Challenge to Christians: Wear an Atheist T-Shirt and Gauge Reactions

The Atheist Advocate proposes a challenge to Christians:

I often hear Christians claim that they have been persecuted throughout history and they are still being persecuted today. I don’t think they know the meaning of the word! So, I’m issuing this challenge. You may choose to challenge your Christian friends as well.

Wear an Atheist shirt for a week (wash it once in a while!) everywhere you go, NOT covered up with another shirt. Allowing the public to see it clearly. If a person comments (friends, family, church members, strangers) you’re not allowed to divulge which religion you actually are, or explain yourself in any way. You must only listen to what they say and respond with “I’d rather not talk about it!”

Even though it would leave a bad taste in my mouth, I would wear the Christian shirt with the same rules for the same week.

At the end of that week, who do you think would have a clearer understand of the meaning of the word persecution?

Bonus points if you do it in the South.

(Thanks to Brian for the link!)

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