become a proper noun.

  • liu

    EDIT: Grammar fail. Do all you nice registered people get an edit button?

  • pock

    Why does this have 6 up-votes? Unless I’m not understanding the meaning?…

  • :(

    ….That’s depressing.

  • You are full of shit.

    The ‘friendly’ atheist? Anders Breivik also claims to be friendly.

  • JohnnieCanuck

    Indeed we do.

  • Baby_Raptor

    What’s unfriendly or unkind about this post? Are we not supposed to get offended when people insult us? Is that privilege reserved for people who you deem right?

    Take your offense and your inevitable cries of persecution back to wherever it is you call home. Nobody here is going to show you any sympathy. Atheists exist. And we’re not going to let people walk all over us anymore. Get used to it.

  • http://www.facebook.com/Proganthony Anthony Farshaw

    Ha, and their God is so Godless for being Almighty, but doing nothing to prevent this terrorist attack!

  • Terry

    I am an atheist. I have donated $450 to the American Red Cross, and two pints of blood to refill their blood banks. Do evangelicals honestly believe the cure and the cause are one in the same?

  • http://www.facebook.com/bailey.bednar Bailey Bednar

    ima laugh my ass off when it’s revealed it was a christian who did this.

  • Mr. Bob

    At least we know that we have nothing to offer except our sympathy. At least we are aware of the fact that our thoughts don’t project magical powers across thousands of miles. That means that we know that if we don’t actually do something then nothing gets done.

  • http://twitter.com/KevinSagui Kevin Sagui

    Check your sarcasm detector.

  • http://www.facebook.com/john.kelsey.5 John Kelsey

    Is sooner be godless than brainless

  • http://www.facebook.com/john.kelsey.5 John Kelsey


  • http://twitter.com/SaganTheCat Studio Cat

    can’t blame believers for having the opinion humans only refrain from antisocial behaviour out of fear of god, it’s what belief in god is based on. look on the bright side, it wasn’t so long that being a jew meant getting demonized as “godless” and therefore allowed to be the blame for everything, so at least you shiny apes are slowly learning that you’re all the same (i.e. a bit weird). might need systematically oppress free-thinkers to the point of extinction then realise what you’ve done just before it’s too late but that’s how you guys work, right?

  • LooLooBell

    Funny thing is, they’re all saying it’s a godless world, so they speak the truth, but they believe in an invisible guy in the sky who will take them under his wing after they die, if they’re good boys and girls while they’re alive. Makes me giggle a lot.

  • SeekerLancer

    Well in their mind it’s the sincerest form of sympathy they can offer. You can be annoyed that they’re delusional but being angry that they care enough to be upset and offer some sort of sympathy doesn’t deserve your anger.

    The idiots pointing fingers and blaming atheists for bombings are the ones that deserve your rage, not the people simply saying they’re praying for the victims..

  • SeekerLancer

    Even if someone is caught and their reasons are explained we’ll be hearing conspiracy theories for years about “what really happened.”

  • http://www.facebook.com/simon.hallardmetcalf Simon Hallard-metcalf

    the problem with this is the vast majority of the time the people who do this are not godless, infact they are fundamentalist in whichever religion they are indoctrinated into

  • SeekerLancer

    I can agree with that.

  • Adjel

    IMO, I believe it was done by an attention-seeking young male. He probably comes from an average household of a family who only goes to church on xtian holidays, if that. Lip-service xtians.

  • http://www.facebook.com/tony.ambrose.75 Tony Ambrose

    If God is love, then none of them will ever see the kingdom of heaven.

  • lilyannerose

    Any of these idiots read their Old Testament? You know, those stories wherein the god lovers go forth and fight war, rape, plunder and bash babies over rocks because their god told them to do so?

  • stormthief

    The ironic thing is, if it does turn out to be a Muslim extremist that did this as part of a jihad or whatever. They will still call him or them godless even though they recognize the same god.

  • http://twitter.com/ABHgasms Holden

    Except, even though we’ve no idea who did it yet, we can pretty much guarantee they weren’t godless.

    So no doubt it’ll be ‘the wrong god’. That’s kind of a tautology if you ask me.

  • jubjub

    Don’t think they are consciously blaming atheists, I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt and assume that they are idiotically associating god with the only source morality due to years of conditioning.

  • http://twitter.com/SecularAdvocate Secular Advocate

    My guess is the culprits will be people who imagine themselves very godly – they’ll be very much “holier than thou”.

    Another guess that usually shows up true – they’ll be socially inept young men, and probably pig-ugly too.

    You wonder what God thinks he’s playing at when he comes up with these kids, when he made his own boy so beatific, pale-skinned, blue eyed and Nordic-looking.

  • http://www.facebook.com/jack.zega.14 Jack Zega

    Of course you see how this gets started. Look at the headline and think about it.

  • Jasper

    A Godless world? Nice theistic math. 20% == 100% apparently

  • Steve

    What do you expect when we as a nation accept FAGGOTS ? You all are GODLESS. Feel the wrath of god!

  • SoSueMe

    Try this:
    I totally agree!! I am already disgusted at the “Muslims, liberals, Obama are to blame” stuff.

  • http://www.facebook.com/louis.minson Louis Minson

    Now watch the bomber turn out to be a fundamentalist theist….

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Keith-Cumbie/100000954828019 Keith Cumbie

    The God-Full have a host of horrific events to claim as their own and to be responsible for. Most of these people honestly do have a sub intellect and a lack of reasoning and compassion.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Keith-Cumbie/100000954828019 Keith Cumbie

    Many people are already funding with their hard earned dollars. Prayer never covered a single medical bill.

  • Nilanka15

    Ladies and Gentlemen, we just found our bomber….C. Peterson.

  • GCT

    True. Some of us are still going to do something about it though.

    I’m donating blood today and am opening my house up to anyone who is stranded. I urge anyone else living in the affected area to do the same.

  • http://www.facebook.com/Egodram Jen Chadbourne

    It makes me sick that these people turn a horrific event and make it all about them and their imaginary friend. But if one of them shoots an OB/GYN or bombs a women’s clinic they’re a fucking hero.


  • http://www.facebook.com/janice.brouwer Janice Brouwer

    Best. Reply. Ever.

  • NewDawn2006

    Seems that less bad things happen now that they don’t control things. Noting that many bad things still happen regularly in places religion does control.

  • http://www.facebook.com/codybwilliams Cody Williams

    to the people the people offing prayers .. don’t waste your time… the the religious people prayed at the begging of the marathon for safe and awesome run. Didn’t work out to good for them did it?

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Sandy-Kokch/100000074576649 Sandy Kokch

    Id rather be godless than brainless ;-)

  • NewDawn2006

    You are right. Belief in a god is based on fear. Fear of dying. Fear of the unknown. Fear of being alone in this magnanimous universe

  • poliltimmy

    All those people are safe , but the mentally ill are fair game nowadays.

  • poliltimmy

    All those people are safe , but the mentally ill are fair game nowadays.

  • The Other Weirdo

    It worked for House.

  • C Peterson

    And because individuals are offering it with good intent, I would not challenge them individually. But collectively the widespread offering of prayer that occurs every time something bad happens in the U.S. is disgusting, and not only accomplishes nothing positive, but represents an overall negative response, deflecting energy from actual action. Those who look to fairy tales to alleviate pain or reduce suffering are part of the problem, not the solution.

  • AtheistAtLARGE

    Morons every one

    How is it that these people are able to function in the world. They seem that god leads them by the nose.

  • http://www.facebook.com/lyubomir.ivanov.564 Lyubomir Ivanov

    Throughout history, there has never been an Atheist suicide bomber. Not even one.

  • JKPS

    That doesn’t make it any less sincere.

  • NewDawn2006

    How does atheist equal anti-social? I see no evidence of that. I don’t need a god to force me to have friends.

    We also need to define what “free thinker” means. Not one who regurgitates what they has been shoved down their throat their entire lives while claiming it is their own. It is one who goes out on their own, does their own research, forms their own opinions, and can back up what they say with facts and evidence. It is one who thinks outside of the box; not just in the box that god built.

  • xspecto8

    When they find who did this I’d be very surprised if they don’t also find that their motives were based in religion of some sort.

  • Charles Honeycutt

    Looking at that list, you’re right about some, but others like Blair Dingler and Shannon Catoe are nasty little gits.

  • Charles Honeycutt

    Lots of atheists have inflicted pain and death. Rather, from what we know of such bombings in modern times, this was almost certainly motivated by a combination of politics and religion.

  • Charles Honeycutt

    How are you finding people who need a bed? Is there a relief organization network?

  • Charles Honeycutt

    I’m not defending his post, but he probably isn’t a Christian.

  • Charles Honeycutt

    It is, however, not at all ironic that self-proclaimed superior people fap to their narcissism while lurking on a site with which they disagree for extended periods, looking for something to rail about, and yet manage to completely miss the overall issue discussed on the site numerous time every day.

  • http://squeakysoapbox.com/ Rich Wilson

    Well then WTF was your #not-counter-argument tag?

  • Charles Honeycutt

    No, not Obama. Daniel didn’t mention anything about the gay atheist Muslim liberal also being a socialist, communist AND fascist. Also he didn’t invoke Orwell or Goebbels.

  • Charles Honeycutt

    True, but the proportion of atheists who commit crimes appears to be much lower than that of the general population. It’s impossible to say how much lower, but from the huge differences seen in prison data, I think it’s a safe bet.

  • FuckReligion

    Where the hell was their GOD, assuming that he´s real, he just watched and let things happen thinking “oh how great this is gonna kill some people and then some of my fan club are gonna stick’it to those who dont worship me”

    Fictional character in a disgusting book.

  • Jan Kafka

    Strange. When I heard about the bombing, I immediately thought: American, Right-wing, Christian. Must just be me…

  • 3lemenope

    Yep. I read it wrong at first too. The quote marks really help.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1434337349 Karen Mitchell

    Wouldn’t April 19th or 20th be a more likely day? Waco, OKC bombing, Columbine…….
    (For me, of course, 4/20 is a high holy day.)

  • GCT

    Boston(dot)com has links both for people who need accommodations and for people who can provide.

  • Apostopheles

    Pretty sure that the perpetrator of the Boston Marathon bombings has a god. Most people do and most people who commit acts of terrorism do. In fact, this guy (because you know it’s a man) probably did this BECAUSE of his god.

  • Songshepherd

    ‘Sorry, Patheos Atheist Portal, I’m calling “Bravo Sierra”
    on this one. . I’m a subscriber to Patheos Atheist Portal, although I’m not an
    atheist. Mr. Mehta is often thought-provoking, but this post comes across as

    The Twitter-verse is chock-full of premature denunciation of
    any/every segment of our society as well as foreign threats

    The believers are blaming the heathens, main stream media is blaming the
    blogosphere and talk radio, religo-phobes are blaming faith-based zealots, Conspiracy
    buffs are blaming the shadow gov’t, Wolf Blitzer is hinting at Tea Partiers, dog
    lovers are blaming cat lovers, the crunchy-granola crowd is blaming trans-fats,
    etc., etc., etc. –and everybody is blaming Al-Qaeda! As of today; NO ONE KNOWS!

    I’ve yet to hear anyone blame Jews and space aliens, but you know that’s coming…..

    My point is: you can find some group that’s blaming your group if you look long

    My question is:
    Why in the world, in the immediate aftermath of this tragedy are people like Hemant Mehta, deliberately trolling for something to be offended over?!!!!
    Any bombing is offensive and tragic. The fact that this took place at the Boston Marathon,an American
    institution (AND on Patriot Day!), is even more an offense to ALL Americans no matter their creed, color etc.!

    When the facts come to light, I will be leading the charge to condemn
    the perpetrators of this ugly act –even if said cretins turn out to be blacks, Jews,
    conservatives, veterans, Christ-followers, musicians, Dallas Cowboys fans,
    dreadlock wearers, Pop Tart eaters or any other group I belong to.

    How ‘bout we all direct our prayers, thoughts,
    good karmas, chants, well-wishes or whatever it is you do towards the victims
    and their grieving loved ones.

  • http://www.facebook.com/ChemicalPop Jai M. McGrainer

    Oh, I can’t wait for it to come out that this was done by some religious extremist…

  • SeekerLancer

    That I can understand.

  • CottonBlimp

    Prayer is a means of alleviating the desire to help without actually helping.

    This is bad.

  • Kodie


  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=625429396 Andrew Kilian

    I think if we as atheists use this tragedy to illustrate our own personal hobby horse we’re kind of missing the point of what a tragedy is. It’s not about us, it’s not about ignorant fundamentalists, it’s about the people who were attacked and what is to be done about it.

  • Nonewhatsoever

    What,,”Exactly” is your definition of a “Prayer” and how would you say it in regard to this event??? Would it be something like,,, I wish or I hope or May you,,,something, something, something that is related to, “Real Life” and “On This Planet”??? If it is related to some “Imaginary Friend” then,,,,”Keep it to yourself where it belongs…These injured people need “Real” assistance and not something that is “Fabricated” from a,,”Story”. Be “Honestly” sorry for their pain or suffering and tell them so without distracting them with a “Boogeyman” story that is “Mistaken” for the truth. All forms of Prayers”,,, are a myth and those who still believe this nonsense need to “Snap” out of their “Indoctrinated” mindset and rejoin the ,,,Living.

  • http://www.facebook.com/Mudflappus Neil Schmidt

    Sympathy spurs action. Once a prayer is mumbled, nothing else is done.

  • http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Invisible_Pink_Unicorn Anna

    But those type of comments illustrate a significant problem in American culture, ie: that “godless” is used as a slur and seems to be synonymous with evil. These aren’t fringe extremists making those tweets. They are regular, mainstream, normal Americans who think nothing of using the word “godless” to mean heartless and cruel.

  • NoCrossNoCrescent

    To all those who think atheists are hated because of “aggressive” or “unrepresentative” behavior by Richard Dawkins, American Atheists etc: if there is one thing to learn from these tweets it is that they hate us not because of how aggressively we demand separation of church and state but because of our very existence. To justify their own existence preachers have to portray nonbelievers as evil.. As long as the public consciousness is dominated by religion hatred of atheists will not go anywhere.

  • http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Invisible_Pink_Unicorn Anna

    Yes, some of them (Joycee, Shannon, Blair) are clearly motivated by anti-atheist sentiment, but others seem to be using the word out of habit. They haven’t actually thought about it; they just know that “godless” is bad.

    It really illustrates how even our language reinforces religion. “Faithful,” “godly,” “devout,” “churchgoing,” etc. are all positive adjectives, while “godless,” “faithless,” “ungodly,” etc. are used as slurs.

  • GCT

    So, we shouldn’t jump to conclusions about who is responsible…and Hemant is wrong for pointing out people who are doing that.

  • tm17

    This is nothing to get worked up about. They’re just stating a simple fact.

    We live in a godless country, on a godless planet, in a godless universe.

    They’re just catching up to what us freethinkers already know!

  • http://profile.typepad.com/6p0120a5509de8970c ミッコ

    He’s a christian

  • http://squeakysoapbox.com/ Rich Wilson

    Not the first troll to confuse “friendly” for “I agree with you 100% and want to join you in the ceremonial kissing of God’s ass”

  • http://www.facebook.com/ric.gerace Ric Gerace

    And what are all you religious blitherers going to say if the bomber turns out to be a Christian? Just like most of the people who have committed such acts.

  • Matt D

    I’m not concerned about a few dozen theists proving they have zero consideration for others beliefs, and then demonstrating their ignorance for the world to see.
    They are free to prove their faith has the importance of a knee jerk reaction to world events.

  • http://www.facebook.com/dvd.bach Dvd Bach

    I can pretty much promise that a believer in some god is behind this; it’s just a matter of which god.

  • http://absurdlypointless.blogspot.com/ Bubba Tarandfeathered

    I am going to explain my post just to further troll the morons:
    First: This particular blog post was about Tweets, containing the word “godless”
    Second By taking those tweets and reversing the information I created a parody.
    Third: Thus anyone thinking I was serious fell for a really basic implementation of Poe’s Law. http://rationalwiki.org/wiki/Poe%27s_Law
    Pseudonym fell for it right out of the gate and subsequent reply’s by me didn’t clue him into that. The up-voters of his comment fell for it too.
    This is a fine example of how we can get under the skin of the theists and their fence sitting supporters. You guy’s simply can’t take a joke.

  • Mark

    You love to throw the “freethought” label around as if it meant something. In reality, the logical, intellectual superior freethought community on this website, has commented more on a post attacking random idiots on TWITTER, than any other post this year. Yes, you guys certainly take the higher intellectual ground.

    There is no freethought and reason on this site, just people venting their anger because they were raped by bibles when they were young.

  • http://absurdlypointless.blogspot.com/ Bubba Tarandfeathered

    127 up-votes damn dude you rock

  • http://www.last.fm/user/m6wg4bxw m6wg4bxw

    No response to my question, I see.

    Anyway, I think you’ve adequately expressed your thoughts on this subject. Judging by the votes on your comments, it’s clear most of the active readers disagree. But who’s to say you aren’t right, huh?

    Your ongoing list of grievances doesn’t accurately describe me, so I won’t be responding. I can only assume you’re describing someone else, or a type you dislike. Maybe someone similar will take notice of your concerns and post a reply. Until then, you might consider visiting this helpful link I prepared for you.

  • http://nomoremythology.wordpress.com/ No More Mythology

    The recurring theme is “if the person who did it had God, he’d have been moral and not done it”, which is ridiculous given the number of bombings in the name of religion throughout history. It is extremely more likely the perpetrator is a “believer” in some god or another – whether YHWH or Allah – and did this in some delusional religious state. Because, frankly, atheists typically don’t do this, but the religious have a LONG and RECENT record of it.

  • Thomas Reich

    The people responsible for this terrorist event could be left or right wing, foreign or domestic. The sad truth is that it’s extremely likely to be fundamentalists of one type or another. Is it possible an atheist is behind this. Less than a 1% chance.

  • Thomas Reich

    I agree. I’m an atheist because evolution makes the reality of Adam and Eve an impossibility and undermines the premise of Christianity. I don’t mock religious people. I try to encourage people to use critical thinking, though.

  • Thomas Reich

    Good point.

  • roberthughmclean

    Hang on here, aren’t most acts of terrorism carried out by godly types? Really, really, really, godly types, severely godly.

  • Roscoe

    I suspect “Godless” here means “not in God’s grace” rather than “rejecting God.” I am not sure that secularism is being blamed. Maybe sinfulness is.

  • dcl3500

    I read a bunch of those tweets and the only thing that kept coming to mind was the question, “How do we know it was a godless person that did this?” After all Roeder was a devout christian and he killed Dr. Tiller in church. So there exists as much the very real possibility that this was the act of an extremist christian as opposed to an extremist muslim or atheist.

  • majornav

    So…if bad things only happen in godless places and we all know that bad things happen everywhere. Does that prove there are no gods?

  • Ida Know

    And where was their god? Why did he let this happen?

  • Songshepherd

    I appreciate what you say Anna, yes, the word “godless” doesn’t automatically equate with cruelty; but, that is my point. Slurs are flying hot and heavy in every direction by every segment of our society at any segment they have predetermined to be, evil, crazy etc. After reading a lot of the posts on this thread, there are a some non-religious types that are literally hoping it turns out to be a religious person/group who is behind this -salivating with anticipation at the thought of it.
    I’m sorry, that’s just disturbing, no matter what ideology a person may be beholden to..

    Btw- are you able to determine if someone is a “regular,mainstream normal American” as opposed to a “fringe extremist” by only their Twitter screen name?

  • Songshepherd

    As I mentioned in my post; with every group prematurely flinging blame at every other group. I find it quite whiny for Hemant -or anyone else, for that matter – to drape themselves in “Oh, look, they’re picking on us again…..poor us!”
    As I mentioned in my reply to Anna (see below) I’ve read some posts of non-gods who are gleefully hoping that the cretin(s) who did this are religious -and especially Christians. I’m sorry, GCT. that strikes me as ill. I’m a Libertarian/Conservative, but I’m not *hoping* that the bomber is a member of the Green Party. I truly do not understand this, be it over religion, politics, race or any other reason American choose to divide.
    Yes, sure, Hemant can point it out, that’s fine and all. But, the best thing that Hemant, along with others who are in a position to speak for their respective group, is to POLICE THEMSELVES. For every example of religious idiocy from the Twitter-verse, you can find a corresponding example (as I also alluded to in my first post) of anti-religious idiocy. This would be a great time for all of us to inject some decency and sanity into our OWN backyards; that”s my point.

    I just think with need to take a break from finger-pointing and finger-pointing at the finger-pointers, and just be Americans grieving with our fellow Americans for a few days.

  • http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Invisible_Pink_Unicorn Anna

    I’m not sure if you quite grasped my point. There is nothing wrong with being godless, yet the word is used as a slur. Some of these people (Joycee, Shannon, Blair) are clearly upset about secular culture, but others seem to be using “godless” as a slur without even thinking about it. This is because belief in a god is presumed to stop people from committing crimes, even though there is no evidence to suggest that supernatural beliefs stop people from being violent.

    As for these people being regular Americans, I was basing that on their pictures, their writing style, etc. They seem normal to me. There is nothing to indicate that they are fringe extremists, and that is exactly the point. These are perfectly normal Americans who do not think twice about associating “godless” with something horrible.

    I have not been able to wade through all the comments on this thread, so I can only speak for myself. It hardly matters who the culprit is. Given what we know of terrorism, it is highly likely the person involved believes in a god. But I am not “salivating” over it being a member of one group or another.

  • Pseudonym

    Islamophobia (which is not the same as mere criticism of Islam) is rampant among the atheist movement and in wider US society. As with fundamentalist religion, it’s almost impossible to parody that in a way that makes it distinguishable from the real thing.

    One of the thing that marks good wit is that it’s clear to anyone of sufficient intelligence that it is wit. If you’re not famous for being a wit, the onus is on you to drop a hint.

    There are a large number of people in the atheist community who would say that and mean it. Even if you meant it as a joke, there are a large number of people who wouldn’t take it that way. My comments were addressed as much to them as to you.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000134791115 Tom McLachlin

    An Imaginary friend can’t protect anyone from real tragedy even when that imaginary friend is called god. Time and time again we see the same despair mixed with surprise because human villains were able to defeat the eternal omnipotent omnipresent god fantasy. It is time to outgrow that imaginary friend America. This horror was caused by hateful people. Good people will find the perpetrators and bring them to justice. If you really want to help, donate blood and money to the red cross. Prayer is just a waste of time and breath.

  • phantomreader42

    You have to remember, the idiots who whine about insufficient friendliness don’t actually know or care what the word means. They just can’t stand the fact that anyone is allowed to exist without licking their filthy boots and those of their imaginary friend.

  • http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Invisible_Pink_Unicorn Anna

    That’s just as bad, though. No matter which way “godless” is being used, it’s clearly seen as something negative. Being outside the biblical god’s influence (or rejecting that god) is associated with violence, cruelty, and evil.

  • Jason Horton

    I hadn’t accounted for that. Okay then, how about 1 in 10 as a guestimate.?

  • http://absurdlypointless.blogspot.com/ Bubba Tarandfeathered


  • LongtimeDetroitdriver

    What a bunch of bigots.

  • http://www.facebook.com/richardpweiss Richard P. Weiss

    What does “godless” have to do with “hateful”? Just because you don’t believe in a scientifically unproven magical being in the sky doesn’t mean you don’t have compassion and understanding. Those who call “godless” people names are the ones full of hate and bigotry. For some reason, they feel that those who have a belief in a god or gods have a monopoly on compassion and understanding. I’m an Atheist, and I have a huge amount of sorrow toward the victims in Boston. I also hope they catch the bastards who perpetrated this heinous act, whether they believe in a god or not.

  • Len Blakely

    By “godless” many of them mean Muslim though.

  • majornav

    The “God of Love” hates certain individuals, according to Westborough and their extremeist ilk aroujnd the world.
    So if He hates a majority of His “children” (and His novel says we are all God’s children) doesn’t that make him the “God of Hate”?
    My brain hurts.

  • mr_lahey

    wow lets just be ignorant of how majority, the vast majority at that of death and conflict in this world has come about from religious people.

  • http://absurdlypointless.blogspot.com/ Bubba Tarandfeathered

    The commentators posting “this has nothing to do with religion” have all deleted their posts.

  • http://absurdlypointless.blogspot.com/ Bubba Tarandfeathered

    “religo-phobes are blaming faith-based zealots” wow we really got that one wrong didn’t we?

  • http://absurdlypointless.blogspot.com/ Bubba Tarandfeathered

    Ta daa!!

  • Anonymous

    I didn’t see the word ‘atheist’ or even ‘secularist’ mentioned in any of the tweets. Godless does not equal secular or atheist. Muslim got blamed for this too, so what. People spout off as a way to vent.

  • http://twitter.com/SaganTheCat Studio Cat

    i never said it does, i’m pointing out that from a theistic point of view, social behaviour only exists through fear of punishment or desire for reward. if you have that world view you’ll easily be convinced that those who don’t must be bad people
    i don’t think we need define “free thinker”. i was hoping we were all grown ups here but i understand hominids mature very slowly so i’ll refrain from irony until then, sorry