Bill from Louie Gohmert is Literally the Opposite of Church-State Separation

Oh, Gohmert.

Perhaps the most shamelessly dopey Member of Congress, Republican Louie Gohmert of Texas, doesn’t think it’s bad enough that the U.S. Capitol has been (ab)used several times over history as a stand-in for a Christian church. No, he’d actually like to see the government honor the fact. Like, as though we should be proud of it!

Here’s the summary for Gohmert’s HR 1586:

To direct the Architect of the Capitol to acquire and place a historical plaque to be permanently displayed in National Statuary Hall recognizing the seven decades of Christian church services being held in the Capitol from 1800 to 1868, which included attendees James Madison and Thomas Jefferson.

So to be clear, it’s not about how religion in general has been honored in the Capitol, and it’s not even just about vaguely honoring Christianity as some kind of “foundation” for the country. This bill wants a plaque that honors that fact that the Capitol was used as a church. It is a bill that honors the literal opposite of church-state separation.

I mean, look at the bill’s title: “Congressional Hope for Uniform Recognition of Christian Heritage of 2013.” That’s right, it’s the freaking CHURCH Act!!!

The bill also mandates that there be an unveiling ceremony and that the plaque remain forever.

My favorite part?

Any amounts obligated or expended by the Architect of the Capitol to carry out this Act shall be derived from funds available to the Architect as of the date of the enactment of this Act.

I mean, come on, we’re in a sequester here. We’re not going to go and spend extra money on plaques. That’d be crazy.

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