Christian Anti-Gay Video Depicts Man Coming Out to His Wife… as an Adulterer

The Christian group Faith2Action just released a segment they filmed for an upcoming documentary. And if this clip is any indication, the entire film is going to be a trainwreck:

The joke isn’t on gay people. It’s on Faith2Action for thinking this is a valid comparison. (Hell, adulterers can at least get married in every state.)

This is the sort of video you would expect an LGBT group to make to mock Christians’ narrow-minded thinking on the subject… Instead, the Christians here went ahead and did the work for them. They’re proving to the world how badly they don’t get it.

There’s a lot to be offended by — in addition to the awful acting — but they don’t care. They have their stereotypes and illogical talking points and they’re not backing off. It’s the sort of thing that has young Christians fleeing the church in record numbers.

I hope this film gets wide distribution. People need to see the depths the Christian Right will sink to in order to delegitimize LGBT people.

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  • Debbi

    The Scarecrow from Oz really got packed with straw for this one

  • observer

    So…the moral of the story they’re trying to tell is that a heterosexual adulterer is the same as a monogamous homosexual?

  • Rain

    In fairness they’re just preaching reiterations of theological points to the choir. Not really meant for outsiders. Sadly for them the choir is not dumb and plus many of them are gay.

  • Rain

    in addition to the awful acting

    I thought they did well with the material they had to work with. They could have hired a better lead actor, but so could every movie that has Arnold Schwarzenegger in it. But Arnold Schwarzenegger has done some damn good films. Therefore, four out of four stars. ****

  • Regina Carol Moore

    Not to mention the choirmaster, who is dating the organist.

  • Gus Snarp

    Keep up the good work, Christian bigots. Drive people away from your own churches with your insulting bullshit. These are the last gasps of a failed and dying ideology.

  • sam

    Love the christian, hate the christianity.

  • Reginald Selkirk

    (Hell, adulterers can at least get married in every state.)</i

    using a strict definition of adultery, you’re not an adulterer until you’re married.

  • newenglandbob

    LOL. A stupid message, spewed by awful actors. This would make a great Saturday Night Live segment.

  • Holytape

    They needed Michael Bay to direct this. At least that way, we would have gotten some big explosions to go with the inane dialog, bad acting and lack of anything resembling a coherent point.

  • ElizabethS


  • RedGreenInBlue

    I believe that the cracking sound you just heard was Poe’s Law undergoing catastrophic failure. This film is so bad I can’t believe it’s either the genuine article *or* parody!

  • Gus Snarp

    So when the feature is made, I think Corbin Bernsen should direct, with Kirk Cameron in the male lead. We’ll find parts for Stephen Baldwin and Mel Gibson somewhere.

  • Artor

    …but screwing the choir boys on the lowdown.

  • fsm

    I thought it was a Poe, especially since they left the comments enabled. But, then that would make the website a Poe, which is possible. Then I saw in the middle of their home page the usually statement of Christian Privilege:

    … rights of Christians to hire employees of their choice…

    They don’t even want to be required to HIRE LGBT people. This is not about marriage equity, it is about blatant discrimination. I personally am afraid that they will discriminate against me too because I am Atheist.

  • Conspirator

    My first thought was that they were taking the angle that if gay marriage is legalized all the sudden all sorts of people are going to leave their existing marriage and marry someone of the same sex, because only the laws against gay marriage kept people from being gay, or something like that. Christians sure seem to think gay marriage is going to ruin their marriages after all. But I think this is just trying to say a sin is a sin, and being accepting of homosexuals and their lifestyle is being accepting of sinning. It probably would have made more sense to choose a sin to compare to that has nothing to do with sex or relationships, such as theft, that would make it less confusing. Still horribly offensive and insane of course.

  • Reginald Selkirk

    Too bad they couldn’t get Mark Sanford to play the lead role.

  • chicago dyke

    well, that guy doesn’t exactly strike me as ultra-straight.

  • ShoeUnited


    Wait, wait, wait, wait.

    I watched this whole thing.

    You’re telling me neither the lesbians nor the obvious bear cub in this film are gay? Is this what the movie tried to imply in the end? This movie isn’t a double reverse Poe?

    I’m trying to wrap my brain around this.

  • James Robbins

    Confusing on so many levels. I guess the man’s obvious gayness was supposed to fool you at first. Then, including children in this atrocity as being equal to the children of gay parents is jaw dropping in its hatefulness. Then comparing alcoholic enabling to gay acceptance pushes it over the edge. How do people like this not only exist, but are proud of it?

  • Conspirator

    But someone who repeatedly commits adultery can get married again and again. See Newt Gingrich for example. So while it’s against the 10 Commandments and I believe illegal in some states, no one ever faces criminal charges over it.

  • Randay

    Ain’t that the truth. This clip makes no sense at the way it jumps from one unconnected thing to another. Why am I not surprised? No offense to the overweight, I am one myself, but it seems to say you have to be fat to be a good Xian. Also the NT says that if you have lusted after someone in your heart that is the same as if you really concluded the act. The Bible has thought crimes.

  • Holytape

    The moral of the story is that you should vet your ideas with someone with at least three functional brain cells before you record them on film.

  • grindstone

    Or maybe not pick the transgression most frequented by their own leaders, and about half our elected officials.

  • TheObviousisObvious

    Uuuuum. I’m sorry, but that guy? That guy is not straight.

  • ShaunPhilly

    I wrote up a little something about how this intersects with polyamory.

    Thanks for the inspiration.

  • SeekerLancer

    If I wasn’t told in advance this wasn’t a Poe I would have had no idea. It’s completely silly.

  • AtrulyoffendedChristian

    I posted the following comment on another website that had linked this video, so I just copied and pasted here:

    Not all Christians take this view. “Thinking” Christians would see that adultery hurts not just the wife (in this case) but the son. That is what makes adultery something we try not to do. Someone being gay does not hurt anyone else, unless you are a fundamentalist Christian who takes it as a sign that their religious freedoms are in jeopardy because you don’t agree with them. The hypocrisy in using adultery, of course, is that groups like Faith in Action (the ones who made this video) are not leading any cause to outlaw adultery in the United States and there are plenty of people in the Church who have divorced and remarried (adultery).

    Two additional, non-related issues struck me about this video.

    The first is that a Christian group had no problem involving a young boy in the making of this video about a very adult issue. There is no way I would involve my 9-year-old daughter in making a video about something I’m not prepared to discuss with her because I don’t think she’s ready to hear it or needs to know it. Disgusting. It is like taking a 3rd grader to a KKK ceremony.

    Second, and this truly peeves me (that is a very nice word for how I am truly feeling), the man (half of the adulterer duo), while not necessarily being my cup-of-tea, was of a similar outward “decently dowdy” appearance to his wife. However, the “other” woman was dressed like a hooker. I apologize to hookers if that is offensive, but I have to say it to get my point across. The unsaid message there is that adultery is really the woman’s fault and/or the “other” woman in this triangle is the one we should really have the most animosity toward.

    I am a Christian, BTW, and I apologize for all the Christians out there like the ones who made this video and who watch it and agree with it.

  • Stev84

    Yeah, this is all part of the disgusting fundamentalist Christian pseudo-morality. For them, adultery is only bad because the Bible says so. Not because they make any analysis about anyone being hurt. It’s also how they equate homosexuality with pedophilia, and why any number of harmless things are “sins” (including many thought crimes)

  • liu

    I thought that Christians defined it as sex outside of marriage?

  • David Benjamin Patton

    That dude is sooo gay.

  • Scout

    The wardrobe department for this gem was fabulous! That torn, stained thing he was wearing really sold his character. :P

  • steveo42

    I’m not xtian, or religious, but I have seen gay people who duped a straight person into marrying them use this exact logic, they nailed that part. I think it is clear that this is a married couple, and the person coming out has already started having one or more affairs, and that really happens, and the straight person is usually devastated.

    Sorry but it isn’t really gay that is the problem here, it is when a married person comes out and has been using gay as an excuse to deceive and cheat their supposed partner, and they make a valid but sarcastic point in that regard.

    There are plenty of married people who come out with integrity and fidelity, and come to an agreement about opening a marriage or separating. There is no excuse for cheating your spouse, but still it happens far too often.