Dear Deepak Chopra…

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  • Neil Rickert


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  • Daniel Wall

    Oh but the mangahaba is the zoomysoom of infinite nd perfect corrubimatsity. Only insofar as we appximate the tulimarramat do we come to participate in the dorening-halaboo. It is a sadness when people cannot face this one simple truth.

  • Garret Shane Brown

    But, the conscious! The universe mingled together in the quantum fabrics of the mind! The money from morons buying into all of this crap!

    Oh wait, wasn’t supposed to mention that last one.

  • Guy

    *quantum tulimarramat

  • Rain

    When he was cornered by Dawkins he “admitted” that he used quantum theory as a “metaphor”–whatever that means! In reality he probably knew some quantum theory questions were coming and he knew he didn’t know much about quantum theory, so he weaseled out of it on the spot by saying it’s a metaphor. Other that that, it’s truly amazing that the content what he said in his interview was practically zero. Four minutes of saying a lot of words that mean nothing.

  • Graham Martin-Royle

    Yep, a whole lot of deepity.

  • Cecil Bothwell

    I recall attempting to read one of Chopra’s books a dozen or so years ago, and was brought up short by the disclaimer in the front matter, where he completely disavowed everything else he was about to blather – with a disclaimer. It said that nothing in the book was to be taken as medical advice and to seek professional care if you were sick. He then went on to write that everything can be fixed through meditation, etc. and etc. No doubt, the disclaimer was inserted by the publisher’s lawyers – but it gave the lie to the whole enterprise. (I mean, how could an author, with a straight face, accept those terms? Just completely gonzo.)