Christian Right Leader on Immigrants: If They Accept the Koran as a Holy Book, They Can’t Enter Our Country

Christian Right leader Bryan Fischer, of the American Family Association, announced on his radio show today his proposed change to our country’s immigration policy. It’s very brief: Ask the question, “Do you believe that the Koran is the holy book of God?” If they say “Yes,” don’t allow them in:

Regarding those who accept the Koran, Fischer added: “We can’t invite that kind of cancer into our culture because Boston is what you get when you do that.”

Because we all know there’s nothing awful written in the Bible and that Christians have never, ever, ever done anything bad…

This isn’t the first time Fischer has called for a ban on Muslim immigrants.

That, my friends, is Islamophobia.

(via Right Wing Watch)

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  • Levon Mkrtchyan

    “That, my friends, is Islamophobia.”

    • Canadian Atheist, eh!


    • Artor

      I am so glad I don’t go through life in stark, raving terror of everything different from me, like Fischer does. What a fragile, wilting flower he must be, to be so afraid all the time.

    • newavocation

      It’s more like just protecting their turf. There is only so many gullible people to go around.

    • Randay

      No bingo. “Islamophobia” is a ridiculous word with no real meaning. It was invented by Islamists to stop criticism of ridiculous Islam the same way “antisemitism” is thrown around to prevent criticism of Israel.

      • DavidMHart

        In fairness, it does have a use as meaning ‘an irrational fear of (or bigotry against) Muslims’ – in the same way that ‘antisemitism’ connotes a genuine phenomenon of irrational bigotry against Jews. It’s just that it cannot also mean a genuine, reality-based criticism of the ideological contents of Islam without becoming confusing and useless. The challenge is to disentangle the genuine, well-meant scrutiny of ideas from the bigoted xenophobia against people from Muslim backgrounds as people – and for that, we need to keep a very clearly delineated definition of ‘Islamophobia’ in mind, and call people out when they try to elide it with legitimate criticism.

        • Randay

          It is not an irrational fear. You can see my earlier post somewhere below. “anitsemitism” is no longer “a genuine phenomenon of irrational bigotry against Jews”. It is a code word for groups like AIPAC and ADL to stigmatize critics of Israel.

          • DavidMHart

            My point was that sometimes it is irrational – and I think the example in this post is a good example. I can well agree that one can justifiably be afraid of the spread of the ideology of Islam – particularly the reactionary Wahhabi varieties – but do not accept that that means we must be afraid of individual Muslims unless there is fairly clear evidence that they present a danger to others.

            And I agree that accusations of antisemitism can be and often are used to shout down criticism of Israel … but that does not mean that no one is actually displaying irrational bigotry against individual Jews as people … and we might as well have a word for that.

            The trouble is partly that we have the word ‘Jews’ which covers both ‘people who identify with a particular cultural / ethnic background, and may have Yiddish, Sephardic or Hebrew as their native language’, and also ‘people who believe that the god of the Torah actually exists and who organise their lives around that proposition’ – two completely different concepts, even if there is quite a lot of overlap. So maybe we need to try to institute not only a replacement word for antisemitism, but also have separate words for the two very different concepts that are currently conflated in the word ‘Jews’. At least this is a problem that we don’t have with ‘Muslims’, because that word exclusively denotes a religious affiliation, and not an ethnic or cultural grouping. But there is still such a thing as bigotry against people based on their religious affiliation, which is not the same thing as justifiable criticism of the truth-claims of that religion.

            • Randay

              For more detail, see my comment in “The New Statesman” thread.

              It answers at least some of your comments. Especially, that people identified as Muslims are not necessarily Muslims.

              • Artor

                People who identify themselves as Muslims are necessarily Muslims, unless you want to start debating No True Scotsmen.
                There are plenty of real, rational reasons to be wary of and fight against the spread of Islam, but there are also a lot of batshit crazy reasons, and completely irrational fears.

        • Randay

          As it seems people have not read my longer argument about the subject in the “New Statesman” thread, I re-post it here.

          “Islamophobia” is a dishonest
          word invented by certain Islamists who look for anything to be offended about. If it means hate/fear of Islam, then I am Islamophobic. It doesn’t mean much because I hate/fear other religions too, especially apocalyptic ones. So I am religiophobic. Paraphrasing Hitchens, it is a fight between civilization and theocracy/religion.

          Furthermore, we have to distinguish between Muslims, who are by
          definition deluded believers, and people of Muslim background who are not believers. I know several who are atheists and others who are just indifferent. They are not Muslims, no more than my Xian background makes me a Xian. I don’t care if I offend any Muslims by criticizing even insulting Islam. We criticize Xian individuals like Pat Robertson, so why can’t we also criticize Muslim individuals, which I also do?

          We don’t say “Judeophobia”, but “Anti-Semitism” and not
          “Christianophobia” but “anti-Christian”. So let’s just drop the useless undefined word “Islamophobia”.

          Let me add that the Muslim-background atheists that I know don’t describe themselves as “Muslim atheists”, but simply as atheists, be they Arab or Berber. BTW, for those who don’t know North Africa, very often the Berbers detest the Arabs.

  • Fractal Heretic

    Freedom of religion is more than just freedom of Christianity.

    • RobF

      Yeah, It’s freedom FROM christianity

  • chicago dyke

    toni perkins was blaming sexual freedom for the events in boston. i’m so confused.

    • Rev. Achron Timeless

      I keep hearing it was gay marriage that caused it. I mean seriously god, the way you send information through your messengers makes it look like they’re just making it up.

      Oh wait…

  • Mackinz

    Fuck him. Guy can’t understand that our country is not Christian and that the main difference between Christianity and Islam is the amount of fundamentalist followers.

    Then again, he probably openly rejoices when Christians commit acts of terrorism. In which case, he is a hypocritical asshole who deserves a brutal awakening.

  • Gideon

    Tecumseh: “If new immigrants accept the Bible as a Holy Book, they can’t enter our country…”

    • kevin white

      I for one welcome our new Native American overlords.

  • Rich Wilson

    I’m guessing he’s ok with people who think The Book of Mormon is the Holly Book of God.

    At least he’s not targeting us for once. #minisculefavors

  • LesterBallard

    If I heard that Bryan Fischer had stage 4 bowel cancer, I’d throw a party.

    • Artor

      I’d weep in sorrow for the poor tumor. What a shitty life it would have.

      • 3lemenope

        Puns are fun, aren’t they?

        • kevin white

          Actually, that one needed to be flushed,

    • grneyedmonster

      He’s a horrible person, yes. But you lower yourself to his level by saying things like that. That doesn’t help anyone.

  • busterggi

    So would Mr. F. like to strip the citizenship of all US Jews as they reject the NT?
    How does he resolve the fact that RC’s and Protestants have different bibles – which of them will become non-citizens?
    Mormons, well they are the original Scientologists so out they go.

  • Matthew Baker

    Thankfully we live in a world where none of his brighter ideas have been implemented.

  • WallofSleep

    “As the Government of the United States of America is not, in any sense,
    founded on the Christian religion,—as it has in itself no character of
    enmity against the laws, religion, or tranquility, of Mussulmen

    Fischer is an un-American d-bag. He spits on everything this country stands for. I will not miss him.

  • NewEnglandBob

    As long as they don’t allow those who have the OT or NT or any other holy book then I’m for it!

  • Willy Occam

    Right on… we don’t want anybody living in this country who believes in a ridiculous ancient book of fairy tales.

    Oh, wait….

  • TeamRed_vs_TeamBlue

    Islamophobia? So what? We may not be at war with them, but they sure as hell are at war with us.

    We either get a clue and deal with these idiots, or they deal with us. You aren’t going to like it when that happens, I’m afraid.

  • Bubba Tarandfeathered

    The gawd of Abraham is gawd to many.
    To avoid being anti-Semitic, I’ll say he is
    The gawd of Jews, Christians and Muslims.
    To avoid be anti-Christian,
    He’s the gawd of Christians, Jews and Muslims.
    Now I’m looking very Islamophobic
    I mean the Muslims, the Jews and Christians.

  • Justin Miyundees

    A phobia is an irrational fear of one thing or another.

    I imagine Hypatia, Copernicus, Galileo and John Proctor were very likely beset by a quite reasonable fear of Christians – after all, if you said, wrote or did anything that could be construed as heretical, you very often found yourself dangling at the end of a rope or roasting alive on a stake to the hoots and jeers of a faithful mob. Does criticizing that bloodthirsty era make me a Christianophobe?

    Say, write, or do something to offend the sensibilities of a mullah TODAY in the year 2013 and you may well find your friggin’ town on fire.

    Islamophobia is a myth – a tool wielded to gain the cover that is offered by frightened, ignorant and foolish people. Islam is an ideology that, among other things, calls for theocratic rule, oppression of women and death of apostates and infidels. They set fire to embassies, publishing houses, and people – fear of that is hardly irrational – it has been quite deliberately established by whatever label you’d care to apply to the faction that wreak havoc and it is tolerated by “moderates” – this is well documented. The fact that Christians have been no better is a poor excuse.

    When honor killings and dogmatic death warrants issued against freethinkers and apostates cease, the VERY rational fear of those who ascribe to the tenets of a faith will subside as well. If Christians rekindle the practice of stoning women who presented as post-virginal on their wedding nights or enslaving nonbelievers, will you fall in line to label critics as Christianophobes?

    Over the last 15 years I have quite consciously kept my children away from members of the Catholic clergy because the likelihood of pedophilia there – it is realistic and documented. True, it’s not very likely, but any likelihood is too likely. Am I a Chritianophobe for shying away from the off chance that a member of an infamous all boys club might fancy raping my child? No, no I’m not.

    Don’t be ridiculous.

  • ByTor

    But they HAVE to believe in astrology and bigfoot!

  • RobF

    Yeah, but a christian can send ricin to the President and a Senator… Fools

  • Houndentenor

    The word Islamophobia is already overused and misapplied. this is religious intolerance and it’s unconstitutional.

  • SeekerLancer

    Freedom of religion only means freedom of my religion! Right?

    I wish I had more than two middle fingers to give you, Mr. Fischer.

  • tobias27

    What if we just ask everybody if they believe in an imaginary guy in the sky that controls everything. If they say yes, they can’t come in. Perfect !!

  • Nathan Wilkes

    And he’s upset that the AFA is labeled a hate group yet can’t figure out the real reason why.

  • godlessveteran

    Using his logic, Christianity must be the Ebola of our culture.