Christian Anti-Gay Video Depicts Man Coming Out to His Wife… as an Adulterer

The Christian group Faith2Action just released a segment they filmed for an upcoming documentary. And if this clip is any indication, the entire film is going to be a trainwreck:

The joke isn’t on gay people. It’s on Faith2Action for thinking this is a valid comparison. (Hell, adulterers can at least get married in every state.)

This is the sort of video you would expect an LGBT group to make to mock Christians’ narrow-minded thinking on the subject… Instead, the Christians here went ahead and did the work for them. They’re proving to the world how badly they don’t get it.

There’s a lot to be offended by — in addition to the awful acting — but they don’t care. They have their stereotypes and illogical talking points and they’re not backing off. It’s the sort of thing that has young Christians fleeing the church in record numbers.

I hope this film gets wide distribution. People need to see the depths the Christian Right will sink to in order to delegitimize LGBT people.

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