Edward Tarte Talks About Two of his Math Students Who Had Cancer

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About Edward Tarte

I am age 78, once a Catholic priest for five years (in the 1960's), then a math teacher for 44 years up to the present day. I became an atheist a few years ago. My hobbies are music and chess.

  • Dave Jones

    we deserve our own website!

    the ideology of death



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  • Karen

    Edward, I’m so glad that in all the cases you described, including your own, the cancer was beaten. Periodically, my brother-in-law who has (apparently) beaten a very aggressive prostate cancer, posts something with a Christian motif about being a cancer survivor. It annoys me no end; it was a phalanx of good medical people and modern medicine that took care of that cancer. It was a generous gift of time and gas by friends and neighbors that allowed him to make those radiation appointments. Yet his thanks go to Jesus, angels, etc. Grrrr.